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    only a test no message

    by rrtzrealmd Nov 19, 2015 11:11 PM

    your test did well.

  • Long term with 15% annual dividend growth is the way to profit.


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    by dollardominance Nov 20, 2015 12:19 AM

    It hurts to be short

  • this time for detailed tabulating of yankees entering FEMA camps , and many more sheep worldwide in need of guidance and retraining ... NWO wants the best for people of earth and sometimes that means forcible confinement in one of many treatment facilities , partnering with IBM in this endeavour continues the rich history of refining the human population using the fantastic technology of a world leader

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    by dollardominance Nov 20, 2015 12:19 AM

    nah,,,next time, maybe less

  • Have read various posts castigating the management. True, IBM failed to move fast enuf to the cloud and fingers can be pointed at Sam and Ginni for lack of foresight. resulting in Amazon being the leader in the cloud space and eating IBM's lunch. However, to Ginni's credit she has has awoken to the failed strategy employed by IBM. Obviously, she wrongly carried out Sam's strategy of buy backs and focusing on earnings. This is yesterdays news. Going forward can you argue with the present business plan? Hardware services is not what IBM is about. today. Neither is manufacturing. It is all about growth areas. Sure, IBM remains the leader in main frames but otherwise manufacturing is not profitable. Constructive criticism makes sense but whining does not.

  • IBM is run by 30+ year veterans who have no knowledge of the real world. They bark out commands and the lemmings scramble. These execs surround themselves with younger execs who have been put on an "executive track", for diversity reasons, good looks, happy/smiley... anything but skill and accomplishment.

    I had the pleasure of working with one of these "track executives". She was brought in from another division and didn't understand the technology or the business.

    In the course of one year, she presided over the following failures

    1. Presented no coherent mission or tangible contribution from her team. Her team was in constant chaos.
    2. Lost 33% of the product revenue, to the tune of $100M in declined sales IN ONE YEAR!
    3. Despite 9 months of emergency planning meetings, failed to define the next generation product. Her team contributed nothing and even though she bossed everyone around like a IBM veteran, nothing happened.

    She was promoted to Vice President and left her disaster behind for the next incompetent "track executive" to further screw up and then move up.

    The situations repeat themselves all across many IBM groups and business units.

    No one should be surprised that IBM is going down the tubes, not even 36 year IBM veteran, Ginny Rommety who has never worked anywhere else. Go down the roster of the Senior Execs. You will spot many "know nothing" clones.

  • StockMarketVideoc (Google them) pick to triple by end of year for IBM

  • IBM Chart Breakout - video at StockMarketVideoc (Google them)

  • You heading over to McDonald's to buy a few things off the dollar menu after you sold your two shares ?

  • I wanted to hold but it's too risky....Thanks for the cash tho....

  • Need I say more?

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    "The decline and fall of IBM" book

    by cogitoergosum_bigblue Nov 18, 2015 7:15 AM
    cogitoergosum_bigblue cogitoergosum_bigblue Nov 19, 2015 10:16 PM Flag

    When I read many comments from current/active and former IBMers on IBM All iance web site I understand now why many disgruntled IBMers contributed to "The decline and fall of IBM" book.

    I think that IBM top management and IBM investors should read that book too.

  • cogitoergosum_bigblue cogitoergosum_bigblue Nov 19, 2015 10:11 PM Flag

    Another comment from a disgruntled IBM employee, hopefully I find a positive comment on IBM All iance web site and I will post it here.
    Comment 09/13/15:
    Name: -HelpYourself-
    JobTitle: Toast, like all of you

    Message: IBM acquires StrongLoop and everyone is in a tizzy internally, acting as if this is the savior come to save the company. One exec on an internal call said this is "the most important acquisition in the history of IBM". Really? Even SoftLayer recently was more important than this, because before that, in cloud IBM had nada. It's the same strategy - running around trying to stuff putty into large holes in a sinking ship. Even SoftLayer didn't help IBM cloud much. Why do these fail? Because these products are square pegs that must be put into the IBM round hole of ancient products designed for on prem.
    It creates a cobbled together patchwork of stuff that of course doesn't work well or at all (see IBM's SaaS offerings). It's a false facade to impress (who else?) the financial writers and shareholders, while the execs cash out, cover their butts, and the band plays on.
    Think of where IBM would be if they had spent that acquisition money on their own R&D (imagine - actually designing and building good stuff from the ground up, instead of cobbling!) and rebuilding employee morale. The new "revolutionary, ground breaking" email system they bragged about called "Verse" is a massive failure. It's the same old pig (Lotus Notes) with lipstick. Employees are unable to attend meetings because it 'loses' them; emails get lost, and you can guess the chaos from that.
    In fact, internally this is referred to as "you've been Versed". The execs continue to send emails begging people to go read their useless blogs, and the band plays on. If we had representation, we could help to fight against these horrible misuses of corporate funds. Please join the Alliance today! It takes a few minutes, can be anonymous, and is only the price of a Starbucks per month.

