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    9 year old kill instructer

    by lakeed98 Aug 28, 2014 7:17 PM

    Roger,the good news was one less NRA member, maybe 2.
    Were 2 people killed, of course not.
    As proof ,the other person,the killer, wasn't dead at all so your logic is wrong,dead wrong.
    I never said I was happy about a death ,never.
    I said I was glad there was one less NRA member,maybe 2
    I don't care how many word you try and put in my mouth ,you are a liar.Then to try and back up your lie with another one.

    I guess your mind isn't capable of understanding that.
    I should leave you to your bible.
    You can make that stupid book say what you want.
    One of our great founding fathers ,Thomas Jefferson, called the bible "dunghill".Of course he didn't have your great brain.

  • and lower and lower

  • You right wing boys are really something you post stuff you can't back up as truth as you did in this post.

    One guy comes out and says something and if it agrees with right wing nut job ideas then that guy is right and all the rest wrong. When 95% of climate scientist come and make a statement about global warming you choose to listen to the 5% that disagree and call what they say as truth and accuse the 95% of being bought out. That is world in the mind of a twisted right winger like you.

    Jimmy Carter History will show was a lot better president than you or most think today but look at Truman for how wrong the public opinion can be. Carter should be a hero for what he alone was able to do in the middle east. Had he failed and Egypt and Jordan not changed their foreign policy toward Israel then the "moderation" of the other Arab countries would not of happened and we really do not know what would happened in the middle east. Carter also saved us billions of dollars (something you right wing anti gov. spending nut jobs seem to forget ) by giving away the panama canal especially given all the billions being spent now to make it larger. It was a pure US Gov. supported and dead loss to US budget to give Big Business free passage. The world has not fallen to pieces since Carter gave it away as the right howled and shipments come and go today as when we owned it.

    Carter's Iran hostage situation is a speed bump on the road compared to the GW Bush GOP disaster in Iraq.
    Naïve does not even come close to what GW Bush was while in office. Led around by a ring in his nose by his nut job advisors and out of his league. He listen to and trusted the wrong people and dismissed the right ones like the National Advisor on Terrorism who warned GW and all the boys and gals at the Bar Be Que that an airplane attack was coming and OBL was the guy behind it. Pass the ribs and beer got more attention from the boys and girls at the ranch.

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    9 year old kill instructer

    by lakeed98 Aug 28, 2014 7:17 PM

    Lake from your first post "The good news?One less NRA member, maybe two" So deny all you want too but good news means you like the news. Now if you want to be a coward and not just a liar then claim you merely were asking a question if it was good news.

    You who never ask a question but only post what is truth as you see it.

    You used to have a set and stand behind your post but on this your running away from it.

    I will let the board decide on their own if they see you getting "good news" out of death at a gun range.

  • Time to promote nuclear power as a safe energy alternative again. After all, "what you can't see, won't hurt you."

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    by acuna_matada 4 hours ago
    rami36@rogers.com rami36 2 hours 4 minutes ago Flag

    be careful read latest earning report you will lose money

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    9 year old kill instructer

    by lakeed98 Aug 28, 2014 7:17 PM

    Mr. lake,
    God's will was not that the accident occurred. You see, you are quick to say that you don't believe in God, but you never say you don't believe in Satan. I try and give credit to the evil in this world to Satan, because we live in a "fallen" state. Jesus didn't call Satan the "Prince of this world." for nothing. God doesn't love death and pain, but he does let it exist as he gives us all choices. We are a fallen people and thus suffering and death occur, because man, in his fallen nature chose to serve Satan rather than God and gave the keys to earthly perfection to Satan at the fall of man. Evil can't exist in an atheist's world and neither can good. Only nothing can come from nothing. The other day, two atheists came by my house with their handouts. When I looked at them, they were just blank pieces of paper. I agree that the girl had no business with the gun and her parents, who apparently glorify and worship the power of the gun, as well as the instructor, were all affected by what the "power of the gun" can do. A gun is designed to kill, and in this instance, the weapon accomplished its design.

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    by acuna_matada 4 hours ago

    you sir know nothing.

  • The contango just got steeper, and the land based storage tanks are filling quickly. One the tanks are full, the next option is to store the oil on a VLCC.

