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  • Chart shows turnaround with big increase in volume and buying just beginning to accelerate.

    Millennium Healthcare (MHCC) reported revenues increased over 400% in 2014 to over $8 million

    Total market cap today at $0.01 per share equals less than $2 million.

    At only 10X revenues shares should be selling at $.45 today.

    Revenues set to explode again in 2015.

    New management is very strong, capable and with strong healthcare relationships.

    Expect big runway of new FDA approved early detection diagnostics for heart and cancer.

    Small investment has potential for huge gains this year.

    Keep MHCC in your portfolio and watch closely for frequent news of big changes

    MHCC 12 month price target - $1.25

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Have a great weekend on the phone buddy

  • On September 23 last year Terry issued this guidance -

    [ Insmeed is entering a period I like to call biotech purgatory, where you don't burn up , but you will feel the heat. OR suppose Europe says , we want to wait for the NTM results in 2017. ( this is my last warning! LOL ) 9 WILL be a reality and Wedbush who has been the most correct will be fully vindicated.
    Bash away kids.........................Amused ! ]

    That day the respective closing prices were -

    GHDX - $28.65

    INSM - $12.81

    Just before I had this brain wave the prices were -

    GHDX - $27.91

    INSM - $26.11

    I do appreciate that Terry - in shorting INSM in September - must have suffered one of his most horrendous losses in the fifteen years he's been investing in biotechs. $9 "WILL be a reality?" Ouch!

    But knowing him he'll have simply analysed what caused him to misread the situation so badly - and will have used the setback to hone his expertise.

    Would you mind asking Terry if there's any chance we could get Genomic into biotech purgatory please?

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    SO : petenphill is one of your gals Terry?

    by petenphil Jul 7, 2015 3:59 PM

    Can't see Cathy being good with long words. More like ...

    Do you ever wear a propryat?

    All the time when I was younger. Why?

    My friend says she saw you touching me in one.

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    SO : petenphill is one of your gals Terry?

    by petenphil Jul 7, 2015 3:59 PM

    Kudos petenphil. It seems you struck a nerve with that Fathers Day joke :-)

    I wonder how the Android knew the "gals" were giggling? Niece Cathy must have mentioned it -

    "Spending all weekend spamming the INSM board with homophobic posts was SUCH fun Uncle Tel. We just couldn't stop giggling! But could you please stop touching my friend like that? It makes me jealous".

    You're right not to be bothered. He only ever disrupts the boards of stocks he doesn't own - and what's left of his retirement fund after all of those "unlucky" biotech investments has been doing nothing in GHDX for the last three years.

    But it was inevitable the lies would catch up with him sooner or later.

  • Based on the fact that the Prolaris review which started in Oct 2014 is still apparently ongoing, I'm not anticipating any early approval of the Medicare Billing Codes. Anyone know whether the public comments will be available to the Public? If so, where can they be reviewed?

    My guess is that the entrenched interests are burrying the review process with negative comments.

    On a related note, Novartis is exploring an inovative model for the pricing of its new Heart Failure Drug. The pricing would be based on a low up front cost for access to the drug and than on an annual basis, NVS would received payments based on reductions in the rate of hospitalizations for heart failure. There are a whole lot of questions about implementing this type of a pricing model, but it does indicate a shifting emphasis to reducing the overall payer costs for providing care. GHDX fits this type of provider model. Perhaps some day, they may receive part of their payment based on unneccessary treatment avoided.


  • You posted this under your terry_insm id after weekend spamming by the usual ids mimicking longs and a brand new id mimicking me:

    "I assume jad9000 and kvncmcdd are embarrassed that I know something about trading and proved kvncmd and jad9 were simply lying as I took the time to explain the trade setup last week and what really was going on, these jerks then proceeded to delete many of my posts...., then on another board I post to was spammed with personal remarks , etc.... Choose wisely from here on in.
    I wasn't near this board this weekend but these gals were and are laughing at you... sunbathing, they are on the beach txting this board and yes, giggling ,as I heard you were diligently removing this trash all weekend.. soon it will be all week if you dont smarten up. Choose wisely aswholles. "

    That's the first time I've seen you admit your involved in the spamming. Are you threatening me that your gals will spam the INSM board all week from now on if I'm not nice to you? That supposed to bother me?

