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    by outboard.jack 22 hours ago

    "Tools like yourself are why the equity won't hold a Sustained value."

    I just can not get over how stupid this statement is---It is Jack.

    I just explained that buying and selling the same amount of shares CAN NOT drive a price one way or the other---no way. Whatever I sell short I buy back at the end of the day---usually within 2 hours.

    That statement is nuts---It not me or guys like me.

    It is the BIG BOYS who run the institutions---They have the money and the power to move it---not me.

    I will say again---The big boys take it up and the big boys take it down.
    This is the "machine" you talk about---You just do not know who works it.

    I just look for what they need and ride it with them. I do not make it happen Jack, I am just smart enough to know that it is happening and have learned how to make a good living FOLLOWING the BIG BOYS and THEIR moves.

    It's not me Jack---I buy back all I sell and sell all I buy---everyday.
    Zero overall impact---I just ride with the big guys for a profit.

    This is what makes you so mad:
    You can not make a call---I have posted your "great" calls.
    I can make them and give the reasons why.

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    by outboard.jack 22 hours ago

    First of all--you are 10.00 now not a buck--another lie by you.
    DVAX had a reverse split--10 to 1--Remember?
    Your basis is NOT a dollar any more--This is a fact

    Traders do not need to be pander to Jack--Sorry they do not.
    The big institutions that you love so much are the ones doing most of the trading.

    They have a core position but they do not ride it around--They trade too.
    The big boys are not stupid--You know those HUGE orders that come from nowhere in the middle of the day--the dark pools trades?
    They are from the big guys--NOT ME.

    Do you really think that 114 BIG BOYS---Big enough that they are REQUIRED by law to report their positions just sit and ride around a high beta stock?

    You call me the "tool"---You have to be a special kind of stupid to think a pro would hold MILLIONS in this stock and NOT trade at least some TOO.
    Yes hold some but trade it too.

    My shares are market neutral and do not hurt any stock.
    How could they?---I buy the same amount I sell everyday--NEUTRAL.
    Again---You have ZERO idea what you are talking about.
    If anyone buys and sells the same amount of shares they have ZERO impact.

    The big boys are the ones who take it up and traders are the ones who take it down. This is 100% true---an learning what they need is a good thing if you want a new or add to a position in DVAX.

    You sir told people that DVAX was "still looking good" at the VERY TOP in March.
    You also mock and told DT to "channel that" when you told him that if if breaks 26 it's going over 30---NOPE---WRONG. You just got there AFTER a trip to 18/19/20.

    I think you just want to mislead people on here.
    You tell all the time just to BUY anywhere and HOLD forever---in a stock which you just said was HEAVILY traded.

    Come on Jack---which is it?
    Only a "tool" would say---buy at the highs---You did this.
    Only a "tool" would mock a good calls---You do this.

    I say DVAX is a good long play--100% true--I have said it many times.
    I have also said watching where to buy is a good thing

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    by outboard.jack 22 hours ago

    Jim your the Dude these guys are pandering to.
    Your buying and shorting daily exiting at the end of the day.
    With a trade beta this high there are lots of Tools here.
    DVAX is closing in, your at the gravy end of the HOLD.
    Tools like yourself are why the equity won't hold a Sustained value.

    My bad on the original date ( My apologies )

    But I was holding shares from 1.00 area and over Friday's close so it really doesn't matter.
    One thing for sure my shares don't bring the share price down. What do your shares do?
    Your romancing " I try to call the odds for NEW entry. " by way of trading TA.

  • Continued:

    The rest of the post on the 5 day---

    "Last three days:
    7/ 15----5 day (28.038)----Low---28.23
    7/ 16----5 day (28.548)----Low---28.54
    7/ 17----5 day (28.746)----Low---28.75----These are at 10:04 EST today and we still have more trading.
    For the slower ones---TA is a PART---It is a set of gauges to help read the stock.

    See what I have said---WATCH the 5 day?
    Someone (traders) or something (computers) are WATCHING the 5 day.
    Does ANYONE think this is an accident?---I am serious, does anyone really think this?

