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  • Here's a reality check for you. Nobody who trades for real maintains a long position and a short position in any one stock at the same time.

    There are ways of hedging a position, but essentially if a trader believes the price will go up he goes long, and if he believes the price will go down he goes short.

    If he thinks the price will go down, there's no point in paying fees to borrow shares to sell short unless he has first sold any shares he already owned.

    I shudder to think how low your IQ must be that you've never been able to grasp such a simple concept. No wonder real traders have always dismissed you as a joke when you show yourself up as you did earlier today -

    "Today I added 4500 more to a long position 19 continue to build as my short is up 14% , Havnt covered.
    You can see the clownresponses and immature comments. For traders , I am benefitting from both sides of the trade ..."

    This reminds me of that ridiculous story about you not having to replace the posts other investors ask Yahoo to remove, because your niece does that for her amusement. Your precious fantasy life doesn't permit the slightest loss of face, does it?

  • Onco DX breast received several Palmetto CPT reimbursement codes at the end of December ((cut and Paste link below). Anyone know whether this appreciable impacts the ability secure medicare reimbursement? Or are most of the tests conducted under one of the remaining "proposed categories" that are still seeking reimbursement approval?


  • I don't think any of those releases would surprise any of us following GHDX. Wider application of the test is assured. What I can't find out yet is what the reimbursement rate in the UK or Germany. I'm sure that the EU and UK will negotiate hard to maximize the cost savings that the Onco DX will bring to their health care systems. GHDX will need to weigh the pricing against any demands/constraints that additional EU test volume will place on their lab facilities.


  • Multiple Data Presentations Demonstrate Positive Direct Patient Impact of Oncotype DX(R) Breast Cancer Test Globally

    11 Presentations at St. Gallen International Breast Cancer Conference Support Genomic Health's Growing Business in Western Europe
    German Association of Gynecological Oncology Guidelines Expand Recommendation for Oncotype DX to Include Node-Positive Disease and Late Recurrence; Reconfirm Oncotype DX as the Only Gene Expression Test Available to Predict Chemotherapy Benefit
    That study demonstrated that use of the Oncotype DX® test in early-stage breast cancer led to a 58 percent net reduction in chemotherapy use, resulting in net cost savings of nearly #$%$800,000, or approximately #$%$1,200 in cost savings per patient.

    These positive findings follow several important international milestones, including the National Health Service (NHS) access program enabling public hospitals in England to provide the Oncotype DX test, the test's reimbursement for early-stage breast cancer patients by the mandatory health insurance system in Switzerland, and the recent expansion of the German Association of Gynecological Oncology's (AGO's) treatment guidelines to now include Oncotype DX for node-positive disease and late recurrence. Furthermore, the AGO guidelines reconfirmed Oncotype DX as the only gene expression test that provides predictive information on the likelihood of chemotherapy benefit for patients with early-stage, hormone-receptor positive invasive breast cancer.

    "The positive momentum we are experiencing in our European business reflects Genomic Health's leadership in spearheading the successful globalization of a value-based laboratory service in countries where significant market a

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    Terry, are you a professional trader?

    by arikaycerocks Mar 6, 2015 3:32 PM

    I just wish I would have listened to Zip on the INSM message board when he told me to buy at $4. now it is $22. My shorts cost me greatly there.

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    Terry, are you a professional trader?

    by arikaycerocks Mar 6, 2015 3:32 PM

    OK, we can take a hint. You don't want to reveal the secrets of your success.

    But what advantage could you possibly have gained a couple of years back from boasting on at least twenty separate occasions about your profit from a short trade you claimed to have made at the $7.81 tipping point you'd identified the previous November - when you'd clearly explained in December why you decided NOT to take the trade?

    Nov 29 ... tipping point $7.81 ............

    Dec 13 ... Calling the short @ $7.81 .... the target ($6.12) and the results- so why didnt I take the trade understanding full well the position? ..... My portfolio is cash rich. When we get to 6.12 - the signal will be so strong I may take the trade.

    Dec 14 ... No, I didnt take the short trade from $7.81 because of the news story that will effect all markets. The fiscal cliff is just 2 weeks away.imo an agreement will power the market on a rally. I like many investors sit on the sidelines durning the Holiday season, safe and cash rich - in case.

    Jan 22 ... Happy to be short since 7.81

    Jan 24 ... still short INSM since $7.81 ,the downtrend continues

    Jan 25 ... still short INSM since $7.81,the downtrend continues

    Jan 30 ... YTD +20% (see the short since 7.81)

    Jan 31 ... but technically we are tipping (short since 7.81)

    Feb 3 ... but technically we are tipping..... (short since 7.81)

    Feb 4 ... for me its been running since $ 7.81

    Feb 4 ... PS- short since $7.81 and profitting.

    Feb 6 ... YTD +27% short since $7.81

    Feb 8 ... (or me short from $7.81)

    Feb 11 ... From $7.81 ....

    Feb 12 ... YD - short since 7.81

    Feb 14 ... YTD - +22% short since $7.81

    Feb 18 ... short since $7.81

    Feb 21 ... short since $7.81 YTD 21%

    Feb 21 ... YTD +21% short since $7.81

    Feb 22 ... YTD + 21% short since $7.81

    Feb 26 ... YTD +25% short since $7.81

    Feb 28 ... Short since $7.81....YTD+24%

    Mar 4 ... YTD - Up 23% short since $7.81

  • Something you said yesterday intrigued me -

    "Cathy said she had to repost my morning post 7 times".