    Three days solid of homophobic rants isn't what I'd expect a young girl to do. A bitter old drunk permanently stuck in an appartment because he's morbidly obese sounds the more likely culprit.

  • A 16 year old who couldn't see she was reposting the ravings of a lunatic would probably NEED special schooling. If this guy really does have a niece doing that I reckon she sends him a card on Fathers Day :)

    So the only surfing he does is on the Web?

  • The Android's greatest humiliation has always been others knowing he spends his days at a keyboard.

    But his precious posts are all he has. Deletions are immediately reinstated, thumbs-down ratings (formerly red stars) countered with thumbs-up ratings (formerly green stars).

    Nobody was going to believe that the friends he's "made" (newagebios, backwardpalm, rosemariecorbin etc) would spend all day doing that for him. But in January 2010 he found someone to take over the drudgery, so that he could be this morning trader / afternoon surfer on Blacks Beach.

    Enter his niece Cathy -

    [ zip512003 vs an 11 year old( sensememory) ... It's my niece who I told that whenever she got a chance please put up a post about our star clown and I would give her 20 dollars.One post zip starred more than 90 NINETY times. ]

    And when people started wondering about her prolonged absence from school -

    [ and just think! there is Robert and Michael coloring stars and my niece WHO should be in school! but is fortunately a home schooler! ]

    Cathy must now be 16 or 17.

    An average of fifteen posts a day reinstated (assuming no pay rises along the way) would have earned her over half a million dollars by now.

    But she still spends all day reinstating her uncle's mind-numbingly stupid posts.

    January 5 2015 -

    [ Cathy txt me there were 9 msg deleted by kvncmcdd this morning. ]

    June 25 -

    [ Cathy reposts my spammed posts YTD INSM + 122% ]

    Friday -

    [ I have a kid reposting anything I put on this board. You must have a very sad Social Life. ]

    Two of Cathy the Kid's posts as Sensememory still survive -

    December 3 2009 -

    [ 5 stars Posts are SPAM by a few Pumping the stock ... isnt it obvious. ]

    January 21 2010 -

    [ Star posts are hype from same source... paid boiler room. ]

    One would have thought with all that private tuition that Cathy would at least be correcting her uncle's punctuation by now - if not pointing out to him the fundamental flaw in being both Long and Short at the same time.

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    Many BOD members get 10000 shares for free!

    by terry_amln Jun 15, 2015 5:35 PM

    Turns out Petenphil gave you a good tip there. Shame you didn't believe him - you missed a golden opportunity to make it look as though you understand what's going on.

    Just before the Close yesterday the Real-time screen showed 138,769 shares traded. It now shows 873,098 shares traded. That was mostly the result of funds tracking the Russell Microcap index selling shares they'd been holding (and likely some immediate reselling of the shares they sold) because INSM was delisted yesterday evening.

    Perhaps it's just as well. I dread to think what sort of price drop you'd have predicted had you known 700,000 shares were about to be dumped on the market.

  • Journal of Surgical Oncology Publishes Study Showing Oncotype DX Score(TM) Result Changes Treatment
    Physicians Ranked Oncotype DX DCIS Score Most Important Factor in Treatment Planning

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    Petenphil - because you outed the Android ...

    by arikaycerocks Jun 20, 2015 2:22 PM

    That post outed him to GHDX investors - but sadly not to himself.

    If you can find out where the Off button is there are people who will pay you for that information.

    B_leaguered posted on the INSM board -

    "And don't forget, the company itself listed ALS as one of the orphan diseases it might address in the future and this would undoubtedly revolve around iPlex, which is Nature's own regulator of cell growth and regeneration."

