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    CouLd not close near the highs

    by rami36 Oct 17, 2014 2:06 PM

    Hey rami, those "huge losses" are decreasing every day UNLESS you bought fro under 1.50, in which case those nice gains are growing every day. I hope you have already cashed in on your short position. If not, it is YOU who are feeling the pain.

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    Lake what solar stocks you buying?

    by rogere1946 Oct 17, 2014 11:11 AM

    I own FSLR,SPWR,SCTY,CSIQ and a related company TSLA.
    Solar is huge now and is growing every day.

  • Roger to call someone an evolutionist is ignorant. You don't call people who believe the Earth is round "round earthiest ,do you"?
    "The Bible says also that all sin and no one can save themselves by being good "Save themselves from what?Roger ,just live this life and don't worry about another life because it doesn't exist.
    Evolution has been proven over and over again.
    Of course, you believe man came from dust and woman came from a mans rib. That makes me laugh just to write it.
    I am glad to hear you believe in the Bible but don't live by it as only a fool would.
    The rest of you post will get the answer it deserves.________________________________________.
    I will say this. I hate ignorance and stupidity .That's why I am a strong the other party caters to the dumbest 25% of America, Good examples of the GOP is the birthers, racist, keeping people from voting, being against welfare to help people but loving corp. welfare. When I call them the #$%$/GOP/teabaggers I believe this description to be true.

  • They riot causing property damage and injuries .
    Could it be the high rate of drug addiction and alcoholism in NH causing the problem?
    They do have a epidemic of heroin use.

  • Semp,you are correct about one thing.RR could change his mind,He was an FDR DEM then became a Berry Goldwater nut job.
    You know why he changed parties?He believed because he served in WW!! he wouldn't need to pay his income tax.RR is one of the dumbest men to become president only when GWB come along did we get the king of stupid.

  • Please nominate bobby or Cruz or Sarah or Paul. Any wingnut tea bagger will do. Your comments are racist. Let's remember Obama did graduate from a university and has a law degree. If you still believe he was born in Kenya there is no hope for your hate and ignorance. You know hate and racism is a cancer of the soul. You have cancer

  • Lake reread your own post and see if it looks like it was posted by a man My idea of how humans should treat each other is much better than anything written years ago. You are a hypocrite without belonging to anything as you say how much you want to treat your fellow man so well but spew hate and lies out when you post.

    You say all you "run" into who say they believe in the bible are liars? Based on what? You can believe in something and not live by it. You are a perfect example of that. You talk about how much care about humanity then you blast on any and all who dare to disagree with you. You love to misapply verses from the bible a book you do not believe in then try to force your idea of what the verse means on others.

    Even the bible says "even the demons believe" so believing in God and obeying is not the same thing at all.
    The bible says also that all sin and no one can save themselves by being "good".

    Again Lake you are an archer with an empty quiver. You post the same old lies and hate nothing ever new out of you anymore your mind is closed and trust me from your post you show only humanity and good will to those who agree with you and damnation to all who do not. You have no mercy, compassion or grace for them from your own post you condemn yourself to one who does NOT talk or post like one who believes humans should treat each with any of those traits. Why would an evolutionist such as you preach anything but survival of fittest to advance the human race? You believe on way and claim to want to extends treating those who are weak or lame kindly? Some evolutionist you are lol.

  • ROFL! Rog... you're too much.

    Even the community organizer (CO) recognized that he was a "blank slate" on which everyone was writing their own hopes and dreams. He lacked experience. He had no agenda. He knew it. He SAID as much. Those of you who voted for him apparently didn't listen.

    Unlike the CO, RR brought experience to the job. He'd been president of a union (the screen actors guild). And he'd been governor of one of the largest states in the country.

    Perhaps that's why he was able to do deals with a Dem congress? Perhaps that is why, though he might have seen "commies" under every rock, he was able to sit down with Gorby and do a deal? By comparison the CO, is well... just a CO. And a third-rate one at that.

    Was RR perfect? Absolutely not. But he possessed an ability that many people, including the t-folks AND the CO, lack... the ability to change his mind and reverse course when it is prudent to do so.
    As was the case in Lebanon. And as it was with taxes.

    It's unfortunate, for everyone, that the CO has been unable to master the art of OJT. Nixon figured it out. So did Clinton.

    No question... the CO is an intelligent man. The problem is that he is not very smart. RR might not have possessed as much raw intelligence as the CO. But RR possessed a skill set that CO lacks: political savvy.

    If you haven't figured it out yet, the CO is nothing more than a figurehead. He's a product of the left-wing of the Dem party. But he was never their standard-bearer. And he had no real policy agenda of his own. So he's floundered.

    Should we be surprised?

