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  • Roger,there is no Holy Spirit nor can you prove anything in the Bible is true. Not one thing.
    Are you talking about the 10 commandants? Do you know how many are laws?[2]
    You don't even have a clue as to the suffering of the Jewish people or what they live for.Your stupid for saying you do.
    As for my ancestors, they are also your ancestors. Unlike a lot of people, in the South, my parents weren't related.
    My father was Scottish, English and American Indian.
    You go on and off ignore ,at my pleasure.

  • lake does this mean I am not on ignore anymore lol. Unlike you I have the highest respect for "your" people.
    What they wrote inspired by the Holy Spirit was accurate, wise, beautiful and insightful. You are the one who says they are deluded and liars and try to pass fiction off as fact. The old testament is a tribute to "your people" history both good and bad and has been proven to historically very accurate. It is a wise book to follow as the book "None of these diseases" shows how to avoid the pitfalls of many problems by simply following the dietary laws of the OT. The legal code of the US finds its very roots in the OT and for the most part works fairly well today for us. Mark Twain never said he was more than a fiction writer where "your people" have learned word for word the first 5 books of the OT by memory for thousands of years and believe it to be fact not fiction.

    Today more of "your people" disbelieve the writings of their ancestors than believe it. So you are in the majority of "your people" today as how they view the OT. But to over 90% of non Jewish Christians it is still a book to be believed and learned from and respected. I have never said the Jewish folks were writing Santa Claus and Easter Bunny fiction that would be how you view their efforts. Sad I guess that the beliefs and writing of "your" ancestors have been rejected by their off springs. But Jesus said it would happen when the people would reject the corner stone and in fact they have and also the whole house it seems.

    I never said your ancestors were idiots and Liars that is what you make them out to be not me. I believe them and rejoice in their faith and the history and lessons of obedience they left for us today. Perhaps you should look into a mirror and see what you have said about them since it is you who does not believe and tries to discredit everything they lived for.

  • "I am glad you give to good causes however you seem to believe that the number of those that do not Deserve help is vast and thus justify your desire to see the Fed. programs for the poor ended? Is that correct? "

    Yep, that pretty much sums it up. There are vast numbers of 'em I wouldn't give a brass farthing to. Too many lazy crybaby bums out there . Millions of them.....their priority in life ...the hood. No ambition, no nothing.
    Huge, huge culture problem out there Rog, and in my view it's beyond any government or private program's ability to defeat. Or Jesus for that matter.
    In the end, whatever the time frame, their numbers will overwhelm this nation.

  • the question and answer period was most interesting. Especially questions about refinancing debt and how that would be accomplished. But first, this is the first time I heard Long term confidence in higher rates going forward. Haven't heard that in 3 years. Change of routes and possible storage boom in background both very good for profitablity. However its the financing that seems to be taking center stage and to address the question management was very vague but telling. We have already seen the debt for equity swap on a portion of this. They also, as I heard it, have 39 million more shares to sell at $1-00. Seems to me if you can reduce your debt by one third you should be able to refinance the remainder easily. I have always said Frontline had a small float compared to other tanker companies and this gave them flexiblity in expanding the float. Shares outstanding are a fraction of other Tanker companies. So dilution in my mind is the key. But not alot of dilution. The deal is who would want to refinance the remaining portion of the debt. To me that is "ALLOT" of people. Why?
    to climb into bed with Fredrickson. Classic Fredrickson Quid pro quo all the way. .Take this riskier bet and I will give you this absolute winner over here. I am telling you its like an ant hill of financing out there for Fredrickson. Everyone wants in with him. I bet he gets a call an hour on the bonds. He owns the leases so that's already a done deal. Oil could stay low for an extended period. Many of the tankers may be used as storage and be taken off the market for transportation purposes further increasing rates. Is this the perfect storm for FRO?

  • First you insult my friend and now my ancestors. Your are not a Christian you are a punk.
    Yes,my ancestors wrote the Bible,just as Mark Twain wrote Huckleberry Finn,and they are both fiction.
    Too bad your "kinfolks" and you, are to ignorant to know the difference.

  • scs so you assume that the 47% by law are not required to pay federal income taxes should pay? Well since the GOP runs things in both houses why don't you write to your majority GOP texas house and Senate members and ask them to target the 47% for new taxes as you feel they are under taxed and be sure also to express how you are against the current min wage and do not want to see it raised and also that you want to see the social programs directed toward most of that 47% cut or done away with.