    The Android replied -

    "ALS was mentioned by Will Lewis as a possible indication - for Arikayce."

    A human ( especially a human investor) would ask if pulmonary bacterial infection in the ALS patient population offers a more attractive commercialisation opportunity than pulmonary bacterial infection in the wider patient population.

    The Android's linking of the ALS comment to the sole liposomal therapy thus far developed by Insmed lacked any intelligent thought process.

    One assumes Lewis was referring to the possibility of liposomal formulations of neurotrophic therapies such as Sanofi's Riluzole.

  • use the ignore for these 2 sickos.

  • Reply to

    Petenphil - because you outed the Android ...

    by arikaycerocks Jun 20, 2015 2:22 PM

    You dont think he outed himself when he posted this???

    "Congrats to the new 3% owner!

    Have a great weekend."

    He can't do simple mental arithmatic.
    He can't read a simple SEC filing --- "Bakers own 49.9999%"
    He doesn't even understand share options --- "Many BOD members get 10000 shares for free!"

    Anyone know where the Off switch is?

  • ... you're from the INSM board and we shouldn't read any more of your posts.

    Androids only MIMIC intelligence - by copying opinions. Not once in fifteen years has this one offered a reasoned response when challenged.

    And when it tries to be original .....

    Humans usually have a capacity for empathy - to be able to envisage how another human might feel.

    It doesn't.

    Neither has it the intelligence to reason that the FDA would not have approved Growth Hormone and Mecasermin without proof of a significant difference in quality of life.

    Which is why the Andoid came out with this yesterday -

    [ Excellent post (Case Manager) on why IPlex for short stature failed in the marketplace ... I am not a scientist but I can read. What I am in is the healthcare business. I can tell you iplex is not covered by Insurance companies. Most endocrinologists do not believe short stature is a "disease" or that treatment {especially expensive, barely effective} ones improves the quality of life for SS. ]

    Btw - the "case manager" it praised is itself - posting under the backwardpalm alias it also uses here on the GHDX board.

    An INSM Long simply responded with insurance company guidance -

    [ Aetna considers mecasermin (Increlex) and mecasermin rinfabate (Iplex)* medically necessary for the treatment of growth failure in children with severe primary insulin-like growth factor-1 deficiency (IGFD) who meet all of the following selection criteria.

    Basal insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) standard deviation score less than or equal to -3.0 for age and sex (see Appendix); and

    Height standard deviation score less than or equal to -3.0 for age and sex (see Appendix); and

    Normal or elevated growth hormone (GH) (defined as stimulated serum GH level (peak level) of greater than 10 nanograms per milliliter (ng/ml) or basal (unstimulated) serum GH level greater than 5 ng/ml).

    * Mecasermin rinfabate (Iplex) is currently not marketed because of a court order related to patent infringement. ]

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    Board sell this dog

    by Jun 19, 2015 11:18 AM

    50% , tsk tsk See todays volume ?

  • following me around - ignore and dont engage. TIA

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    Many BOD members get 10000 shares for free!

    by terry_amln Jun 15, 2015 5:35 PM

    Instead of spending the weekend spamming the INSM board with posts about poosies and gays Terry wouldn't it be better to focus on the current iShares micro-cap ETF selloff ahead of INSM being delisted from the Russell micro-cap index at the end of the month?

  • Felix and Julian can't let this dog with fleas underperform the biotech index. I say fired the management and sell this dog at a 50% premium rather sooner than later.

  • Reply to

    Many BOD members get 10000 shares for free!

    by terry_amln Jun 15, 2015 5:35 PM

    I'm afraid you got that round your neck Terry. Read the filings properly. If those directors dont think they've earned the shares they dont have to accept them. If they DO think they've earned them then how can they be free?

    "The option becomes exercisable in full on the first anniversary of the date of the grant or immediately prior to the Company's next annual meeting of stockholders, if earlier. In addition, the options become fully vested in the event of a change in control of the Company."

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