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  • The first two weeks are all fun for management, the catered meals the overtime being made are great. Then comes the realization that management can not fix outages. Upper levels of management start to see that lower level managers our out of their debt of knowledge of the skills of the people they manage. They start to wonder how these managers could evaluate those employees if they don't know their job. After two weeks pressure starts to build. Why is it not fixed, where do we get the circuit packs. how do we do this or that. More managers are needed to do one job. Their skills are not there. Upper level managers start to take heat to get important subscribers in service. Their bosses start asking them questions. They want to know who broke this or that.
    Very few managers will shine. many will avoid their mangers hoping that they will not be remembered when the strike has passed.

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    Verzion strikes, this is the real fear.

    by vzcotec Apr 25, 2016 3:16 PM

    Apparently it is getting pretty ugly. Four managers working 6 hours to replace a temporary drop, and even one unbelted manager who fell off a ladder replacing a drop. Word is that they are even being forced out of hotels because the hotels don't want the drama. This is not working out as the company planned it seems.

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    Verzion strikes, this is the real fear.

    by vzcotec Apr 25, 2016 3:16 PM

    Obviously you're a switchman. So you know as well as I that VZ's managers have been sliding downhill for at least 15-20 years. The majority of them are little more than paper pushers hired since the 90's. No real idea of the technical aspect of what is going on inside or out. Probably not their fault. More the fault of VZ for hiring unqualified managerial personnel in the first place.

  • Wall Street on Parade-1/31/16
    According to the Center for Responsive Politics, among the top five largest lifetime donors to Hillary’s campaigns, Citigroup tops the list, with three other Wall Street banks also making the cut: Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and Morgan Stanley. (The monies come from employees and/or family members or PACs of the firms, not the corporation itself.)
    Hillary Clinton famously told ABC’s Diane Sawyer in 2014 that she and Bill Clinton left the White House after his second term “dead broke.” But apparently, Citigroup felt they were a good investment. According to PolitiFact, Citigroup provided a $1.995 million mortgage to allow the Clintons to buy their Washington, D.C. residence in 2000. That liability does not pop up on the Clinton disclosure documents until 2011, showing a 30-year mortgage at 5.375 percent ranging in face amount from $1 million to $5 million from CitiMortgage. The disclosure says the mortgage was taken out in 2001.
    Citigroup has also committed $5.5 million to the Clinton Global Initiative, a charity run by the Clintons. It has also paid enormous speaking fees to Bill Clinton.
    What has Citigroup gotten from its outsized support of the Clintons? Bill Clinton is the President who repealed the most important investor protection legislation of the past century, the Glass-Steagall Act, an outcome heavily lobbied for by Citigroup. Hillary Clinton has signaled to Wall Street that she will not push to have the Glass-Steagall Act restored while her leading opponent, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, vows to restore it and return sanity to America’s financial system.
    Just nine years after Bill Clinton signed this massive deregulation of Wall Street and gave Citigroup’s Sandy Weill a souvenir pen from the signing, the U.S. financial system collapsed in the greatest implosion since the Great Depression.

  • I have worked for Verizon for 20 years and have loved all of them and still do. I was able to gain my Associates, Bachelor and MBA in Corporate Finance all attending night college. And I have more education then your 5th level manager in my area. Also I lost a finger in a tragic accident while on the job, and which resulted in losing a finger. Due to someone taking off a safety guard on a fan in a air compressor. I still look forward to coming to work everyday and enjoy the challenges. When I took this job it was a extremely competive and a well compensating job. Let me enjoy when the company does well and let me giveback when times are tough.

  • You don't see union policemen robbing banks or stealing cars, do you? Or union airline pilots sabotaging commercial airplanes so they crash, do you? Only CWA/IBEW union members are encouraged by their union mafia bosses to commit terrorist activities like cut phone lines, call in fake troubles to tie up service and jeopardize public safety. What a disgrace. CWA/IBEW are no different than ISIS. They are terrorists.
    No wonder America does not support the striking CWA/IBEW.

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  • Most will have left by that point. End of union

    Seriously, why doesn't VZ just sell off the landline business? Do you know anyone with a landline who is under 80 years old?

  • I agree, unions hold companies and customers hostage. I remember when I was a little kid, around 8 years old, my grandpa who worked as a mechanic for CAT took me to the union hall to help make signs on a Saturday morning. They were preparing to go on strike the next Monday. I asked " what does going on strike mean "? He 'splained it to me and I said " if you don't show up for work and say bad things about the company, why don't they just fire you"? I just could not understand it, and kept asking questions, long story short, the union leaders asked my grandpa to get me out of there. No stop for an ice cream cone on the way home!

    The best example I can think of what needs to be done to striking workers is what, Ronald Reagan did to the PATCO members that walked off their jobs as Air Traffic Controllers back in 1981, when I was in the Navy. He warned them to return to work or face termination. Most ignored his warning, and they were fired. Got exactly what they deserved!


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    by eddysclassics Mar 4, 2016 2:34 PM fabfour4vr Mar 7, 2016 5:47 PM Flag

    Boy, you're pretty impressed with yourself.