    This is why I have said for TWO WEEKS now---watch this number.
    UPWARD CHANNEL in play as long as it holds.

    Here is "the deal"---Velocity Run is done---DVAX pulled off riding the upper BB on the daily as its lows.
    DVAX is using the 5 day now.
    This is NOT my opinion but a FACT that all can see---Just look."

    I posted later what I found from the past and the levels to watch---You can look.

    Jack is a conspiracy theory to the 9's---and then some.
    I am not a MM---I do not care if you buy, sell, or hold---It's your money.

    He has one post that he does OVER and OVER about MM trying to game the system---They do at times ai am sure; this is why you need TA to see it---Watch DT's post; he explains it well.

    DVAX is up 5.71 since I first looked at DVAX---Nice run for ant stock.
    Jack has said DVAX was "still looking good" at the VERY day it hit the HIGH.
    He did this because he has NO IDEA what he is looking at TA wise.

    I try to call the odds for NEW entry.

    A long play is a good play in DVAX---I have said this.
    There are better places to buy if you know how to look---I have said this.

    If you have a problem with ANY of my calls please ask.

    I will call it BOTH ways---YES both ways; up and down---sorry if some do not like the down part.
    It happens in a high beta stock---I just try to see it and call it so I can play it.

    Jack hates it and lies about it........

  • False-Jack's post
    "On May 8th we closed 19.95 ( The day Barry tipped Jim to DVAX )
    On July 31th we closed 29.40"

    Fact---Barry posted this on April 23rd:
    barryright519 • Apr 23, 2015 2:58 PM
    Jimmygojames..... Where did you go?

    Later in the post---Barry posted this:
    barryright519 • Apr 23, 2015 3:51 PM
    "Jimmy, Thanks for the reply and appreciate the feedback. Sorry to hear about the cold. That can certainly take all of the fun out of trading when your not feeling well.

    When you're feeling up to it, I would love to get your take on the chart for DVAX. Right now it's my shining star. If only I had put more of my eggs in that basket instead of Gary's. I guess we live and we learn. It's really too bad there are so many bashers on these yahoo boards. It minimizes the value that can be realized by working together. Cramer and his cronies know all about that.
    Hope you feel better soon."

    I looked at DVAX while sick and posted the 24th-----That was having trouble and the numbers to watch.

    DVAX was NOT at 19.95----It was closed the first day I saw it at 23.69---PROVEN HERE.

    I call it both ways---Jack hates it and lies about it.
    He can not stand it.

    I have called for days----UPWARD CHANNEL---MEANING upward move.
    I stopped posting this when the channel STOPPED.
    One of many post about an UPWARD move:

    "Day #9 Upward Channel
    by jimmygojames0219 • Jul 14, 2015 9:38 AM
    Upper BB on the daily----28.7292
    As I type and DVAX is back in the channel for the first time in a couple of days.
    5 Day-------------------------27.176 at 9:38 EST"

    Please see the Day #9----When DVAX stopped the upward channel---I posted this:

    jimmygojames0219 • Jul 17, 2015 10:09 AM

    "Running the 5 day
    Upward channel still "technically" in play but DVAX is tiring.
    I have not posted what I have found digging in past yet but I will---DVAX has a bit more time."

    Continued below:

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    by outboard.jack 22 hours ago

    WRONG again Jack
    "The majority of your rhetoric is gauged towards the down side of the trade."

    Way wrong---I call what I see and BOTH ups and downs.

    Just look---
    I called the short squeeze and the melt up when I saw the UPWARD CHANNEL.

    See Jack---This is why I know you are a fool.
    I did DAYS and DAYS of the upward channel---I had to give them NUMBERS.
    I went from "melt" to "velocity run" and explained what this was.

    How are these to the "downside"?
    They are not---CLEARLY upside calls and stating the channel so to BUY and the bottom of the channel---not the top.

    I call flat channels what we are in NOW and have been since 7/14.
    We will have 2 buck swings from top to bottom and then the retrace unless MAJOR news. I am not saying a long should sell---just be careful buying more,

    You do nothing but TRY to lie about me.
    I have half my post on here saying UP on DVAX is holding here---2 just at the 100 day and where good support s at.