    I believe Cathy is your niece. But even so, assuming she's a normal young adult there must be any number of activities of far more interest to her than to be constantly monitoring the various boards on which you post.

    What makes it worthwhile for you to pay somebody to guarantee the immediate reinstatement of your posts?

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    amlnterry = a clown from the INSM bd

    by terry_amln Feb 28, 2015 12:35 AM

    You made this prediction five months ago -

    "Insmeed is entering a period I like to call biotech purgatory, where you don't burn up , but you will feel the heat. OR suppose Europe says , we want to wait for the NTM results in 2017. ( this is my last warning! LOL ) 9 WILL be a reality and Wedbush who has been the most correct will be fully vindicated.
    Bash away kids.........................Amused !"

    That day INSM closed at $12.81 - but only dropped another 15 cents before starting the run which yesterday took it above $19.

    How's that "reality" of $9 been working out for you?

    Perhaps it's time you realized that objective analysis is a more profitable investment strategy than making calls based on emotion.


  • I listened to the FMI CC from Feb 24 to get some color on the Roche buy in. Several interesting points were apparent.

    1) FMI is also currently suffering with a large percentage of non-reimbursed tests. However, their Pharma genomic target testing balances the non-reimbursed work since it is 100% reimbursed.

    2) Physician to Physician portals are critical to expanding the use of the specific genomic tests. Physicians are looking for anecdotal information of how patients with similar genomic profiles responded to various treatments. this is in some way masked to comply with HIPA (i.e., no patient names or identifiers).

    3) FMI is also racing to develop/perfect liquid biopsy so there may be some head to head competition with GHDX. Although I think FMI is generally focused on broader spectrum characterization wheras GHDX has focused on specific tests to identify a subset othat might benefit from a specific treatment.

    4) Palmetto appears to be on the brink of expanding reimbursement for comprehensive Genomic profiling (CGP). See Quote Below.


    MolecularHealth will likely benefit from expanded payor coverage of CGPs, since last year the firm began offering testing on TreatmentMAP – an NGS-based diagnostic that gauges 500 cancer-linked genes and can help guide treatment strategies. Similarly, Foundation Medicine, which markets an NGS test called FoundationOne that analyzes around 200 cancer-linked genes, lauded the draft LCD.
    "We believe this first step [by Palmetto's MolDx] is an important one towards broader coverage of expanded indications as evidence continues to evolve," the company said in a statement. "Although the insurance coverage process in the US for new molecular diagnostic approaches is not straightforward or easy, we are very excited about this important development in setting the stage for increased access to CGPs and supporting our efforts to obtain broad reimbursement for FoundationOne."

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    amlnterry = a clown from the INSM bd

    by terry_amln Feb 28, 2015 12:35 AM

    History is the only judge whose opinion matters to investors.

    March 1 2012 -

    GHDX: $29.61
    INSM: $4.20

    March 1 2015 -

    GHDX: $30.40
    INSM: $18.54

    So over the last three years ...

    - you have watched your investment grow by 2.67%.

    - he has watched his investment grow by 340%.

    And you think HE is a clown?

  • A stock that I own but have been on the profitable short side for years.Its spam ignore him -

  • Thanks Hobo

    I felt like the post had too much of an agenda to warrant a response.

    The market cap is pretty minuscule so I have no problem seeing tremendous growth if they can secure Medicare reimbursement for prostate. How do you rate the competition in this area? MYGN's prolaris is the only similar test on the market that I'm aware of. They also project a huge ramp in sales the next couple years. I think there is room for both. I think Onco DX has partnered with the right organizations Clev Clinic and has produced validation studies that make me believe they are on the right path. The test appears to be sequenced in a way that can make it very actionable.

    The conference calls always stress that the Onco DX prostate test is not subject to the biopsy heterogeneity issues that other tests suffer from. Does anyone out there have any insights whether this is a jab at a deficiency of prolaris???



  • Currently, almost all of GHI's 300MM revenue is from breast. They expect reimbursement for prostate to start this year. Prostate is a bigger market than breast, but has contributed nothing yet to revs. Kim's $1 Billion 5 year rev target is easy to reach with prostate reimbursement. GHI is one of Baker's top holdings. There is no way they get out now. If you see Baker selling...panic. But I bet you see $1 Billion in revs before that happens. Yes, this stock has been dead money for several years. When the revs start ramping up they should quickly make up for lost time. Disclosure: still Long from pre-IPO and holding strong.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • If you want to make just got to follow.....SMILE!

    Good Luck

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    Is Fidelity getting out of Genomic?

    by arikaycerocks Feb 22, 2015 12:36 PM

    They are getting out as fast as they can. This was higher 18 months ago... DEAD MONEY

  • Twelve months ago FMR owned about 2.77 million shares of GHDX.

    During Q2 they sold about 830,000, a further 530,000 during Q3, and a further 330,000 in Q4.

    So over the last three quarters they've reduced their investment in GHDX by more than 60%.

    Anybody heard anything?

  • of not much interest with Genomic Health as the shares are almost completely controlled.The Baker sold not a share. Good Luck

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    Earnings Call

    by oncotypedx Feb 11, 2015 9:52 AM

    who said anything about competing? Overlap Yes. Your 1 stop shopping for genomic testing.Do you see GHDX being bought by someone bigger? sales have been weak and not what most thought would be uptake.Its been slow.

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