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    Welcome CSI

    by flatlander_60048 Apr 10, 2015 3:04 PM

    Don't sweat the ISRG comment. We are a long way from that occuring yet. First step is securing the reimbursement codes. Then look for traction with the payers. GHDX projects that sales will quadruple by 2020. The market potential is definately there. The NICE approval of the Onco DX Breast test shows that even very cost concious governments will embrace the technique since it provides cost savings to the system. The prostate test has the potential to bring even greater cost savings, since the disease is way overtreated. I beleive that cost savings is big driver. Europe seems to be ahead of the US in realizing the need to come to grips with cost. The US is moving that direction. The retirement of the baby boomers will drive this change.

    Enjoy Cabo. Partying with Sammy, huh. How did it bounce back from the Huricane?


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    Welcome CSI

    by flatlander_60048 Apr 10, 2015 3:04 PM

    Flatlander thanks for the welcome greeting and insightful comment. I'm currently finishing up a trip in Cabo only was posting and doing some trades while under the shade and slight time difference from home. I'll post more of what I have in mind and why I find ghdx intriguing when I get home or on the plane later today.

    What I meant with isrg is they held a niche and was under the radar constantly but slowly and consistently growing in value. Ghdx is that in its own field and will continue to get more followers as it grows. For now I'll ride baker coat tails and share more of what I find/know in a short while. Good luck as well

  • Things are pretty slow on this board. You will quickly figure out the posters that provide meaningful content and those that should be ignored.

    GHDX is under the radar of most institutional and individual investors. They are generally busy chasing the latest craze HEP C or Car T immuno-theropy. However, there is definately a place for companies that foster better decision making. Look at what Roche's recent offer did for FMI. There are quite a few upstart genetic testing firms, however GHDX is differentiated by the fact that their tests are targeted to provide actionable information (which treatments if any are called for). it appears that this is fast becoming the litmus test needed to secure Medicaid-Medicare reimbursement codes (based on my review of Palmetto website coding reviews/approvals).

    You mention Intuitive Surgical. I beleive that they could be adversely affected if genetic testing such as GHDX's Onco DX prostate test become widespread. A sizeable part of their De Vinci market is directed at prostate cancer surgery. More widespread use of watchful waiting represents a huge potential impediment to the sale of new units to hospitals. Like any expensive piece of equipment, the secret is sufficient patient volume to recoup costs. Any reduction in prostate surgery is a threat to the bottom line. I'd consider ISGR a short if GHDX receives reimbursement code approval.

    Good Luck


  • this looks like a promising approach in the biotech field. Customized Cancer therapies based on genetics. My friend's wife is going through something similar with breast cancer and it really helped understand how to best help her and she's on the road to recovery.

    I see this as the next ISRG but for cancer, novel approach not novel drug, but nonetheless great in helping people in a difficult life situation. At this level, it has much room to grow.

  • Thanks Terry.

    1. I can only find the regular Form 4 filing, for 13,865,310 shares as of April 1. Where are the other holdings listed?

    2. What's the story with FBB? As the Bakers are the sole partners why do they have no control over the way these 173,897 shares are voted?

    {Felix J. Baker and Julian C. Baker may be deemed to have an indirect pecuniary interest in 173,897 shares of Common Stock of Genomic Health, Inc. (the "Issuer") directly held by FBB Associates.

    Julian C. Baker and Felix J. Baker are the sole partners of FBB Associates.

    Julian C. Baker and Felix J. Baker disclaim beneficial ownership of the securities held directly by FBB Associates except to the extent of their pecuniary interest therein, and this report shall not be deemed an admission that either Julian C. Baker or Felix J. Baker is a beneficial owner of such securities for purposes of Section 16 or any other purpose.}

  • " the Board of Directors of Genomic Health, Inc. (the “Company”), adopted the Genomic Health, Inc. Severance Plan for Executive Management (the “Plan”). Under the Plan, each of the Company’s executive officers, as well as other senior level employees with titles of Vice President and above, are participants in the Plan and entitled to receive certain benefits under “double trigger” conditions in the event of certain terminations of employment in connection with a change of control of the Company.

  • imitation is the best flattery , even if its from a clown who hasnt a clue.. Last post to these clowns.

  • This is correct. Call the company, I did and they agreed. Simple like that.

    Good Luck

  • This poster following me around appears to be a kid, but its been years that I have made a ton shorting INSM ( long now) and she has lost big time on Insmed.
    Again she has no knowledge of the subject. Bakers own 49.9999 % is a FACT
    - this clown is posting only the BB holdings Ltd. and does not include the Baker on the BOD or the Baker in charge of R&D ( insider holdings)
    with posts like this you can see why is a joke over on the Insmed board
    "The expectation that the share price will go from the current level to $600 next year is entirely realistic." jad9000 " 2014

  • The 10-K discloses 31,911,901 shares outstanding on December 31, of which the Nasdaq site recorded a Baker Brothers' holding of 13,656,318 shares.

    On January 1 Felix and Julian each received quarterly remuneration of 312 shares. On April 1 they each received 328 shares.

    Warning: If you've never worked out how to use a calculator, and you can't see what's wrong with holding long and short positions in a stock at the same time, you won't understand this next bit.

    The shares issued in remuneration become the property of the investors whose capital is invested in GHDX by the funds represented on the Genomic board by Felix and Julian.

    However as sole directors of the funds, Felix and Julian not only have a pecuniary interest in shares held by the funds but also the voting rights.

    The April filing discloses a pecuniary interest in 13,865,310 shares.

    The Baker Brothers' current beneficial ownership therefore can't be more than 43.42% unless there are fewer shares outstanding now than there were on December 31.

    p.s. A certain intellectually challenged fantasy trader, with multiple accounts created in order to "make" friends and admirers, will bombard Yahoo with complaints until this reality wormhole disappears from his fantasy world.

  • As I wrote once before, GHDX is the BB largest holding based on the percentage of voting shares they control. It is as strong a vote of confidence they can make without taking the firm private or making GHDX a subsidiary.


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