  • cogitoergosum_bigblue cogitoergosum_bigblue Nov 19, 2015 10:05 PM Flag

    Another disgruntled and scarred IBM employee.

    Comment 09/17/15:
    JobTitle: SW analyst
    Location: WFH
    Message: I am still a IBM employee, but have watched most of my co-workers be RA'ed in the last 8 years. Work was moved to China and there are only a few Americans left. It has been a very depressing work environment for all. I have worked for IBM for 30 years and now do entry level work because the better jobs are in China. I have asked to do more meaningful work but was told by my management that I was not a "strategic" employee and therefore I could not move into another job. Any new job openings can only be filled by someone in China. I feel like a second class citizen. It is so unfair, and I feel discriminated for being American. I work just as hard as the employees in China but cannot reap the benefits of my hard work. Is any others in the same situation as I am in? -Non strategic-

  • A comment from another disgruntled IBM employee on IBM all iance web site who had balls to put a signature under her comment.


    Dear IBM family, Our collective hearts are breaking as we learn of the current brutal RA's that follow the devastating RA's of the past, and the horrific RA's of the future. I have been following the recent comments on the withholding of accrued and earned vacation pay. In the USA, the laws vary by state. I have several chronic medical conditions which I have had for over a decade.
    In July of 2013, I went on short term disability, and long term permanent disability in December of 2013. At the time I requested my accrued and earned vacation pay. My manager threatened to hold my accrued and earned vacation pay, until I signed not one but two disability agreements holding IBM harmless. I informed my manager and HR that this was unethical, immoral, a business controls and Sarbanes Oxley violation.
    I also informed her, that though my attorney was on vacation, I was sure this was illegal. I never heard from her, though HR did reply that my manager made a mistake. I did not sign anything. My manager sent my vacation pay to my home via regular snail mail. She did not even have the courtesy to overnight it; despite knowing full well of my huge out of pocket mbedical expenses that continue to skyrocket year on year. Dear IBM family nothing with the RA's and abhorrent behavior of IBM management will change....unless we stand together with the good people of Alliance@IBM, who have been staunchly supporting us for years. Please join! -Respectfully, Deb Kelly proud Alliance@IBM member-

  • A comment from anorher disgruntled and still active (on IBM All iance web site) IBM employee.

    Comment 11/03/15: IBM has definitely crossed the tipping point just recently. Morale was low before, but since the 3Q announcements and allegations that (not surprisingly) the company has been up to some shady accounting (meaning things are even worse than Wall St knows about), the malaise internally has been thick as molasses. On conference calls nobody seems to care and many don't show up. Ginny has inferred that if you aren't on Watson, you ain't nothing. The CFO has come right out and said they are engineering a decline in some product areas (everything except Watson?). Or is that like saying after the ship sinks "Yeah we meant to do that..." The 4Q deal pipe worldwide is virtually empty. Product teams aren't being given money to fix even serious bugs. The pool for raises and bonuses is now empty going forward, so nobody can expect those. Everyone is being asked to "do less with more" aka do the work of those who are gone. I'm sure there are a great many who have their new jobs with other companies lined up for Jan 1 and will say sayonara on Dec 15 when they quality for the 401k match. That will leave the company short, and make things even worse. BUT - it will also give those who are left some power. Join the Alliance and give it more strength. Wall St is starting to pick up on the employee morale problem, thanks to the press releases put out by the Alliance. They are our voice, please help them. Something major has to happen to this company soon, so let's organize so that those who are left have a voice to prevent this massive executive abuse of power and workers from happening again. It's only a few bucks a month. Don't sit around and wait for the big cut in January. If you get axed then, you can cancel if you feel you need to. Many stay on just to spite IBM. Please join those of us who have proudly joined. -ReadTheTeaLeaves-

  • that can be found on IBM all iance web site.

    JobTitle: IT Specialist
    Location: Colorado
    BusUnit: Global Services

    Message: I was RA'd last month, after 12 years with IBM, after getting a 3+ rating, and earning 2 top GSD monthly awards for Customer Care Excellence! Ten of out twelve of my peers were also notified, but a couple of them got an extension until the end of the year, but were not notified of this until their last day! At least they got their 401K match where the rest of us got screwed. What was even more irritating is that we were forced to cross-train the Indians, who were taking over our jobs, if were wanted to get our Severance Pay!
    Ginny kept pushing people to take the Cloud certification training, as well as the monthly Friday seminars, but the company would not make any of these new technology areas available for those of us who wanted to stay with the company. I contacted TV stations and Networks about reporting ongoing IBM layoffs, but none of them have the motivation to do it. You wonder if IBM has media held by the balls, that they will not report anything.
    To Ginny we are nothing but numbers. Perhaps we should all send (bombard) pictures of our families to Ginny, so she and her fellow henchmen (henchwomen) can see the faces of who are getting impacted by these layoffs. Maybe this will give her an ounce of humility! -Anonymous-

  • IMO In the 130's. Tax selling is about done and I expect us to turn up in 2016. The bar has been set low so I expect a earnings beat at some point.

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