    BUY---at support
    SELL--at resistance---ONLY if you want to lock in some profits.

    The problem is Jack---You like the up calls---so you do not point these out.
    You do not like to hear DVAX is coming back some and you attack me when I say FLAT or RETRACE. You did the first day when Barry posted and everyday since when I have said DVAX is high in the indicators.

    You make up lies about "having my finger on the trigger"---FOOLISH Jack.

    I will pull up this post again and show you where DVAX is at the time.

    You say MOST are to the downside---SHOW me the WRONG post Jack.
    SHOW me and others where I MISSED the DROP.

    This is what you hate because you can not and since you fight it---You are a fool.

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    by outboard.jack 22 hours ago

    Yes Jack--DVAX is melting up
    I have said many times that DVAX is a good stock with a great story--Dig for them.

    What I try to do is show people the tops and lows and BETTER places to add--ODD WISE--to a long or take a NEW long.

    Do you need me to re-post your BUY BUY BUY---were going up to just over 30 if we break 26 post?

    You and others mislead and tell to "buy" the story ANYWHERE because the story is GOOD.
    I tell people the story is GOOD but watch and buy in at a BETTER place.

    Which one of these do you think is foolish?

    Both will make money in the longer run---Mine will just make more.

    You have made 5.71 from close to close since I first looked at DVAX.
    I made more that trading last month trading----We ran from 20 to 29---"handles" Jack.

    You want to add the other drops and pops since May 9th?
    I rode it up to ASCO and if yoy look---but already know Jack---I called the drop in June with reasons and it went down over 3.50 before the bounce off the 100 day.
    I have talked about that average a couple of times.

    Your long only way will work---up 5.71---AT THIS TIME.
    My trading works too and this is what kills you and having you attack me---from day one.

    I am NOT a MM---I do NOT need more shares---I do NOT care if people hold, buy or sell.
    I do try to show that with a little "looking and watching" and little time LEARNING that one can get better ODDS.

    Or they can listen to you and buy at the highs.
    Do you need me to re-post that from the other day?
    You called the high in March ON THE DAY and told all that "all was still looking good".

    Since that day's close Jack---25.44---DVAX is up 3.96.
    You were WATCHING Jack---You posted---You got it WRONG---You told others wrongly.

    That was a SELL day---You saw it and gave the SELL REASONS but you thought DVAX was "still looking good".

    If you are long---FINE---NOT a sell day but it was NOT a BUY day because DVAX was not looking good at all.

    Yes Jack---I think you are a fool and your post are not safe for buying.

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    by outboard.jack 22 hours ago

    Jack---You are a fool---and the real tool here.
    You are wrong---and you say stupid things.

    Wrong---There are many but let's just start at the first here
    "On May 8th we closed 19.95 ( The day Barry tipped Jim to DVAX ).

    The price was NOT 19.95---It closed at 23.69 the day I looked at it---That's 5.71 for riding it just long.
    PLEASE know this---DVAX will drop some more too---I will pull this post Jack.

    I did this read---while SICK in bed (please check)---and in 20 minutes made a DEAD-ON call on where DVAX was going and said why with reasons and levels.

    jimmygojames0219 • Apr 24, 2015 9:22 AM
    "Hey Barry
    I looked at the DVAX. I do not know the stock or its trading patterns but this is what I see.

    She stopped hard at the high on the weekly chart of 26.80 set the week of 05/27/13. At the time this was the 200 SMA.
    In the week of 03/23/15, she spiked above the 200 day and went to 26.89 but came back quickly. Then three weeks later, went to the 200 day (24.6574) and stopped at 24.60 and pulled back again.

    In late 2012 and early 2013, the 200 day was support. In late May and the first week of June of 2013, the 200 day was major resistance----Find this chart and look at these numbers.
    She is having trouble here and for good reason---I saw that this stock has a 2.7 plus beta which means TRADERS. She must hold 21; if not, she will see 18
    200 day has recalculated to 24.6422, so she must close above this or she will pullback.