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    9 year old kill instructer

    by lakeed98 Aug 28, 2014 7:17 PM

    Roger, quit making thing up.
    I never never never said I enjoyed one persons death. You are a LIAR to say so.
    You do this all the time.
    There seems to be a separate world that's the word according to Roger.Weather it's your stupid bible thumping or any other subject you just make thing up as you go along.
    You say real stupid thing all the time, like you believe everything in the bible, when you clearly don't.

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    by acuna_matada 4 hours ago

    you need to worry about falling rates below break even cash and that is why FRO is at these levels.

  • They have many options! Most likely Friedrikson will float another bond issue to refinance the bond payment coming due next year. He may be able to even get a better rate with bond rates in the gutter. This is a non-event in my opinion. Also, there are many other options to gather the cash. Bankruptcy is not an option.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • FRO is no more "needed" than was GMR, OSG, GNK, EXM, EGLE, et. al.

    If FRO fails, the ships it manages, many of which are owned by other companies, will continue to trade.

  • after they restructure due to missin payment on Bond due April 2015.

  • fro is needed except the oil cos bought their own shippers. when rates were up and ship costs were low.

  • BS,is nothing but a racist nut.

  • Don't eat the wild boar.


    More than one in three wild boar in Germany are too radioactive to eat
    Researchers blame fallout from the 1986 Chernobyl disaster

    If you've going to Germany to experience Oktoberfest for beer and sausages this fall, chances are you might want to stay away from the boar while you're there. A new study from the German government, reported by The Telegraph, shows that more than one in three wild boar killed by hunters in the region are too radioactive to be safe for humans to eat.

    Since 2012, hunters in the Saxony region of Germany have had to get any wild boar they kill tested for radiation. In one year, the state reports that 297 of 752 boar tested contained more than the safe limit of 600 becquerels of radioactive material caesium-137 per kilogram for human consumption. Some boar tested had radiation levels dozens of times higher than the safe limit.

    Saxony is 700 miles from Chernobyl, where a 1986 explosion at a nuclear plant sent radioactive material into the atmosphere. Subsequent rain and wind carried the radioactive material far and wide across Europe.

    It's thought that boar are more susceptible to radiation contamination because their diet consists of mushrooms and truffles that are buried in the ground and hold radiation longer than other vegetation. As a result of the contaminated meat, the German government has paid out thousands of euros in compensation to hunters, which have to destroy anything that tests as unsafe and cannot sell it for profit.

    Even though it has been 28 years since the Chernobyl disaster, The Telegraph points out that experts say the radiation could be around in unsafe levels for another 50 years.

    Best of luck,


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    OT BS Hawaiian electric on track

    by barbershores Aug 28, 2014 10:07 AM

    You still make poor argument. What HELCO's mission is is to make money for stockholders..That is all. Hawaiian companies have zero grasp on realities of energy production....What they have is a good grasp on gouging. Their new attempt to screw solar producers because their loss of revenues from them force non solar users to pick up the slack...is ridiculous. That is like saying someone driving a 50 mpg gasoline car should pay more for gas than someone driving a 10 mpg gas car, because the oil companies aren't selling as much gas to the econo drivers, so they should charge them more. HELCO is trying to put a "wood" fired power plant in Pepeekeo, HI using Hu Honua as the company to produce the juice. HELCO has already gone on record saying they don't need the juice, but it is just another way they can purchase expensive juice and get high rates from the PUC. What needs to happen here is a CO-OP formed and bypass HELCO and HECO already. YOu don't seem to understand that business is crooked here. Your comment about HELCO having a good grasp of the practical realities of energy production goes to show just how little you understand Hawaii and what goes on here. You don't build bio plants that have to drive 60 miles on narrow roads with overweight trucks full of logs to get to a plant that will try and make juice using wet wood...as we have very high humidity here. The only wood bio plants that operate efficiently have their source of fuel very close to the plant and not spend millions trucking logs long distances to chip up and then burn green, because we always have high humidity. It is all political, as they can claim renewable. Nice try though.

    Just My Take

  • "Yeah, high deductible insurance plans do their job. If she really thought she needed it, she could have paid for it out of pocket. But she didn't. Why? Because if she doesn't really need it, she will only get it,

    Exactly right.

    Ms Maina's decision to save money by forgoing unnecessary care is the sort of thought process that needs to become commonplace before healthcare costs are under control.

    The article commented on the difficulty of price-shopping healthcare services. This too needs to be addressed before healthcare costs are brought under control.

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