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    Guidance unchanged

    by flatlander_60048 May 6, 2015 10:06 AM

    In my experience most take overs occur at the point where it becomes immediately apparent that the acquisition will be accretive to the bottom line. I've only been in GHDX for about a year. During that time they have given guidance of slow revenue growth and losses while they ramp the sales force for prostate and establish a foothold in Europe.

    I actually see the recent downdraft as a positive. Many of my most profitable investments have been slammed down as major holders try to trip stop loss sales to free up shares. Either way the next quarter or two should indicate if things break the way GHDX has guided.


  • Between this piece of #$%$ and VRNG I am down 50K plus. I should have listened to Zip back three years ago.

    Good Luck

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    Guidance unchanged

    by flatlander_60048 May 6, 2015 10:06 AM

    It may look backwards to you since you are forward looking from here. Because the guidance of 2 years ago failed to produce the expected revenues that should of already started., an investor can be skeptical. I am a long, and I think the price appreciation for shareholders will not come from revenues but from a takeover. One by one the Bakers build these bios up setup the structure and move em out. All the pieces are in place Good Luck

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    Guidance unchanged

    by flatlander_60048 May 6, 2015 10:06 AM

    Again this is backward looking. What I'm interested in is whether the forward guidance is correct. I know that they are significantly increasing costs to market in Europe and detail the new prostate test in the US. This is occuring at a time when revenues are growing at low single digit rates. Hence the loss. GHDX is guiding to an inflection point mid year where growth will increase well into the double digits (20% or so). Can you offer a reason why this guidance should not be beleived?


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    Guidance unchanged

    by flatlander_60048 May 6, 2015 10:06 AM

    Currency backwinds, single digit growth. hmmm soon a PR for cheap options for performance!

  • Still indicating double digit Rev growth in 2nd half 2015 and a return to profitability for full yr 2015. Obviously this is based on receipt of CPT reimbursement code for prostate test during the 2nd qtr. They did indicate that they reserve the right to update guidance midyear. You can expect that they will do so if the reimbursement code is not received.

    So far I have not seen any reason to doubt the GHDX guidance. Anybody else?

    Looks like an attractive opportunity to add shares.


  • Long position from long ago but today is so silly , I just had to , not much (700 under 26 ) ...but I just had to.
    I wonder who sold 1300 shares that lowered the stock by $ 1.33 ;- ) Good luck

  • Invitae adopted a different approach that not only allows consumers to simply send a sample and get results, but also mandates the test to pass through a medical expert. InVitae Corp (NYSE:NVTA)’s popularity is growing day by day. It conducted 200 billable tests in 1Q2014, and orders surged to 1,100 in 3Q and 1,800 in 4Q2014. Invitae also fetched success with health-care providers. It got approval as a Medicare provider and now is in the process of signing contracts with SelectHealth and Blue Shield.

  • They held about 30% of that company. If you read or listened to the call yesterday ....InVitae
    - )

  • I was wondering if Kim just got lost counting her pile of options. Double it when GHDX gets sold.
    Kim Popovits, Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer & President, will present at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2015 Healthcare Conference in Las Vegas on Tuesday, May 12 at 3:40 p.m. Pacific Time (PT).

  • "Use of Test Significantly Impacts Treatment Recommendations for One in Four Men and Improves Confidence in 85 Percent of Physicians"

    Prostate reimbursement progress should be a huge catalyst for this stock this year....and once reimbursement similar to Breast coverage is achieved, liquid biopsy will be that much closer to market. Pipeline.

  • You might also like to note that the two "YTD +21%" posts I mentioned below are also proof that the individual you've been defending has been bragging for the last ten years about profits from trades he never made.

    My posting history includes a post last August listing the history of that imaginary trade - which starts with two posts explaining why he'd decided not to make it :-)

    Only a "trader" who has never shorted a stock in his life would claim (as he did recently) to be "benefiting from both sides of the trade" by simultaneously holding Long and Short positions.

    A trader with a Long position who anticipates a drop in the share price wouldn't borrow shares in order to sell short before he'd first sold the shares he already owned.

    A trader with a Short position who anticipates a rise in the share price wouldn't buy shares and just hold on to them. Any rise in the value of those shares would only benefit the lender of the shares used to establish the Short position. And until those shares are returned they'd be accruing fees.

    People who lie about their achievements are compensating for something missing in their lives.