  • AMERICANS have Verizon's back. We don't want the Union in there anymore as well. We want lower
    cellphone costs, and the lazy, loudmouth, beer guzzling, drunk driving Union members should be mopping
    restaurant floors, cleaning the highway dividers or picking up trash in the parks or beaches. They have no
    business getting paid big bucks at a high tech Company. BUST THE WACK JOBS! BUST THE UNION!

  • With all the outrageous fees Verizon charges, they can scrape up a few dollars for the union workers.

    Shame on Verizon.

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    VZ Top Dow Performer 2016

    by scagani Feb 16, 2016 9:19 AM

    The bottom of VZ's trading range has come up. So far we have come up from the high $43's to the high $49's.

    So I'll bet on a higher and tighter 2016 range of $49 - $53. It looks like Q3 - Q4 is when we will see margins ratchet up after the Wireline sale to FTR and the Wireless regional center consolidation are over. If we get debt reduction and a very good Q4 and outlook then VZ at $55 paying an estimated $2.32 is still be a 4.2% yield -- at 4% VZ would trade at $58. So T could also be worth more money yielding 5% on an assumed $1.96 it trades at $39 -- at 4% T would trade at $49. If they can hold off TMUS & S that is...where do VZ & T go with strong results and a 1.5% 10 yr T Bond?

  • The last Q4 earnings report showed VZ's ability to grow revenue & subs against TMUS, T & S.

    This year VZ is taking out expenses of the 3 state wireline sale to FTR which will result in a higher Operating Margin on the remaining wireline book. Also on the expense side, a RIF of 5k employees from consolidation of 20 regional wireless centers to 6 is scheduled for this year. So VZ's profitability will be boosted going into this Q4 compared to last year. As far as financial accounting, it's a year to take charges for the wireless consolidation against the gain booked for the sale of the wireline assets to FTR.

    VZ is an antidote to Fed rate hikes because later this year everyone believes we will see another VZ dividend boost. Ordinary bonds don't do that. Gold pays nothing. Even harry knows that.

  • want the benefits that unions have earned? Like vacations, holidays, 40 hour work week, time and a half. savings plans health care ect.
    Before when the robber barons were in power those benefits did not exist. Some posting here wish the Pinkertons would be called and to do a Homestead action. Ford has his fear of his employees, Ford has his machine guns protecting his home.
    Many people today think benefits were just given to them. They were fought for and they were earned. History , if you don't remember it will come back and haunt you. You must realize that employers view employees as a cost of business. They want to reduce the cost. Employees have to get a contract and a good contract in mass to get their benefits for now and for their retirement. That is why you have unions, that is why there is a strike.

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    lock them out, wait a year, then fire whoever is left

    by dbtunr Apr 13, 2016 11:06 AM

    I think as a stockholder I will put a prposal on the annual meeting adjenda to dump the union.

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    Verzion strikes, this is the real fear.

    by vzcotec Apr 25, 2016 3:16 PM

    drama? oh you mean those angels in the union? LOL. Lowlife thugs, less educated and in need of a handout/extortion job.

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    Verzion strikes, this is the real fear.

    by vzcotec Apr 25, 2016 3:16 PM

    Spoke with my 1st level today. He told me that he has 9 people working for him in a rather large NYC central office. It's like the blind leading the blind. They complete trouble reports cause they can't leave issues open. They don't know if they are fixed though. In past experience when we come back their will be no troubles in system. Look out for next couple of days and lots of OT when troubles re-appear. I hope this ends soon.

  • I disagree. First off the 10Y T-Note yield is 1.88% as I type. The dividend yield 4.5% with VZ @ $50.16/share. The yield differential is about 2.6% not 1.9%. Second, should the longer end of treasury yield curve begin moving upward there is significant capital risk. Third, why compare the yield to the 10Y T-Note? Better comparables would be something like 2 to 5 year corporate bonds. In this case the yield differential is small but there is significant interest rate risk with bonds at these yields.

    Fourth, the mobile carriers are a hybrid between utilities and growth companies now. Fifth, you aren't recognizing the global currency situation. I have mentioned Yen and Euro carry trade where the appeal of conservative higher yielding dollar denominated securities is appealing. The FOMC is determined to "normalize" U.S. interest rates even though this will prove folly, but it will keep consistent pressure on corporation deriving their income from foreign sales. This trend shows absolutely no sign of reversing in the near or intermediate term and is likely to become even more prominent before improving.

  • echo2l65 Feb 2, 2016 9:49 AM Flag

    So who really cares about the daily (weekly, monthly, yearly) price swings that ONLY the "day-trader IDIOTS" and BLOWHARDS like yourself with your jibber-jabber, as YOU continue to make yourself look more and more foolish 24/7, every day !!
    AS REAL INVESTOR know, VZ & T are great long term winners for those seeking a dependable strong dividend payout - FACT
    BTW, did I mention 'you're an idiot' ... oh yes I did, I see that now :-)

    Sentiment: Buy

  • Actually VZ was @ $53 and some change .. ya snot-nose crybaby :-)
    And AT&T was trading $39, so try getting those 2 divy's from your bank CD's
    OOPS never mind, you have to have "money", not just a big mouth to own stocks & use a bank - dasa FACT

    Sentiment: Buy

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