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  • This attention seeking obscure "research" shop tried to make waves & some cash in November when they posted what had been publicly available information about OLED. They wrote what had been disclosed long ago, that Universal Display's patents would expire. That hurt the stock because it had been in an uptrend and many "investors" these days are ready to run like rabbits when anyone posts negative information, not just well respected analysts.

    "Universal Display's 'Essence' Expires In 2017, Street Sweeper Warns
    Universal Display Corporation (NASDAQ: OLED) has its investors believing that its "essence" falls apart in 2017. warned on Tuesday that Universal Display's fundamental patent is scheduled to expire in 2017, and that other patents appear to face an expiration date of 2018 and later.

    Universal's 1998 SEC filing indicates that Patents typically expire 20 years after application:

    "In December 1997, the first patent, titled "Transparent Contacts for Organic Light Emitters", was issued to Princeton University by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ... In January and February, 1998, two additional patents relating to Multicolor Organic Light Emitting Devices were issued to Princeton University. Princeton University and USC have filed approximately 30 additional patent applications relating to the OLED technology in the United States, and have filed for intellectual property protection internationally."

    TheStreetSweeper writes that when the New Jersey-based company's technology started "falling off the patent cliff in December 2017, the patents hit the free-for-all known as the public domain," and additional killer risks are poised to hammer Universal stock."

    These crooks went short, then posted #$%$ to hurt as many people as possible & draw attention. Garbage shop !

  • It's hard to value a development stage bio-tech company as the stock price is based on expectation of future performance. In the Phase I human trials, several patients experienced remission of their cancer and the company should soon be announcing the beginning of a broader Phase II study. The price should reflect expectations of the outcome of the Phase II study, and given the results so far (no toxicity, clear indications of efficacy) investors should be optimistic and the price should rise.

    The price was rising, until some hack put out an attack piece to try to drive the price down. The author of that piece holds a short-position and their article provided no new insight and no new facts. in fact, they left out the most important facts such as patients in remission and core shareholders holding their positions. Also, the doctor who conducted the trials is very enthusiastic about the prospects of the drug and the delivery system. He joined the company's advisory board and speaks highly of the drug and the company.

    I think $4.04 is a low-ball estimate, but we will have to wait until after the short-seller attack is over to get a true market reaction to the facts - The rally paused and the shorts saw an opportunity to flip some shares.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Is anyone familiar with this company ? Is MacroAxis a company which has made good calls ?

  • No news, maybe one or more funds dumped their shares at any price.

  • Huge drop on huge volume is the worst possible combination !

  • -21..4% and the volume is more than 3 times daily average !
    Looks like liquidation !

  • maybe today?

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    After deep correction, signs of rebound

    by googelie Apr 7, 2016 1:38 PM

    I'm Hopeful tool

  • not bad today, the market is still down, but BPTH is rebounding; might try to retest its higt ($3.19) in a few days

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    by jakeplath Apr 5, 2016 12:53 PM

    thanks for the words of encouragement...hopefully you're right...I considered doubling of luck with your trading.

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    by jakeplath Apr 5, 2016 12:53 PM

    just started watching this stock but short interest is around 300K. it's possible most shorts covered around 2.65. it's holding steady around this level. I have not taken a position on this yet but believe it will rebound to $2.95+ tomorrow or Thursday support at 2.60, resistance at 3

  • I'm in at radical for a correction...looks like a short attack...haven't checked the short interest...but I would speculate that the stop hunters are engaged on this one...this seems to happen regularly with the low cost bios...fortunately, I no longer giveafuk...

  • -12% on volume that is about 9 times the daily average and it just about the middle of the trading time. Volume could spike to 1.5 to 2 mil by the end of the day. It looks like a stampede out. Volume picked up after the stock made its new high early in the morning. This is the worst possible outcome. The stock is overextended and drops a lot on huge volume. Maybe it falls back to $2 and below rather than rise to $5, the analysts' target.

  • Any thoughts or opinions on the volume for the last 7 days. 50,000 to 100,000 increase in shares traded daily. I guess this is due to the rise of the stock.

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  • Major Short Squeeze Coming ? Video at StockMarketVideoc (Google them) - BPTH

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    Liponanoparticles vs newer technology:

    by jetmanbash Mar 20, 2016 11:36 PM

    Hello wordlender, I don't believe that IONS drugs have toxic side-effects esp. now. Their 2.0+ generation drugs have beaten the injection site reactions and flu like symptoms. Their 2.0+ generation drugs are 5 times more potent than their 2.0 generation drug, and now their 2.5 generation drugs are another 10 times more potent than their 2.0+ drugs. This coupled with their LICA delivery system allows for another 30 fold more potency in delivering the drugs to target. Thus a 2.5 generation drug coupled with their LICA system will be 300 times more potent than previous 2.0+ generation drugs without a delivery system. Dosing could be as infrequently as once a quarter. With the older liposomes that ALNY are using as gotten from ABUS those patients for ALNY's TTR-amyloidosis drug will have to be dosed with four drugs before and after that medication whereas the IONS TTR-amyloidosis drug will not require any other medications.

    I will watch BPTH. I own a fair amount of RNN and they have an AKT-1 inhibitor that is an ANS drug and they are also using liposomes for delivery so I'm hoping both of these companies have better luck than when others have used their liponanoparticles. Part of the reason that ABUS's ebola drug failed, I believe, is that the toxicity was too much for the already sick patients to tolerate. t

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    Liponanoparticles vs newer technology:

    by jetmanbash Mar 20, 2016 11:36 PM

    jetman, thank you for your post. BPTH's delivery system has shown zero toxicity in human trials and demonstrated effective delivery of the drug to the interior of cells. They use a simple intravenous delivery system so it can be easily integrated in treatment regimens using existing procedures and equipment.

    IONS (formerly ISIS) has a 30% greater potency than what? I assume you are comparing to charged (+/-) liposomes? BPTH uses a neutral liposomal delivery system.

    It is my understanding that IONS' drugs have toxic side effects. It has been suggested by BPTH management that IONS could be a potential partner, because BPTH's delivery system would remove the toxic side effects without losing the potency. I believe people need to see a successful phase II from BPTH before partnerships like that can happen. Phase II begins this year. I expect the stock will move higher throughout the year in anticipation of positive results.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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