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  • "It takes an exceptionally... creative... reading of Scripture to conclude that Jesus is some good-guy God. Jonathan Edwards had a much more accurate view of theology than many of the posters who have been contributing to this thread."

    Mr. Semp. I don't know why you would consider Jonathan Edwards as having a more accurate view of theology than anybody else's view. His sermon "Sinners in the hands of an angry God" is pretty much explanatory and did drive people to revivals. That being said, his idea pretty much says that God has all people hanging on strings over a fire pit just waiting for each person to muck up so that God can cut the string. Rather silly. Rather pitiful, when you look at Jesus' statement of "Father forgive them for they know not what they do." Don't you think? Why you think that does not just null and void your statement of requiring creative reading to conclude that Jesus is some "good-guy" God. If you don't find Matt: 5:38-48 a clear repudiation of your comment, then perhaps nothing changes your mind on any issue. The eye for an eye was a requirement as was taking oaths in Jewish law. Jesus clearly stated those things no longer apply, as he said BUT and then followed with "I tell you do not resist an evil person." Prior to that statement, you were to get even. Jonathan Edwards wasn't much of pastor to try and explain that when Jesus told the prostitute to "Go and sin no more," (when in reality, law required her to be stoned), he was pointing out the desired change God wanted and that the judgment being made by the initial accusers needed correction, as they also were not sinless. Meanwhile....thank you Jesus for all that you do again and again.

  • Roger- I believe, as most polls indicate, that a vast majority of Americans do not want to accept the syrians because they fear they will not come here to assimilate into our society, but rather come to destroy believe the repub gov's and some dem senators are wrong because its a political issue....i believe political has nothing to do with it at all, for as i mentioned in another post, we have already accepted 700,000 muslims into this country over the past 5 yrs.....These same syrians are now coming and cannot speak english, have no means of support and this will burden our national debt even further beyond our existing -19trillion....
    Throughout the entire OT, God required borders to establish defined places where certain people lived. He kept the nation Israel separated by borders from the gentile nations....there are many other examples in the book as yes, borders are indeed introduced by God to keep rival factions, sinful nations from interfering with those who believe in God....Please tell us how politics established borders and laws? The law came from God, and all civil laws subsequent to them are primarily based upon them. In conclusion, i would suggest you re-read what i said about slavery. What i was pointing out was that the absolute moral law of God remains, and even though our civil laws at one time in the past did not forbade slavery, it still was morally wrong....ALL men are created equal as our founding documents read was a statement ou founding fathers used to highlight that God gave all men unalienable rights....There is nothing political in that statement at purely states that we are to treeat our fellow man as we expect to be treated, and help those who cannot help themselves, and that sir has nothing what so ever to do with politics.....
    Enjoy the remaining portion of your Thanksgiving

  • dailybread I think both are a sin. I am sure about homosexual marriage or lifestyle being a sin just as a man lusting in his heart after a women he may see much less committing adultery or intercourse outside of marriage. While I think abortion is wrong and sin I can not point to verses in the NT that supports that belief and I can find a verse or two in the OT that seems to say a life in the womb is not the same as the life of the mother. My reason for "thinking" abortion wrong is based on life being the question. Clearly life is found in the womb and if it is allowed to go to term then it will be human life that is born. Thus I believe that the catholic church has it correct (for once) in that all life is not to be killed. I view the act of abortion the same as I view capital punishment or taking the life of a old person would be. I understand that there is a difference of opinion on capital punishment so I extend grace to those who believe it is not a sin to be involved in the taking of a life as a judge or jury. I could not do either nor would I support abortion. Helping a person to die painlessly and thus perhaps hurry their death is another "personal" opinion issue among Christians.I would not do that to bring about a faster death but using the same drug to ease pain I do not have a problem with that. It is the reason for the drug to be given not the use of the drug. Sorry for the long answer but I wanted to be as clear as I can to answer your question.
    While I believe it is sin to be a homosexual and to marry I do not see that sin as any different than the sin of love of money, greed, selfishness or others. The county clerk would be like a Christian working in a food store who would refuse to sell food to overweight folks because it is a sin. If she feels she has to not be a part of that sin she should quite her job. I would NEVER sell beer, whine or booze no matter how much money it would bring me. But I know it is legal and others are OK doing it

  • Rog, unless you have different books in YOUR bible, both the prophets and the Rev of John say there is an apocalypse in mankind's future. So, in addition to cuddling cutsie little lambs and adorable children (of color), the emotive, loving deity is going to slay countless millions. For someone who claims to read the scriptures you are shockingly ill-informed.. It's as if you cherry-picked the two or three aspects of God you want to believe in and then just... ignore... the rest.

