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  • that happened today and we down over 1% ?? 1.9% of float is short interest but looks like no one is in a hurry to cover.

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  • Ooops...should have sold. Ooops again..he says he cant. Ooops! How many years to get those back? What are his returns now? KK loves BobFatGas because KK makes $$$$ and BobFartGas gets nothing for 20 years.

  • Bbt does not need any more mergers until they become more effficient. mgt need to consentrate on assets they now have and improve their efficiency and net profits. mergers allow mgt to look good by increasing assets that do not benefit anyone but themselves. too much of bonus is based on growth.

  • Again this incompetent management team DISAPPOINTS. But what does one expect since the BOD rewards this incompetence. If KK cannot get a hold of expenses this stock will never compete with the other major banks.

  • the Yahoo book value for BBT is 31.56, getting awfully close. Hope the next earnings call pushes us up above that.

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    Why down?

    by jjpcat Jan 7, 2016 1:14 PM

    What interest rate tailwind? Yield curve is flattening..2's and 10's are near low spreads. May see inverted curve which is a killer

  • ......But he "cannot" sell. I bet he wishes he had those dividends back. Sad emojiface

  • Nice post. When an investor continues to see internal rates of return dissipate as they continue to hold a security then not only must one ask what is wrong with the security, but ask what is wrong with the investor.

  • Major Short Squeeze Coming ? Video at StockMarketVideoq (Google them) - BBT

  • Did you factor in inflation over that same 40 year period? Did you compare your "return" to the return from an S&P index fund over the same period? I think you are going backwards and just don't want to acknowledge it. Don't hide behind the capital gains tax--- those rates were exceedingly low for many years and even now are not unreasonable. I hope you are not waiting for President Hillary to reduce them. All of that aside, I think the point that nobanker and some others on this board have tried to make over the years is that most investors expect some capital appreciation along with their dividends, and unless you are nimble enough to time the market and trade in and out of $5.00 swings in the price, there has been almost no sustained appreciation in the share price since 1999. Prior to that time the share price reflected the bank's success in following its proprietary formula of acquiring inefficient, underperforming financial institutions, squeezing out the cost savings, ratcheting the efficiency ratio down and implementing Cohen-Brown cross-selling of bank services to goose the earnings. Like everything else in life, that worked fine until it didn't, which has been for about the last 15 years. There has been a tremendous amount of M&A activity since that time and the bank's capital base has increased dramatically, but none of this has translated into sustained appreciation in the price of the shares. What's to be done? I am not a banker and I don't know the answer. However, I have often wondered what innovative, value-enhancing measures might be proposed if management's compensation was more closely tied to share performance so that their interests were more closely aligned with their shareholders and I specifically do not mean compensation in the form of generous awards of stock options with a strike price 30% below market at the time of delivery.

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    Why down?

    by jjpcat Jan 7, 2016 1:14 PM

    Thanks. I used to have similar table. But I got out of most banks 2 years ago.

    You are right that BBT is not doing worse than its major peers. But my question is why is BBT doing significantly worse than the general market in the past few days, given the seemingly interest rate tailwind?

    I actually think the lack of international exposure may enable BBT to outperform those big banks.

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    Why down?

    by jjpcat Jan 7, 2016 1:14 PM

    In the long run we are all dead.

    Now let's muse on the short term a few moments. Following is a chart of results for today and the past 5 days for BBT and 10 banks that I use to have some sense of individual bank versus market.

    Bank Today 5 day%
    BBT -2.85% -8.01%
    BAC -3.54% -8.97%
    C -5.11% -9.03%
    JPM -4.03% -8.84%
    KEY -3.56% -8.08%
    PNC -2.52% -7.08%
    SNV -2.94% -7.65%
    STI -4.15% -8.87%
    USB -1.97% -6.37%
    WFC -2.85% -8.15%
    XLF -2.82% -6.69%

    While the results are horrible the fact is that BBT is much less horrible than most of the other 10.

    What might be spooking the markets?

    China is making a land sea grab in the South China Sea that would seriously restrict maritime shipping for the rest of the world in that area.

    North Korea (bless their hearts) is ranting in the press about successful test of a HYDROGEN bomb. Technical issues involving the possible accuracy of that boast are discussed exhaustively in most public media. I will not try to recap or summarize any of that, but I do note that what is important is that NK is obsessed about their delusion of becoming a global power to be reckoned with. Yes it is totally silly of NK BUT they have so little to lose they might be hoping no one will take them down running the risks...

    The Middle East and the lies about Islam being spewed by a handful of very sick people.would take a few books and would never be completed. Suffice it to say that NOT Islam nor any significant numbers of believers have attacked America over the past 30 years or so. America has been attacked many times at the instigation of sick individuals who pervert the messages of Islam and blaspheme Allah in acting out their shared delusions.

    6.67 million Believers of Islam are resident in America. the great majority not from Arab lands but from Asia. Roughly 3 million are adults and I would think at least a million of the younger individuals are teenagers who are susceptible to proselytizing by the ISIS dictators.

  • That isn't the case. My true yield is something like 8-9% from reinvesting dividends over 40 years and with a cost basis close to zero I have no interest in paying a huge amount of tax especially under the Obama admin. Do you think I care about whether or not you trade or invest in this? Maybe you should focus your time on something important in your life.

  • I have been away from this stock for a few months. I am wondering why BBT is down more than the market average for the past few days. Isn't the rising interest rate supposed to help them?

  • So Bob, with today's open you now just gave back the last two years worth of your dividends....sure you still cannot sell? Oops, forgot you cannot sell due to taxes, but it must be far better to give back all your returns from the 90s. I am sure when you leave this stock to your great great grand kids they will love getting nothing. They can cash it in and buy a meal at McDonalds

  • then why own it?

  • You should take care of the mild retardation that you are exhibiting. You have been saying this stock has been a loser for a long time and now you want to get back in because you think it would be bought out?

    Don't worry about helping others on here. No one is going to change their views based on an Internet stranger with partial brain damage. You have no influence on how the stock trades so you should wake up and stop wasting your time.

    I am not a cheerleader on this stock. As I said I am not expecting amazing returns from any financial stock.

  • Yeah? You just lost a year's worth of dividends today. too bad you cannot sell. Oops, forgot you CAN sell. Not too bright

  • No tears here. I got out when the getting was good. Just trying to help others. I would certainly think about getting back into this stock and I routinely try and determine an entry point, but it is just such a weak sister that I can never make the trade. If it looks like the Board ever wakes up and realizes they can only help the shareholders by selling the company, then I will pile back in for the acquisition premium, but alas, the Board has been captive rubes of Mgmt. for a long time. I would hope you are a person who appreciates discussion on these boards, not just cheerleading, especially when cheering for a loser makes no sense, except to assuage one's ego when the truth says otherwise.

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