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  • 70% of my BBT holdings to off set my losses. For tax purposes look at your profits and losses. You should not have any more than $3000 in losses when reporting your 2014 income tax. I will not buy anything until after the first of the year.

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    Decent CEO

    by jim56442 Dec 18, 2014 11:31 PM

    How dense American stock holders are. They flat refuse to believe that massive collusion takes place between a Corp's upper mgt and the B of D's. All you have to do is to think a little. Who is most responsible for all upper mgt positions? The B of D's. Who is most responsible for the members of the B of D's? Upper mgt.
    A perfect condition for collusion in all big corporations. The cost of these atrocious salary and benefit packages should be going to the 'owners', the stock holders as dividends. I seriously doubt if there will ever be enough stock owners to make a change in the behavior. JMO.
    I believe upper mgt deserves a very good salary, but in some cases over a 1000 times the bottom level receives. No way. JMO

  • I'd bet money that we won't get any decent action like the following information from this CEO or Board of Directors. This company stock is still below the End Of Year 1998 price. Sixteen years of no share price gain and just look at what the BOD and executives officers have received in stock options in addition to their salary, stock grants, bonuses and other things. Shame on them and their greed.

    (((((.The lumber industry has been cut down over the past two years, and execs are feeling the pain. Executive bonuses often get ridiculous.

    In light of that, Plum Creek Timber Co. CEO Rick Holley just did something quite admirable.

    He gave back 44,445 restricted-stock units, worth nearly $2 million.

    According to a regulatory filing, "Mr. Holley elected to return the restricted stock units because he does not believe that he should receive such an award unless Plum Creek's stockholders see an increase in their investment return." ))))

    What a unique idea that stockholders should actually see an increase in their investment return..

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    What a Piece of junk

    by nobankersplease Dec 12, 2014 10:10 AM

    Disagree with you. I have owned BBT since '93, but I just sold 70% today. May sell the rest before the end of year for tax purposes and rebuy after the first of the year. 2 1/2% dividend is better than CD's.

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    What a Piece of junk

    by nobankersplease Dec 12, 2014 10:10 AM
    lastbutnotleastofthewachovians lastbutnotleastofthewachovians Dec 16, 2014 6:25 PM Flag

    Palinbigbazzoo says: "I got into only because they bought out South Trust"

    I think you better pay a little more attention to your investments bozo. South Trust was bought out by Wachovia (nea First Union). What have you been smoking?

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    What a Piece of junk

    by nobankersplease Dec 12, 2014 10:10 AM

    Very poorly managed bank, I got into only because they bought out South Trust, a fairly well managed large regional. South Trust's head soon disappeared after the merger, likely he would have been lambasted for engineering the merger and heading off into retirement.

  • As we close out the year. I see that going back 16 years to the day, this stock is up 1%. On an annualized basis, then, the capital appreciation in the stock price is essentially ZERO. So for long term holders, all you have gotten is the dividend. Looking back over those past 16 years, the dividend payment has averaged +/-$1.10 per share, meaning that the annualized total return for this stock, for the past 16 years has been something like 2.9%. 16 years ago you could have bought the US 30-year treasury bond and locked in a 5% yield. What is up with that? Yet the CEO makes $10M per year? Why doesn't the Board simply force the sale of this bank? How do they get long term holders the returns they deserve? 2.9% per annum is completely unacceptable for 16 years. If you add in the pernicious effects of inflation, the real inflation-adjusted return on this stock has been ZERO. So if you are a patient long term investor (i.e. sucker) who has held this stock for 16 years and adjust for the devaluation of the dollar over the same period, this company has delivered NOTHING.

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    Just Wondering

    by jim56442 Nov 22, 2014 1:57 PM

    You are mentioning major admirers of Ayn Rand here. They are not doing poorly...for themselves!

  • Way to go longs. The brightest minds from Wilson NC running your company for you.

  • Rex Tillerson ceo of xxon ok with $40 0il. T Boone Pickens said oil $100 in 16-18 months.
    Pickens is smoking something. How Are you going to keep Iran from pumping?

