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  • This link is to the the infamous "Bas•. her's Handbook," a document which instructs hedge fund lackeys on directly how to damage stocks with misinformation campaigns.

    **** EVERYONE should read it to fully understand why the bashers are here. ****

    It is all part of their plan to bury this board in nonsense to interfere with real investors' ability to converse on the benefits of ARNA as a company.


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  • Qsymia (VVUS) TRx/NRx 11007/7863 +1.9%/+3.5% w/w.
    Belviq (ARNA) TRx/NRx 10783/8165 +3.6%/+4.0% w/w.

    I'll take 3.6% week over week growth.

  • IMS week ended 8/22/2014

    Qsymia (VVUS) TRx/NRx 10740/7525 +0.8%/-0.5% w/w.
    Belviq (ARNA) TRx/NRx 11266/8425 +3.4%/+3.1% w/w.

  • IMS scripts week ended 8/15.2014

    Qsymia (VVUS) TRx/NRx 10651/7560 -0.1%/+1.0% w/w.
    Belviq (ARNA) TRx/NRx 10895/8172 +2.1%/+2.2% w/w

  • THIS IS HUGE !!!


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  • That would teach him to keep from lying.


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  • - Don't respond to them
    - Don't thumb them up OR down

    Just completely ignore them. They crave attention due to their short man complexes. Let's all just act as if they don't exist and let them shrivel up in their boiler room cubicles. You know it is what they deserve.

  • Nashville – Lorcaserin is more effective in helping obese patients with type 2 diabetes achieve glycemic control than diet and exercise alone, data from a poster presented at the American Association of Nurse Practitioners 2014 meeting indicate.

    The phase 3 BLOOM-DM clinical trial looked at the effects of lorcaserin (Belviq, Eisai Pharmaceuticals) on weight loss, hemoglobin A1c levels and cardiometabolic risk factors.

    The study included 509 patients who were randomly assigned to either lorcaserin or placebo along with diet and exercise. All patients had hemoglobin levels between 7% and 10%, as well as similar fasting plasma glucose (FPG) levels. The researchers defined “responders” as patients who achieved the primary endpoint of weight loss of at least 5% at 52 weeks of treatment.

    Nearly twice as many patients with diabetes in the lorcaserin group achieved hemoglobin levels of less than 7% compared with the placebo group (50.4% vs. 26.3%), even if they did not lose weight, the researchers found.

    Measured from baseline, the mean change in FPG and hemoglobin levels in the lorcaserin was -38.1 mg/dL and -1.3, respectively, compared to -26.0 mg/dL and -1.0 in the placebo group.

    Those who responded to treatment had overall improved glycemic control and relied less on the use of antihyperglycemic medications compared with those who did not.

    When it came to cardiometabolic risk factors, the authors also noted an overall decrease in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure in all groups treated with either lorcaserin or placebo, aside from small increases in systolic BP noted at week 52.

    “Glycemic control was substantially improved despite minimal weight loss in lorcaserin non-responders,” the authors concluded. “This observation suggests potential weight-independent effects of lorcaserin on glycemia, which should be studied further.”

    Common adverse effects among the treatment arm were hypoglycemia, headache, back pain, cough and fatigue.

  • Scrips jump to highest week ever

    Total Obesity up 6.1%

    Q up 9.7% to 10.1k

    B up 10.2% to 12.3k

    Bel market share also rises again.

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  • They join the cannabinoid 1 & 2 party late, lack the resources to devote to it and will fail to compete with the other larger BP's already working on it.

  • Adam,

    Your ignorance to the facts is glaring. Even with a 900 or 10,000 sales force, a black box warning is a death sentence to any drug. My wife has been in the pharmaceutical industry for a long time, and I am quite familiar with the implications of this restriction to the ease with which doctors will prescribe Contrave. When you claim that "Contrave is the Goldilocks of obesity pills," and ignore the reasons why this drug got the black box warning and 47 pages of negative publicity in the first place, you are living in a world of fantasy, unless you are just trying to lure unsuspecting potential new investors and bag holders for a pump and dump for your hedge fund buddies. I highly suggest that you get out of the business of recommending and analyzing drugs, since you are, at best, doing a mediocre job!

    Note: This comment was posted on The Street.

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  • and to defend against the nonstop lies being posted here by SHlTSHORTS™

    It's about ethics and that's why SHlTSHORTS™ wouldn't understand.

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  • What we see now is that money is made on stocks by unscrupulous people who use psychological warfare to 'defeat' their opponents.

    People like vanmusicblues and spencer osborne (one in the same person) use nonstop SCARE TACTICS to demoralize longs into selling their shares. It is a standard method found in lao tzu's "The Art of War" and 'Sun Tzu and psychological warfare.'