    My daily chart has a small descending mid-line but we are above it and it had a similar pattern at the end of Feb. and she broke out to the upside. The other charts are in a nice channel for trading---They are flat.

    Look how the volume has dropped off---They are not buying at the high near the 200 day.
    Good news it hit 21 and bounced. The first was the lowest at 21.45 and all the others have been higher.

    This is the number---break the 21.45 by more than a dime or so and she will give up the ghost. So watch the 200 day and 21.45."

  • Reply to


    by outboard.jack 22 hours ago

    On May 8th we closed 19.95 ( The day Barry tipped Jim to DVAX )
    On July 31th we closed 29.40

    That's $ 9.45 Holding Long, Did nothing but read Jim's post all day.

    Mind you this equity has a high probability of getting a Buy Out offer.
    If that's your idea of " A FOOL " I'm sure others here are laughing at that.

    As we've continued to melt up even with your swings.
    U.S. Longs have found a more effortless way to make money.
    As you grind away " at work ". Just Kidding
    The majority of your rhetoric is gauged towards the down side of the trade.
    To Hot
    Pull back
    Give up the Ghost

    I thought you didn't like Name calling ?
    I refer to you as Jim.

    Look, Shares are needed or it doesn't work.
    Your simply the Tool that works the Gauge.

    I'm just the guy sitting back enjoying the show.

  • Cash,

    Market Makers are the guys who provide liquidity in the marketplace. The Market Maker buys and sells the stock to brokerage firms.
    They use Electronic Communication Networks (ECN) It is an electronic system that brings buyers and sellers together for the electronic execution of trades. It disseminates order information ( to their advantage) that retail buyers and sellers entered into the network and allows these orders to be executed. large institutional traders use these.
    If a big order comes onto the trading desk of a firm that doesn't do big volume in a certain name, the MM will command the action. They use a ECN to hide much of their action.

    Market Makers also occasionally try to deceive other traders using their order sizes and timing. These types of orders are called NITBB or NITSO (No Intention to Buy Bid or No Intention to Sell Offer). They display a huge size greatly exceeding all others seen on Level 2. Most often it’s done in order to provoke traders to move in the opposite direction, as they are trying to undercut this big size or to get in or out “front running” this size.
    Example: If some player wants to accumulate shares at $28.90 while the market is at $28.98 x 10, he can try and display a huge size at $29.02, spooking traders into selling. Meanwhile our player places a bid for small shares at $28.90,with a reserve order for the amount of shares he needs, thus absorbing the selling. When he is done buying, he cancels his sell order. More often, this technique is used simply to accumulate shares when building a large position.

    Cash if you have access to level 2 action look for these MM's

    NITE - wholesaler
    SCHB - wholesaler
    TDCM - retailer
    ETRD - retail ECN
    ARCA - an ECN
    NITE : This is the king of the MM's, He intimides traders and other MMs use that to their advantage knowing that he scares them. That's why NITE is the shaker on most stock runs; he is the most common controller. NITE could be on the ask all the time, he could be leading a dip scaring sellers to SCHB and TDCM on the bid.

    Here is a list of some Shorters : JIMK, POND, GNET or ARCA
    If you look at ECN order sizes for irregularities, you can tell when institutional players are trying to keep the buying quiet (which can mean accumulation is taking place)
    Although watching the level 2 can tell you a lot about what is happening, there is also a lot of deception. Just a few of the most common tricks played by Market makers, they can hide their order sizes by placing small orders and updating them whenever they get a fill. They do this in order to unload or pick up a contract large order without tipping off other traders and scaring them away. After all as Jim suggested nobody is going to attempt to push through a 500K share order, but if a persistent 10,000 share resistance is there, traders may still think it is a beatable barrier.
    I suggest to you that this is the answer to your original question. The MM accumulated 500K shares at more favorable price, applying combinations of methods described above. They cap the movement and provoke pullbacks which he will be using to accumulate more shares. If he is using ECNs to mask his identity, this becomes even more of an art. These shares are sold in the open market in one lump sump to a prearranged buyer avoiding any movement in the PPS .