    As I have said **repeatedly** throughout this topic, YOU were the one who introduced the govs into the conversation. My point is that you are EVERY bit as much a hypocrite as you claim them to be. You need to spend some time "fixing" your own life before you worry about the failings of anyone else.

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    by islandboy1946 Nov 24, 2015 11:28 AM

    During the first 3 quarters of 2015 (and before the recent spike upwards in day rates), FRO2012 had net income of $200.6 million, and FRO had net income of $65.9 million. Add these quantities together and divide by the roughly 750 million total outstanding shares of the combined company (once the merger is complete) you get 35.5 cents per share. My guess is that the ~20+% increase in day rates we've seen in Q4 will produce at least 20c/share in earnings in Q4 for the merged company.

    The merged company could easily declare and pay a 10c/share quarterly dividend in December.

  • vpsqdrn I hope you find this day of Thanksgiving one that find much to Thank God for in your life, your families life and friends. I have read all your responses to my post. Thank you for responding. I find that we disagree on a lot of things and I am sure we agree on a lot as well but on your statement that mixing politics and "ideologue" I must point out you did exactly that in your response to Lake on slavery. I find nothing in the NT that forbids slavery but it is clearly a political issue which you infer a "ideologue" based on not politics but your faith. My faith and understanding of the NT drives everything in my life including where I stand on political issues. I know of no other way to do this and frankly can not see how you can have a "Christian" life apart from your "political life". I am sure you want a political answer different from the one we have now on abortion do you not? How about homosexual life style? So I extend it to Capital Punishment and taking in refugees who need help. If I vote for someone who stands against what I believe is the principles of my Christian faith it would only be because the other person is a worse offender.I agree with you on our history of accepting Muslims and others into our country. My point was that 30 Governors all GOP came out against the Syrian refugees for political reason and in so doing failed to show their Christian teaching. Their outright and whole rejection of the very idea shows it is political. Someone who runs as a "Christian" should indeed bring that faith into his political decision or he or she is hypocrite. The Kingdom of God of which you and I are part of does not have borders or Nationalities of this world that interferes with keeping God's commands. The word does indeed teach to help those who need help. Politics says we have laws and borders and Nationalities that are more important than helping others. You can not have one way for politics and one for God. Lake can not us. Love unites.

  • quotes from Rogere1946

    """ Why do you think that all these right wing Christian are against abortion and Homosexual marriage? """

    """He never mentioned abortion nor Homosexual marriage by the way. """

    Rogere1946...I get the impression that you do not oppose abortion and same sex marriages . Is that correct ??

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    Divvy is .09 cents ???

    by rami36 Nov 24, 2015 7:35 AM

    Fair enough. I just always see them being volatile enough to never really make a huge impact.

  • finance.yahooDOTKOM/news/oil-prices-moved-super-contango-152246172

    "There is a global supply glut, not just of crude oil, but, increasingly, refined products that will likely break the back of price support in the market, sending oil prices into a holiday plunge. So much so, land based storage tanks are filling up and increasing numbers of volumes are being stored on tankers."
    Put on your shades. GLTA

  • Lake- Is the Duck a u.s. citizen? Prior to 1868, the naturalization laws did not permit automatic citizenship for good prevented foreign diplomats, among others, transferring the right to their offspring. If Donald Trump or anyone else does get the opportunity to review the current Naturalization laws, they should seriously re-consider portions of it to help maintain national security.
    I agree with your last statement, and encourage you to read more of the Bible before discussing it on a mb!

  • Those intellectually deficient always run and use the ignore feature when they are confronted with truth and reality! You just managed to prove it once again!

  • Mr. Dan,

    I was trying to make a point about the US, as the US was the country talked about. Of course, if Saudi Arabia, or Egypt, etc. are willing to take in refugees and then feed and house them in a country with near 30% unemployment already, then that could be discussed. I have no problem if a private family wants to sponsor another family. What I was getting at was that sending them to the most expensive state, Hawaii, as far as cost of living is concerned would be foolish when federal and state dollars would be needed for such a movement. There are states with far far far lower electric rates, housing costs, taxes, and ability to help with a transition than our state here. I was just addressing that IF Syrian refugees will be brought to the US, the last place they should go is the most expensive place within the US in which to live.

  • Hello keembo, by slightly translating your words on your take of the refugee situation in Hawaii to that of the USA, we can observe the following:
    Our PRESIDENT here in AMERICA said he would welcome the refugees, but perhaps he should realize that with housing costs higher than the mideast, electrical costs higher than the mideast, food costs the higher than the mideast, gasoline prices the higher than the mideast, why on earth would you send people with nothing to a place like this? We have a large homeless problem here in America already, because of the cost of living here. Asking taxpayers to pay twice as much for everything for someone who has little to nothing is not right when other options are available. Now....if a private family wanted to sponsor a refugee here and were financially able to do it, then that bridge might be crossed, but I would still rather they be sponsored in a place that is least expensive to have them function if they are on the dole.