  • Roger let's cut to the chase. I live my life based on my concept of human dignity and how people should treat each other.My idea of how humans should treat each other is much better than anything written years ago and voted on by the church.
    I don't need a crutch, like a make believe God,to get me through this life.I don't fear death the least little bit.
    Everyone I have ever run into who says the believe in the Bible have been a liars.They are hypocrites of the worst kind.You live your life based on a lie.You don't live by or ever try to live by the so called word of God.
    You can convince me I am wrong when you give all you have to the poor,and sacrifice your first born son for starters.

  • Hi Dak,

    I wasn't commenting on the national avg retail price of electricity. I was saying only that (a) **I** currently pay just over 10 cent kwh (generation charge only) for wind and (b) the only significant offshore wind proposed here in the Northeast is being contracted at a subsidized rate of 20 cents / kwh. That is... rates are GOING to increase if off shore wind becomes a big part of the power mix, as may be under consideration in NY.

    Re: your other message...

    Last I knew, power cos do NOT get excess HO generated solar for "free". The cos are often REQUIRED to purchase the excess power at so-called "feed-in tariff" rates set by the sates - rates which sometimes exceed market rates.

    You opine that the non-solar producer should not have to pay more. That is true only **IF** solar users continue to pay a proportionate share of the cost of the grid. If solar users disconnect from the grid, or if, as an incentive to install solar, govt permits them to remain connected to the grid for "backup" without paying a proportionate share of grid maint, then non-solar folks will HAVE to pay more for their electricity.

    This is true because the fixed costs do NOT decrease as a percentage of homes install solar; those costs are paid by fewer customers who must, as a result, pay more. But you're no doubt aware of this.

    Our HOA has not yet had the solar cell conversation. My opinion is that owners (such as me) who want 100% renewable power can already achieve this via CT's energy deregulation; therefore, access to renewable is not a definitive argument for permitting solar installation.

    The other issue is homeowner effort to reduce the cost of their power bill. Were it not for price distorting subsidies, this would not be a significant argument. Again, under dereg, there are options that permit electricity cost reductions by up to 20%.

    But it's an either / or.

    Renewable. Or cheap power.

    There is NO cheap renewable. That is a subsidy induced illusion

  • Grump Wow we agree let me go outside and check if the sky is falling.

    Good news looks like it is normal. RR was like Obama in over his head in many subjects the trickle down eco being the worst which its main man ended up calling it voodoo eco. Today it is renamed as low taxes and cut everything else voodoo.

    RR did outspend the USSR in defense and bankrupted them but at a real bullet war all he ever won was Grenada. He was seeing a commie behind ever bush in S. America and didn't mind destroying the US Const. to fight it. He had loyal men around him who either took the sword for their man or their man didn't have a clue what they were doing. A coke head like Charlie Wilson was even able to conduct a war without RR knowing about the how of it. He put the mighty MO back in service at a huge cost then decommissioned it at a huge cost. He went into Leb. and got over 260 people killed (compare that to Benghazi) and then turned tail and ran.

    every time he held a press conference the day there would be one to "correct misstatements" he had made and been caught at. He was a successful actor who could smile and look in the camera and give a speech someone else wrote.
    He did not have even the experience of a community organizer nor did GH or GW Bush so all had no understanding of how the 47% of American's lived.
    RR would of NEVER shut down the Gov or even thought of a default on debt so the tea party would not vote for him on that we do agree.

  • Reply to

    CouLd not close near the highs

    by rami36 Oct 17, 2014 2:06 PM

    rami do you even own any FRO??

  • Ultimate Stock Alerts (google em) just sent me an alert a few days ago and now its up almost 20%. Doh! I shoulda listened

  • Perhaps we should float a Constitutional Amendment for "Separation of Business and State"...

  • You are correct in some ways that tax breaks are mostly for those who are better off. That is a good general statement. You get better tax breaks owning your own business and being self employed than wage earners get. It is a rigged game, and business dictates the rules. Remember the golden rule? "He who has the money makes the rules." There may be a few homeowners who want solar but don't want to give up shady yards, but this is very very few. When panels are installed on your roof, your cooling bill lowers, because your roof is now shaded by the panels. There are several home owners' associations that prohibit panels on roofs facing the street, so if your roof is facing south toward the street, you are screwed, but again, that is an association rule, which might require changing within the HOA. We have a few of them here that prohibit panels on roofs that face the street, and if the street is the best direction for solar, you are screwed. That isn't the fault of solar power. In the net metering example, there is no reason that the non solar producer should have to pay more except for the fact that their for profit utility company wants to continue making more money so the company screws them. The utility co. is getting free juice from the solar producer if the producer produces anything more than what they consume. However, because they are entitled to profit, they cry to PUC's that are supposed to be consumer advocate and not shareholder advocate, but they rule in favor of shareholders. Soon, hopefully most of these utilities will either become co-ops or go broke, and the sooner it happens the better off the consumer will be.