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    AH movement

    by cashflo87 Jul 31, 2015 11:09 PM

    Thanks for the info.

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    AH movement

    by cashflo87 Jul 31, 2015 11:09 PM


  • Jack---you are a fool.
    Having a conspiracy theory is NOT thinking---It is foolish.
    It is the lack of thinking with reason and logic.

    I am making call and showing levels days in advance.
    How would that "help" the "money trigger"?
    Whatever that is?

    There is NO one machine---NOPE---there are many programs used by many different traders but they all use the SAME PAST so the info IN is the same and the INFO out will be close.

    DT and I just try to see the "in" info and use it to see what price and when the traders will move.

    And to PROVE you are a fool---Let's say I am THE GUY and I hit the the "trigger"---You should listen to me.

    Right?---Think about this---If I was "running the machine" and "shuffling the deck", a SMART person would want to follow THE GUY to make the most money.

    But not you---Foolish either way---You do nothing but fight and then say "I do my calls because it's EZ because my finger is on the trigger".

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    AH movement

    by cashflo87 Jul 31, 2015 11:09 PM

    Why I would suggest this?---Because it is what happened.

    True colors in that I understand that there are many exchanges today---not just three like it used to be---and that some take up to 15 or so minutes to settle everyday.

    Yes, true colors and a complete understanding Jack..

    NO "pro" would buy 106K after hours.
    They had all day to buy and buy CHEAPER and they wait until AH to buy?

    Are you that stupid Jack?---Really?---Are you?
    This is about as foolish as your calls I posted the other day.

    Cashflo---It was a settlement---No professional would buy 3 million dollars in the AH and a retail guy would not either. If a retail guy had 3 million, he would not hit the button for that size in such a "thin" market; no, he would scale in and would not do it "last minute".

    The buys and sells were already "lined up" and "done" before the market closed; it was just bookkeeping and logging the transactions.

    The same thing happens during the day at time when the Dark Pools drop 50K or MORE at one time. One second--ZERO orders of that size are sitting on Level 2 and then BAM, 80K hits all in one second out of nowhere. This 80k is "assembled" in the "dark" and then "shown" all at one time---This is why they call them "dark pools".

    This "settling" is also why Cashflo you see a huge jump in volume at the very end of the day. Yesterday was 170k in the last 10 minutes; the day before was 43k the day before that 94K. This spike at the end of the day are last minute traders closing out, ETFs balancing, and other exchanges closing their books.

    Because yesterday was higher---170K---in the last 10 minutes, a higher amount hit at the beginning of AH.

    Or you can believe the Jack and think that one guy bought 3 million in a thin AH market.
    This person waited ALL DAY to NOT BUY and then did his transaction after the market closed in the AH.

    You decide which sounds more likely......

    It was a settlement of buys and sells and the smaller exchange was just closing the day.

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    AH movement

    by cashflo87 Jul 31, 2015 11:09 PM

    After Hours

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    AH movement

    by cashflo87 Jul 31, 2015 11:09 PM

    what is AH

  • Reply to

    AH movement

    by cashflo87 Jul 31, 2015 11:09 PM


    Our average daily volume is around 500 to 600 K
    This was a BUY at the close ( Paid at the ask )
    Historically AH settlements for this equity range under 5 K
    Why would you suggest that's what happened here Jim ?

    True colors *

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    AH movement

    by cashflo87 Jul 31, 2015 11:09 PM

    Hey Cashflo
    I did not see the volume but anything in the first 15/ 20 minutes of the AH is really a settlement for the day from another exchange and that exchange is just now posting it. The actual trades happened earlier and are just now "showing". This is why the first part of AH is hard to read---some may be new and others are not.

    Now "Pre-market is a different story because they are all new trades and if you see something there it may have more of a meaning.

    This is just what I have found.

  • Great post, Isaac, thank you. Do you have any idea of when the next update(s) will come? Please advise. Thanks

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Oh boy, there goes the SP, prepare for a DIVE Monday ...

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