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  • We are all here to make money. Some of us short stocks and some of us buy and wait for it to go up. We win on some trades and we loose on some trades. I like when shorts are in a stock. It's the only thing to trigger the stock to move up or down quickly on some news. Without shorts, the movement is pitiful. My rule is the 20% rule, up or down. My real investing is actually in real estate. I play with stocks to have a little fun on these boards.

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    BE CAREFUL........

    by strawhatjoe 13 hours ago

    Another example, I know that you were here for what Dr. Robert Daum pulled off.
    He didn't just steal a little by his actions, he stole the whole, blasted treasure from Dynavax!
    Who investigated him? Who interrogated him over his actions?
    His vote record was about as slanderous as it can get; what did the SEC do to him?
    They most likely and "held the door for him and carried his bags" looking for some kickback of GSK funded graft.
    I bet you never asked yourself ANYTHING about ANY of that matter. Just plunked down your money and hope for the best.
    You are UTTERLY ALONE HERE.........

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    BE CAREFUL........

    by strawhatjoe 13 hours ago

    That, my friend is a load of BUNK.
    In FACT, the SEC does not waste their time monitoring individual stocks, unless they have been tipped off by an official agency that there is potential scam going on with an individual company stock.
    There IS an agency which does such monitoring, and they monitor many stocks passively looking for scam setups, financial fraud, etc.

    If you really know what you are talking about, you'd know what agency I'm referring to. It's pretty obvious that you don't.

    When I was in GNOM (Complete Genomics) I saw several occaisions of suspicious trading accompanied by
    false MB allegations. I complained, LOUDLY and FREQUENTLY to my broker and the investor relations person at GNOM. All assured me that I was imagining it and they explained the process of scam monitoring as I explained it to you above.
    To this day, I am sure of what I was seeing with my own eyes and complaining about, but proving it to attentive authorities was another matter. GNOM is now long over the "sunset horizon"; that one was painful too, but only minimally so (rotten Chinese).

    Let me educate you further here, friend.
    On little issues like these, if there is scam going on (and there may be, but NEVER to the limit where it is obviously criminally felonious) there will be NOTHING any agency will do for you to save you.
    It's a small stock, under $5 per share.
    What does almost every money manager advise about penny stock investments?
    If you don't know, they advise avoiding those types of investments.
    Caveot Emptor, if you know what I mean there.
    If there is scam here and you are on the wrong side of it (the fleecing side) you can be sure that your ONLY salvation is a class action law suit. The SEC will NOT ride to your rescue.
    You're all alone risking your own mortgage money here.

    This is one of those classic penny stock situations where the mice play and the cat looks the other way.
    Quick, buy more before it goes down too much more........ Think happy thoughts!

  • Time for you to change your name from black raven to chicken little....all you do is run around screaming, "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!" Again, facts please...

  • The 1988 case Basic v. Levinson, made it much easier for shareholders to file class action lawsuits alleging that corporations defrauded investors. Basic said that shareholders didn’t have to show that they had made investment decisions in reliance on a company misstatement. Instead, shareholders could say the company committed “fraud on the market,” whenever the stock price tanked. The Supreme Court is now hearing a case that will probably jettison these frivolous class action lawsuits. This will be a severe blow to securities lawyers that make a fortune filing these lawsuits. The shareholders are forced to settle these claims, and the fact that DVAX class action lawsuits “disappeared” is a non issue. I’ll wager that the confidential information has nothing to do with the lawsuits, and even if it does, it’s a cost of doing business as long as Basic is out there giving securities lawyers a cash cow. I’m betting the Supreme Court will make it much harder in future to file one of these class action lawsuits. Now, does anyone have any facts to share about DVAX or just more hot air?

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    1.48 CLOSE

    by strawhatjoe 14 hours ago


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    BE CAREFUL........

    by strawhatjoe 13 hours ago

    The SEC is monitoring pumpers too, especially for slanderous trading tactics.

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    BE CAREFUL........

    by strawhatjoe 13 hours ago

    You are an idiot... big one too.

  • Blackbird.
    It's very obvious that you are short and you want to make M_O_N_E_Y just like everyone else on these boards. Only one problem. You are up against the Institutional's and the FEDs who have the upper hand til the the next report. Your guess is as good as everyone else's. Stop trying to spin the BS so much.

  • Pre-VRBPAC were were should go as high or higher in market cap if no SAE...but with the new dilution that will be around $3 rather than $5+.

  • The SEC is monitoring short traders, especially for slanderous trading tactics.

