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  • As indicated April 26 (#3 and especially response to SteveYaneski) & May 11 and
    as expected cash infusion from Flagship et al. followed by possible RS.
    No bankruptcy and no buyout.(more on buyout below). This is all good.

    1) This 2.3 million net from the "financing" (notes and preferred shares) is as I expected
    to allow BG to limited and temporary sustaining of the company. In other words,
    small bridge financing to keep them alive (limping along) primarily used to pay
    off the GE Capital loan, and raise shareholder equity and share price above $1
    to meet Nasdaq listing requirements. This financing together with a possible
    RS (between 1:2 and 1:6) is to accomplish both. They amended their agreement
    with GE capital to allow for this financing. This financing shifts outstanding payments
    from BG to keep them "inside" . Very smart move by Flagship et al. Very little
    dilution for us and the least harmful for the company.

    2) They also amended their licensing and production agreement with Abbott
    which is expected to launch US automated Gal -3 very very soon.
    An important question is what does this consist of and how does this impact their
    agreements with the other automated partners? We can likely expect some infusion
    (milestone/revenue) from Abbott as a result of this amendment.
    Need more information here since this may impact whether they need to
    get more funds again soon

    3) The presence of the RS as part of the plan presented to Nasdaq is to satisfy
    Nasdaq in order to gain an extension.It is clear from the proxy/8k that they do not
    want to go OTC (read the documents on this). This is why we need to vote yes
    but remember they clearly state that they may not need or want to do an RS
    (which at the latest can be implemented by DEC 31, 2015) unless it is necessary.
    Not worried here at all about this and this vote is to allow them to make a decision
    to do a RS or to not do a RS in the near future, depending on the best interests
    of the company/ shareholders

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    One thing I feel strong about IMHO

    by jesskavitz May 5, 2015 3:43 PM

    Well you can always file a lawsuit. Also if you are that serious contact the people in charge including directors and demand that you deserve an answer and you will sue their ssa if you don't hear from them. Action speAks louder than words. Ranting here is worthless. You want to be heard than do something. Posting here anonymously is useless.

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    Nasdaq and the 1st quarter CC

    by surplus.value May 11, 2015 9:20 PM

    4) Yes, a buyout is possible and what would be most pleasing to investors here but because of
    conditions i.e the number of automated partners etc I posted about elsewhere it's likely to be complex
    and drawn out in negotiations. It 's also possible that other automated partners would be involved;
    hence the reason for protracted negotiations. Would be pleased,however if this was announced or if the
    details of the financial rescue were announced. Not counting on it though.

    5) Again, when Abbott tips its hand with information/PR then we will have even more to go by.
    In the meantime, Nasdaq extension is just fine.


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  • Yes, those things were stated in the filing, but interpretation is key! Boiler plate protective language, nothing more, is my take! As a long time financial supporter and the largest shareholder, AGTC is entitled to prepare for cashing in on a expected successful launch by arranging to purchase via convertible preferred stock more common stock at a discount (thereby to profit many times over the simple protective 200% profit margin if things don't work out, which I don't think is to be the case! In addition, by getting over the launch hurdle, they set all longs up for many multiples of profit if and when several more future likely diagnostic indications come to pass. You take the short side, I'll stick with my long. Let's see what happens in a month or so; NLTY, GLTAL!!!

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    Analysis of 8k and preliminary Proxy

    by surplus.value May 13, 2015 12:17 PM

    7) The CC should be interesting and certainly there is much more that we need to
    know about (especially the amended agreement with Abbott which BG has to provide
    the information about to Flagship et. all when the preferred A shares (2 million worth)
    are transacted. ) In the meantime the Nasdaq issue is the most pressing so I will be voting
    to support the Boards recommendations especially so BG can maintain it's Nasdaq status.

    No worries here and holding.

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  • in that they don't do retail any favours; we're an annoyance to them at best. What in the past
    might be chalked up to incompetence (releasing extension confirmation news on a Friday
    after hours) is probably a controlled execution of a carefully orchestrated plan.
    That's why I stated in a previous post not to count on a PR about the extension.
    By now, you know i'm not prone to making ungrounded statements or believe in
    conspiracies but look at the big picture and the patterns.

    They don't want share price over $1 just yet. Better to keep it range bound to help support the
    need to vote in favour of issuing the $2 million worth of preferred A shares for the "financing"
    with Flagship et. al.