  • Semper,
    I don't think you understood the point I was making. Mr. Shores clearly stated that US retail prices for electricity were at 10.08 cents per kwh. What I was saying was that those figures are false, as you can go to the US government EIA site and get the average retail rate and it is stated that it is over 13% average for the entire US as of July 2014. That is a 30% increase over Mr. Shores stated comment. That is all I was saying. I don't care about Production Tax Credit, as I wasn't addressing it, but rather addressing the erroneous statement that US retail prices for electricity were 10.08 cents. Certainly, there are some places, especially in NW which is hyrdro that a figure is near that but overall US retail average was over 13 cents per kwh for the entire US.

  • Mr. Shores,
    I am glad it was just "your take." Ronald Reagan claimed to be a conservative, and today is worshiped by the far right of the republican party, so you might tell them about his liberal line, as you won't even get libertarians to make that claim. Good try though. Ronald Reagan was much like Richard Nixon....a person who talked out of both sides of his mouth. He baited democrats as being weak and cowardly, and yet it was HE who quickly pulled the US military presence out of Lebanon shortly after the marine barracks were bombed there. At the same time, his lemmings would have crucified Obama for doing the that act. It was Reagan who claimed we "don't negotiate with hostages", and yet he traded arms for hostages solely for political reasons. This is typical of the far right. They are all for law and order on everyone else but themselves and are quickest to hire defense attorneys when they are caught doing something wrong. Nixon was similar. Like Reagan, he was the same type that would screw anyone willing to talk to a communist, until he himself did it. Just like Nixon opening up to China. When democrats suggested it a couple of years before it happened, Nixon relegated them to the communist hit list just like Reagan did when he turned in actors and writers to the McCarthy purge machine. The democratic party really was never like Reagan, as democrats thought it fine to subsidize the common man with taxpayers' monies and to try and elevate the working man, where Reagan believed government's purpose was to subsidize the profits of private corporations. This is similar to what the right wing wants to do today. It is similar to libertarians in that they want to lower taxes to the point that no government programs can be financially stable and they can thereby dismantle government altogether. Kinda funny...but sad.

  • This whole thread reminds me of Bush saying "heck of a good job Brownie" while they were letting people die in N.O.
    Remember the moron Bush couldn't find oil in Texas.He went AOL while in the Air National Guard,was a drunken drug addict until he was 45 and lied the country into a war in Iraq where he committed genocide.
    I hope we are luck enough to again get a smart President,like President Obama.
    I think Mrs. Clinton,our next president will fill the bill.
    P.S. In the movie Bedtime for Bozo, Bozo was not the monkey.

  • "Mr. Obama is looking for more funds to battle ebola. A noble and worthwhile cause.
    But he already had the money but chose to squander it."

    Indeed. Once the ebola "crisis", whether real or invented, is resolved, some house-cleaning at CDC is in order.

    "Reagan was truly a liberal republican. I know you don't have a box to slip that into, I hope the realization doesn't cause your head to explode."

    One can only imagine what Ronnie would think of the t-people, or they, him, if he were running today. He would probably say something akin to, "I didn't leave the Republican Party. The party left me".

  • Hi Mr. Dakine,

    Boy, you are bringing up ancient history here. When I was a kid, we all loved the Bonzo movies. When someone saw one come on on his black and white small screen TV, he would knock on doors to let us know it was on and we would all pile into his living room. They were great fun and we all loved to think that monkeys can actually act.--------lagofac--------

    Anyway, let me see if I understand your point. Do you propose that Mr. Obama is okay spending money that was supposed to be spent protecting the American people from diseases like ebola, on frivolous local lighting, because a president from the dark ages of American politics was an actor?

    Mr. Obama is looking for more funds to battle ebola. A noble and worthwhile cause.

    But he already had the money but chose to squander it.

    This is an excellent example of what is wrong with the government of America today.

    I don't think you know or understand Ronald Reagan at all.

    Mr. Reagan was a liberal. He was a member of the democrat party for much of his political career.

    But, when the democrat party turned stoutly anti business, he left claiming: "in 1962.[68] In August of that year, Reagan formally switched to the Republican Party, stating, "I didn't leave the Democratic Party. The party left me"." from wikipedia

    Reagan was truly a liberal republican. I know you don't have a box to slip that into, I hope the realization doesn't cause your head to explode.

    In 1980 the American people were offered two liberals to vote for for president. One a democrat, James Earl "Jimmy" Carter, Jr., and Ronald Wilson Reagan a republican at the time.

    Just my take.

    Best of luck,


    lagofac= leaving a great opening for a comeback

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