  • How did managment make them go away?
    If it's no big deal, why don't they want to tell about it to their shareholders and the rest of the investing world?
    Any confidential treatment there? I wonder.......

  • Anyone wants to dispute it??

  • Raven, if there is an SAE in the trial and it gets suspended, you're right, it's 40 cents and "going concern." However, if the trial is not afflicted by a Heplisav SAE, we go higher from here.

    Not THAT much higher though, the dilution has been LARGE. Pre-VRBAC when Heplisav was looking good, DVAX price was near $5 and market cap $500M. Now we are $1.40 and $350M market cap.

    As a rough "guesstimate" that might put us a $3/$700M market cap in advance of another VRBAC. I give another $200M market cap due to higher confidence of approval with more subjects in the database (something we WOEFULLY missed last time around), and the general increase in biotech valuations.

  • Fortunately I've learned the lesson somewhat, sold 5K shares acquired $1.34 at $1.51.

    However, got greedy on the other 5K lot acquired $1.38 and tried to get the peak price other day $1.53.

    Lesson yet again, ALWAYS take a profit in order to continue the R&R pattern.

  • Those 2 plain, common words would throw Dynavax into a tizzy and your "investment" into the chopper.
    "Going concern" and it's bye, bye 40 cents and hello sub $1.
    You'll be running to the bank again to get more money to bye-bye with both hands.
    Don't pay the mortgage this month, you might just need that money here instead.

    The kicker?
    They have used "going concern" here before with killer effect and things weren't much different, moneywise, from where the company is now.
    2 simple words. 1 BIG effect. It's all about perception and reputation in the world of finance and stock trading.
    Think happy thoughts.......

  • ......and little DVAX could see 40 cents disappear in a heartbeat.
    If it goes to the $1 mark shorts will undoubtedly press for more.
    One piece of bad news at this juncture $1.20 - $1.40 and DVAX will NEED that R/S like a transfusion.
    Dangerous place here, to be in.

    The big surge the other day?
    No explainable headlines or developments.
    No insider buys.
    No SEC listings showing some holder changing their stake above 5%, etc.

    Maybe it IS some secretive good news; BUT what if it isn't? What if it is just more GAME?
    Isn't it pathetic the games which they play here?
    Secretive CT orders by management ? A CEO who won't tell you what is going on with the trial (to build investor confidence)?
    Spikes up and down in the price without reasonable explanation?
    It's maddening, all the cloak and dagger about this mess.
    For Pete's sake it' s just a darn vaccine, not a time machine; right?
    No, for them, it's about M_O_N_E_Y.
    They are going to get and stay rich, and you're going to get taken.
    Sound fair? Sound intelligent to invest in? Hey, it's YOUR money.
    Can't get any worse for me........
    ....... how about your position???? Can yours get worse????

    Like I wrote, it's a dangerous place to be in, here..........

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    Former topic EDAP down again

    by ctic_neutral Jul 30, 2014 4:08 PM

    Anyone who invests in small biotechs should know that they are dangerous. That's why we invest in them. High risk, high reward. I don't think you can compare EDAP to DVAX, because EDAP is a medical device manufacturer, and DVAX is not. EDAP is trying to enter the cancer market, like almost every other small biotech company, and so far, its ultrasound machine doesn't impress as a treatment for prostate cancer. Heplisav is proven safe and effective, and the main problem with the last FDA go round was very poor management. I hear talk on this board about how Eddie Grey is just a GSK lackey, but the talk is nothing more than speculation. So far, he's done everything right (from what I've seen) as far as getting on track with the FDA and the test protocols. It seems that people don't like the DVAX PR department, but what does that have to do with anything? I don't want hype, I want facts. I've looked at the facts on Heplisav, and it is the gold standard if approved. I'm waiting for news on the asthma treatment, and if that works, it's a game changer for asthma. I'd be interested in hearing facts about the current management team and their mismanagement. I completely agree that they are way overcompensated, but I don't even care about that if they are steering DVAX in the right direction. Anybody have actual facts to back up accusations that Eddie Grey is GSK's puppet and is deliberately running DVAX into the ground to allow GSK to buy the Company for pennies?

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    by kentwu28 17 hours ago

    Reverse Split will come soon .
    no approval until 2016 , if the trial runs ok.
    Burning 30 - 40 millions a quarter ... they don't print money... so they sell more stocks after Reverse Split.
    Plain and Simple...
    So I can tell you my target of $1.25 ... not only possible , but also inevitable.
    Let 's make money... and do it accordingly.


  • It will come down to where it belongs...
    Watch and learn...

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