  • Supporting Wider Adoption and Reimbursement = Co PR this am

  • The ignore is a beautiful thing - arikaycerocks terryamln( not my id) petenphil cvarg44 believe2200

  • I have. In the posting history for the AMLN alias he uses here you'll find this post from February 21 2013 -

    "eye giggle on ignore as the clowns get embarrassed....these clowns like to follow me around ...
    YTD +21% short since $7.81"

    The thread containing that post opens with a post under his main INSM alias boasting -

    "short since $7.81 YTD 21%".

    He's a modern day village idiot who can't keep his hands off his metaphysical weenie.

    A search for the word "blush" on the INSM board (change "3 months" to "All") unearths the use of "I blush" by the main INSM alias he currently uses - and the main (all boards) alias he was using back in 2002 - and a third alias he used on May 16 2006 (when replying to his docmomamln alias).

    A search for "wine cellar" unearths, also posted under that third "blushing" alias -

    "Im also *****m87/amln*****.. ), also a 50 center(actually my 19k@0.38) hasnt allowed me your wine cellar,but I remain happily retires in San Diego."

    A search for "the ignore is a beautiful thing" - an expression he used two weeks ago on this board - removes all reasonable doubt.

    And yes - the posting history for the AMLN alias he uses here frequently mentions his hot flushes ...

    March 7 2012 -

    "hit my orders while I played in the surf and sand! - ) ... I blush, and here's my truck ..."

    Words such as "optomistic", "scenerio", "expediated" and "stratagy" betray his use of well over a hundred aliases -

    "The stratagy works because it is after the fear,the shorts and the ride on the biotech rollercoaster.(NDA,FDA etc)
    Analysts ability to "move" a stock will be overtaken by what will be the marketplace in 2 years.(look at post 70's bear market for historical perspective) A marketplace of valuations and earnings.
    GNTA IMHO will have them....soooooooooo But it tuck it away dont'LOOK !come back in 2 years
    Good Luck to all Longs"

    Sadly his GNTA ride only took him to GNTAQ.

    When luck figures in a biotech investment strategy there is usually only one outcome.

  • You'd better have a stronger link to that forgery and the spamming of the INSM board than two people using the name Terry.

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    Just deny you're involvement Terry

    by petenphil Apr 27, 2015 12:18 PM

    Now there's a surprise. He refuses to answer either question.

    If you were in his position - responsible for the spamming of this board by people who mistakenly believed you'd been spamming the INSM board - wouldn't you as a common courtesy to your fellow GHDX shareholders state categorically that you were blameless?

    And what possible reason could he have had for ignoring your April 16 request to elaborate upon his claimed 49.9999% Baker Brothers ownership?

    At least you have his posting history, which includes

    1. April 6 2015 -

    "OT Clown alert! arikrocks ( jad9000 etc) from the INSM bd - stupid - Bkers @ 49.9999 % ... This poster following me around appears to be a kid, but its been years that I have made a ton shorting INSM ( long now) and she has lost big time on Insmed. Again she has no knowledge of the subject. Bakers own 49.9999 % is a FACT - this clown is posting only the BB holdings Ltd. and does not include the Baker on the BOD or the Baker in charge of R&D ( insider holdings) with posts like this you can see why is a joke over on the Insmed board"

    2. May 16 2014 -

    "OK out 2500 x 0.51= $$$ Lunch money.I know I know these kids dont have a clue but from the looks of my whited out bd and thumbs- their Life is complete! ... the XXXX trade worked better Have more fun kids...Surfs up"

    3. June 27 2013 -

    "Warning = little girls at play ... I see you clowns are on the Genomic board as well. There is a reason you clowns have lost so much investing,first of all, your kids. ignore on High"

    4. June 7 2013 -

    "Cathy says you are truly amazing ! There is no doubt you are a foolish biotech investor as well as a total neurotic."

    5. March 5 2012 -

    "hit my orders while I played in the surf and sand! - )"

    Therefore you DO know -

    1. he was an INSM investor.

    2. he hates the INSM Longs with a vengeance.

    3. he doesn't understand Beneficial Ownership disclosure.

    4. he doesn't understand punctuation.

    5. he doesn't understand that grown-ups don't "play" on beaches.

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    Back to the 20s again

    by terryamln Apr 27, 2015 3:53 PM

    Looks like my girls have been by to visit...I tried to tell ya!! For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Stop drinking on the weekends and all will be fine.

    Good Luck

  • I just want my 35 buys back

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