  • VPS,you are dumber than a day old Bush so on ignore you go.

  • There is a preponderance of foolishness on this mb...Just because slavery was at one point not against the civil laws of this nation, does not make it acceptable in Gods eyes....Believe in Genesis you will find a great example of God taking the nation of Israelite's out of Egypt because He heard their crys of anguish. A thorough reading of the N.T. also reveals a days work for a days pay, and we all must work to earn our way....The absolute moral laws override civil laws to prevent abuse of mankind. Indeed, our nation's roots were established for the very same reasons...persecution that lead to freedom. Lake-much as roger, you often confuse Godliness, law and politics...You would be better off sticking to tankers- i think.

  • keem- thanks- you just saved me the trouble of writing the very same...good to see someone else here reads and or understands the bible, not just quote from it! GLTY

  • roger- i have already responded to semper and you on this subject...please refer to that earlier post....i would point out to you that you have totally misconstrued what God told us about brotherly love and immigration....You are mixing politics and ideologue. You really need to drop the politics and rel here because you are somewhat confused as to its true meaning....see my earlier post

  • semper/roger
    The USA has taken in approx 700,000 muslims over the past 5 addition, we LEGALLY allow an additional one million a year to immigrate into the country, not even counting the illegals coming across the southern border.
    I believe that is quite brotherly! No where in the Bible or anywhere else did God tell America or anyone else to take foreigners into a country if there is any doubt of their allegiances...Rogers fool hearted acceptance of that notion is nothing more than blind ideologue. .

  • Roger- 1-By command, it implies that God expects! 2- God created man with a soul-conscience and a free will to choose. God never intended man to follow Him blindly....Man was given a commandment not to eat the fruit- man disobeyed-thus sinned...Man choose to follow the twisted beguilement, but could have elected to follow God's command,....This is where free will comes in...No zombies involved...God made us in His image, a triune God made a triune being....So yes, if you do not follow God's commandment, you sin.
    3- Wealth re-distribution as we know it today is man taking away from man and giving it to others....this is not God's way...God blesses us with sustenance and we, out of love for our neighbor and those who cannot help themselves, give to assist those in need....redistribution today is taking from the rich and giving to those who wish not or desire not to work for a living,,,,Read Gen...God expects all to work for their bread....Allowing the govt to redistribute opens the door to fostering slothfulness.
    I do not wish to force anyone to follow God's commandments....I believe those who believe in God would follow them because they desire to be like Him and close to Him.. A thorough reading of the O.T &N.T., reveals that the Law was given to man to show man his sin and corrupted way...The law provides no means of salvation.
    You are adding things that were not part of the original post, so it appears you have the entire message confused.

  • China's imports of crude oil are set to increase as the country's own domestic production levels look to have peaked, a top investment bank says.

    Nomura says 2016 could see all three Chinese oil majors struggling to produce more domestic oil, resulting in potentially higher-than-expected Chinese crude imports.

    “China’s slowing economy has raised market concerns over the demand for oil. However, we believe these fears are overdone and expect China’s oil imports to remain robust heading into 2016,” says Nomura.

    “But judging by the recent trend of lower domestic oil production from PetroChina and Sinopec, the country’s overall oil production could slip into a structural decline next year amid an increasing likelihood of further upstream capital expenditure (capex) cuts ahead.”

    Nomura says the intense focus on the price war between Saudi and US shale producers has obscured an important trend: China’s domestic oil production probably peaked this year.

    “This has widespread implications for the global oil market. China is not just a major crude oil importer, it is also among the world's five largest oil producing countries, trailing only the US, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Canada; it produces more oil than Iran and Iraq.”

    Nomura says that PetroChina, Sinopec and CNOOC have delivered steady domestic oil production growth as upstream E&P capital expenditure escalated with robust global oil prices.

    However, with mature oil fields such as Daqing and Shengli on structural declines, triggered by the shutdowns of marginal wells and tight cost controls amid distressed oil prices, Nomura says China’s domestic oil supply capability has probably peaked this year.

    “In retrospect, China’s domestic oil production has stagnated for the past two years despite the intense drilling activity on land and offshore,” Nomura says.

    “PetroChina in late 2014 announced that the country’s biggest oilfield, the Daqing, could transition into a phase of “managed decline” over the next five years.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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