    "Since warfare's beginning, military philosophers and strategists have recognized the necessity of "psychological operations" (a subset of propaganda, since PSYOP is generally directed at the enemy, while propaganda is additionally used on one's own). Sun Tzu wrote, "One need not destroy one's enemy. One need only destroy his willingness to engage." And Carl von Clausewitz wrote, "Killing the enemy's courage is as vital as killing his troops." How forces have gone about doing so demonstrates the full spectrum of wartime caginess and brutality, of ingenuity and comic ineptitude. "



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  • "Hello from America. I was classified as obese in August 2013, bmi of 36, diagnosed with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, asthma, consumed 3000 calories per day, allergies, arteriosclerosis, triple bypass, . My cardiologist told me for years you need to lose weight, then told me you are pre-diabetic. aic 6.2. I failed repeatedly at trying to lose weight. Tried counseling, diets, exercise programs and my cardiologist suggested surgery. So with all of those conditions against me, I realized I needed help, so I tried Belviq . Belviq cut my cravings for sugary foods and sugary drinks and I felt full after eating small meals. It was the edge I needed to diet and exercise. Calorie count went from 3000 to 1500 per day and it still is.

    One year later my bmi is 26, no longer obese, no longer prediabetic, 6.2 now 5.6, cholesterol under 100, allergies gone. Sleep apnea has improved dramatically. It is reverse metabolic syndrome. Better yet, I feel good about myself. Being obese is not fun. Losing weight is not simply, hey let's do it. Because the human body will fight back and try to go into starvation mode.

    On Belviq I never noticed I was on a diet. My 1500 calories a day seems like normal to me now. It gave my brain the chance to reset and recognize the proper amounts of food that I should be consuming.

    Telling a drug addict or an alcoholic to simply just stop would be lunacy. Food is addictive also. On top of that our society is setup to promotes consuming large quantities of garbage. Cheap garbage. Throw in lack of exercise and exercise programs and you have the perfect recipe for the growing obesity issue that our entire world faces." shas'el

    The above comments from overseas were following an article in Telegraph by Sarah Knapton, science correspondent, on 8 13 14 called "Pill could stop middle-aged spread before it starts". I hope that articles like this help to raise awareness in the UK and Europe and lead to approval of Belviq there.

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  • and writes these creepy little hit posts nonstop to try to scare people? I mean it is totally clear that fool has no life whatsoever. What a total loser. Get a Life dude!

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  • pathetic. says a lot about the company and their tactics toward retail who know so very little

  • posted 7/16/2014 8:14:34 AM by pharmionphil

    Re: Why a PR for CB-2 patent?///Primary patent

    Rare composition of matter patents deserve a PR. The majority of patents are secondary and more easily challenged by generic manufacturers. Composition of matter patents cover not only the compound itself but any variation of it such as hydrates,salts,or esters. They stop any competitor from attempting to develop the same compound generically--whatever the process, route of administration or formulation. It is the strongest protection for APD371 and extends 20 years(original patent filed in 2010)

    Non-opiod pain relief is a monster market indeed and APD371 is working its way thru phase1a. One big potential catalyst for sure of many here. Good luck.

  • Early weight loss while on lorcaserin, diet, and exercise as a predictor of week 52 weight-loss outcomes

    by Steven R. Smith, Patrick M. O'Neil, Arne Astrup, Nicholas Finer, Matilde Sanchez-Kam, Kyle Fraher, Randi Fain and William R. Shanahan

    Post hoc area under the curve for receiver operating characteristic analyses of data from three phase 3 trials comparing lifestyle modification+placebo with lifestyle modification+lorcaserin. A total of 6897 patients (18–65 years; BMI, 30–45 or 27–29.9 kg/m2 with (greater or equal) 1 comorbidity) were randomized to placebo or lorcaserin 10 mg bid. Changes (baseline to W52) in cardiometabolic parameters were assessed.

    Response ((greater or equal) 5% weight loss from baseline) at W12 was a strong predictor of W52 response. Lorcaserin patients with a W12 response achieved mean W52 weight losses of 10.6 kg (without diabetes) and 9.3 kg (with diabetes). Proportions achieving (greater or equal) 5% and (greater or equal) 10% weight loss at W52 were 85.5% and 49.8% (without diabetes), and 70.5% and 35.9% (with diabetes). Lorcaserin patients who did not achieve a W12 response lost 3.2 kg (without diabetes) and 2.8 kg (with diabetes) at W52. Responders had greater improvements in cardiometabolic risk factors than the modified intent-to-treat (MITT) population, consistent with greater weight loss.

    Will the above research be used in the re-submission in the EU? I do not know; however, it sounds like it. I recall part of the CHMP 180 day LoOI was the request to re-analyze the data using a 95% Confidence Interval instead of the 90% originally submitted. Also recall that the Cardiometabolic risk factors is another issue CHMP was looking for some answers for.

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