    Likely we will see a shareholder's meeting in June (after June 7 or later?) and before the PR
    and launch by Abbott (June or very early July?) Then we can expect the well timed
    increase in share price. Management will have obtained what they wanted, shareholders
    (including retail ) will be more satisfied, and The GE loan and the the listing issues will be
    history. All a coincidence? Don't think so.
    So I wouldn't fret about the share price at the moment, even if it drifts down a bit or some
    tree shaking takes place


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    could hit the .60's today

    by jesskavitz Apr 28, 2015 10:26 AM

    Even after the clown proclaimed to have sold her shares, keeps whining. This person has ulterior motives. Why else someone who have sold all or most of her position would be here bashing the stock? Why so much interest in this stock? Has posted the same nonsense for a year. If the clown is holding some of her position which she claims to have bought at 72cents, why hold it if the future is so gloomy. Clown keeps saying, she loves the product. If clown loves the product so much and none of us know the potential market for the product why ask questions like "Can anyone name................... This clown keeps on making a fool of herself. Well I guess it's entertainment since the movement of this stock is so boring. So keep on posting BOZO.

  • I'm sure that Abbott and Stiflel won't put themselves in a position linked to a company that will be sued and investigated. That will destroy their reputation..
    At least wait for the Gal-3 launch and see what happens. No RS and dilution before launch of their product..

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  • IDIOT !

  • When a company fails to defend it stock, the silence tells you everything you need to know.

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    So sick of seeing red with this stock

    by jesskavitz Jul 21, 2015 9:38 AM

    Well...we're "green" right now Jess........"never say never" and always remember there will be tomorrow!

    Hang in there.....-:)

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    Our plea to you...

    by jalexander55 May 1, 2015 2:02 PM jalexander55 May 1, 2015 2:20 PM Flag

    And while we plead, I wish Jess's posts were longer than 2-3 long paragraphs, saying pretty much the same thing each time...
    - I am only posting the truth
    - I sold all, no I sold some, no wait
    - stock and company will bk, no wait, I like this stock
    - I am only bashing you cause you bashed me first
    - Steve, you and I are buddies arent we? Please.

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  • Sometimes I get the feeling you guys don't see eye to eye! Maybe good news will change that!

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  • 1) In the material I posted two weeks ago I did not mention bankruptcy despite a lot of FUD about
    it here and elsewhere. No need to worry about it as far as what has transpired. A company doesn't
    grant a vested stock options plan to its three top executives, file for an additional indication with FDA,
    seek a meeting with Nasdaq to circumvent delisting, promote its BioImage study with top tier pharma
    companies if it is at all concerned about bankruptcy. Yes, a very remote possibility but not one worthy
    of any serious consideration at this moment. You have a better chance of being abducted by lizard
    people than seeing this company going bankrupt at this point in time.

    2) Many are treating the upcoming earning report on Thursday as a binary event mostly because they
    are looking for buyout news. First and foremost, aside from the earnings report,
    BG will likely address the most immanent issue which is Nasdaq delisting. When they announce,
    which is very likely, that they have received an extension then you can assume that the financial
    issues are taken care of even if they do not announce this information directly. That's because
    BG hasn't provided any indication that they have solved the delisting issue by anything they have
    visibly done in the market. Any unrevealed plan viable enough to thus satisfy Nasdaq will by
    implication also have addressed its cash/sustainability issues problems.

    3) So, if past experience is any indication, BG may only reveal a Nasdaq extension at the CC and
    not much else. This bodes well for the company and we can expect other news later if it doesn't
    come at the CC. This way there is no need to treat the CC as a binary event about buyout and then
    have people sell because they are disappointed.

    Sentiment: Hold

  • Check it out. Looks like they are preparing for the automated US launch.
    Much more informative and detailed. On the US site a direct link to Abbott for the automated test.
    On the European site direct links to both Abbott and Biomerieux for the
    automated test. It's about time.

    Waiting to hear about the date for the annual shareholders meeting, about
    the letter from Nasdaq granting extension and most of all from Abbott.

    Looks like weak hands have folded and some shaking of the tree.


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  • its finally coming to be......

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  • just do what i say. This thing is a t*urd. No; patience will not be rewarded unless you consider self-torture a reward. These a*sshats will be sued and investigated soon enough for the fraud and manipulation they continue to engage in. I've been advocating that investors/speculators look elsewhere to gamble their $$ instead of this s*hitshow. Just send me your $$ instead.

  • Jeeeeez, how boring this has been lately. also, Jess is Daisy on chat board.

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  • To all longs who wish to stop the manipulation of this stock. You need to put up your shares for sale at a high price ($5, 10 or more ) to remove them and not allow them to be lendable by your broker. Shorting can only be done when your broker lends your long shares to someone or to MM who can borrow them to short. By putting them up for sale at a crazy price they will be called back and those short will be forced to cover. I have personally put up my shares for sale at $3.60 and over. Best case scenario I will get filled $3.60 #$%$ Worst case scenario shorts are forced to cover and drive SP higher. I put them good til Fri. Next week I will put them back at $10 plus good for the week. If news comes out I can change or cancel the order and sell at whatever SP unless I get filled at prices I would be v happy with. All do as you please, but I think we can make a difference. GLTA

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