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    Lawsuit in SC

    by jim56442 Nov 12, 2014 3:15 PM

    I imagine that this will affect earnings? It takes a lot of new account openings and commercial loan success to earn $17,000,000 . . .

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    Just Wondering

    by jim56442 Nov 22, 2014 1:57 PM

    Cutting top salaries would be a good start but that wont happen with hand picked board.

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    Just Wondering

    by jim56442 Nov 22, 2014 1:57 PM

    BBT traded above $40 in 2006, and it briefly reached that level again last spring (2014). For buy and hold investors paying attention to history, it took BBT more than 7 years to regain its August 2006 share price, all the while dividends took a major hit that really reduced the gains from this investment. BB&T instituted a hiring freeze earlier this year, it is losing lots of experienced employees through attrition, as well as significant downsizing as part of a major community banking reorganization within the Branch Banking sub over the past two years -- yet BB&T is still struggling with expense controls where expenses continue to grow and affect the bottom line. Kelly and the Execs blame regulation, Kelly's on Bloomberg and CNBC complaining that banks are unfairly regulated and its turning the business into a socialized system, while expressly calling for immediate unfair regulation to be slapped on Apple Pay, and other payment systems that compete with banks for fees. Incoherence? Is Kelly's $15 Million compensation package making him dizzy? What's next for BB&T? Absent better results in commercial loan making, how about terminating the pension plan?

  • You can check middle east stock on yahoo finance. They are.crashing on oil.

  • If Citigroup's Texas banks were such a great deal why are they selling?
    Did it occur to anyone at BB&T that they knew oil had a dark side and was going down?
    In 2009 when Citigroup was $2 it was oil at $30 and those texas banks

  • BB&T management will bankrupt the entire company if they buy the Citigroup branches.

    Oil is obsolete by nat gas, hydrogen, nuclear FUSSION, electricity.


  • I'm just wondering if BBT will ever reach the same level and hold it as it was end of year 1998. Yahoo states that a share of BBT was at $40.31 end of year 1998 and it closed Friday aty $37.51. Just for information the dividend was 17.5 cent per quarter in 1998. So the shareholders have lost $2.80 a share and the dividend has increased by 6.5 cents a quarter in about 16 years.

    Does anyone possibly think or state that this is even an average performance?

    How does the Board of Directors, Kelly King and the executives of this company actually take their pay with a straight face?

  • South Carolina judge orders BB&T to pay $17 mln to misled investor
    By Suzanne Barlyn

    Tue Nov 11, 2014 4:30pm EST
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    Analysis & OpinionBlame trial lawyers for GM ignition switch disaster – law prof
    N.Y. judge to Wylys: You can’t keep SEC away by declaring bankruptcy
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    Nov 11 (Reuters) - A South Carolina judge has ordered BB&T Corp to pay $17 million to a former financial adviser for mismanaging the man's retirement nestegg, a ruling that more than doubles a jury's June award, according to court documents.

    Judge Edward Miller in Greenville, rejected a demand by BB&T Corp to overrule a jury's verdict totalling $8.1 million in favor of Francis Maybank, who filed the case against BB&T and two units in 2011, according to an opinion filed late Monday the Court of Common Pleas for the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit.

    A BB&T spokeswoman could not be immediately reached for comment.

    "We are gratified that justice prevailed and a wrong was righted," said Mitchell Willoughby, one of Maybank's lawyers.

    Maybank, of Charleston County, South Carolina, founded a trust and asset management company that BB&T acquired in 2001. BB&T bought Maybank's firm, which managed $700 million in client assets, with 246,000 shares of BB&T company stock, according to the complaint. Maybank hired BB&T's wealth management division in 2006, when nearing age 74, to advise him on investing his retirement portfolio.

    BB&T recommended a complex investment strategy involving a type of derivative, a security whose value was linked to the performance of underlying BB&T stock, which BB&T advisers said would help him to reduce his concentration in the company's shares while raising cash to invest in a diversified portfolio, Maybank alleged.

    They did not disclose to Maybank that the strategy would force him into an expensive cycle of rolling over one derivatives transactions into another, which meant more fees

  • Why would PennyStocksWekly mention BBT?. BBT is not a Penny Stock.

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