    Maybe some GOP members will try that and I am sure they will on min wage and social helps but don't hold your breath on raises taxes on the poor they may be afraid that the poor might vote more in a higher % if they did or independents would see them as heartless and swing to Demo. But you write the letters and let your desire of your heart be known. Or have I misjudged what you are for and against if so correct me.

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    OT BS why-do-democrats-look-down-on-voters?

    by barbershores Nov 23, 2014 7:04 PM

    scs "global warming" what is the discussion there between Demo and GOP??? Mr BS says no gov would dare suggest a cure for global warming so how can that be a Demo or GOP debate point? Silly you you seem to think that the Demo suggest that changes in how we use energy or get it will make a difference while the GOP would be against that? Not sure what ISIL is but if ISIS do you believe there is a difference between how the Demo and GOP see this treat? If so how? Min wage I agree is indeed a difference in the two parties and over 55% of American's want to see a higher min wage so which party might be stupid to not support what the majority of American's want? National Debt. Again both parties want to address it just a difference in how to do that. The Demo want to stem the eco and grow the eco out of debt while the GOP wants to cut its way out. See how those cuts have worked for EU folks? Racism is a fact that both parties do not want to get labeled of being guilty of. Health Care the Demo's want to bring the USA like all the rest of the world while the GOP wants to continue to allow Capitalism determined our health care. (so paying more for drugs like you do is smart?) abortion? Save them in the womb but do not feed them once they are out since they might be undeserving or offer a child health care or its mother or father? So this makes the GOP think they are Jesus like do they? eco see nat debt, pollution so me a pollution law passed by the GOP?

    No name calling only 35% of voters voted and on that we all should look down on the ones that did not vote.
    Of those that did the above issues would of been a reason to vote so again the ones that did not vote are indeed to be looked down on as not caring enough about your listed issues to even vote. That is sad regardless of Demo or GOP or left or right. Just sad. I voted as did most on this list so at least right or wrong we cared enough to vote good for that.

  • Mr BS since you say we have misquoted you or misrepresented you and YOU have researched all your post and now are patting yourself on the back for being "in the clear" why don't you show us the date and post that you claim finds you faultless in your opinion about how mankind can not do anything to stop global warming. If that is your opinion and you have indeed posted that on many occasion it would follow that if mankind actions can not effect or change global warming it can not be stopped by mankind. Now you claim what you have been saying is that NO Gov. will come up with a plan to end or fight global warming which is again a joke since all your harping against any such action working is based on what you call the Al Gore extreme efforts to cause the Gov to do just that. The accords that many Gov. have signed say your statement is flat wrong. Gov. even China admit their is a problem and they are taking steps (baby perhaps in case of CHina and even the US). The GOP has fought the Demo tooth and nail over the idea that something can be done to stop or slow down global warming.

    Now you say that no Gov is going to suggest it? Are you for real? When did NH legalize pot?

    I suggest you throw the shovel out of the hole you are digging for yourself and stop digging your only going deeper.

  • nikky since you have said your a chtholic then I suggest you go talk to your priest about the NT teaching by Jesus on helping others. I think you will find that you are not to set yourself up as the judge as to rather or not they meet your guidelines of being "deserving". In the teaching about the Good Samaritan Jesus never once address if the man deserved help or what type of person he was and in fact the "religious" types found reasons that made it clear the man was NOT Deserving of their time and effort much less expense and they left him to die. Have you ever considered Jesus words about helping the least of them? Could it be that Jesus is not so much concerned about rather the least of these is deserving or not but rather you would obey him and HELP them? Again you can dismiss me as you do as a bleeding heart liberal Demo and not DESERVING of your consideration so I again say if you have a priest who you consider worthy of a deserving opinion that you will at least consider go talk to him.

    The solid South was and remains racist what else is to be remembered. Proof you want they once were Demo's until the Demo's passed the civil rights bill and now they are GOP. Not all GOP whites are racist as the GOP was alive just not well in the Solid South and never won an election until racism turned the average white from the Demo to the GOP.

    I am glad you give to good causes however you seem to believe that the number of those that do not Deserve help is vast and thus justify your desire to see the Fed. programs for the poor ended? Is that correct? If not what do you propose to do with the program. How do you get help to kids if their parents are indeed "undeserving"? Do you punish the child for the sins of the father or mother?

    If you are a good catholic then perhaps you could read some of the things written by Pope Francis about the poor. Surely he is trustworthy?

  • Germany is one of the worlds leaders in Renewable Energy. They have since discovered those huge investments were a folly, with only 17% utilization due to mother nature not always providing wind and solar when the heavy loads occur. Hence thats why since 2010 they have brougth 6 new Coal Fired plants on line and are currently building 23 more. When a utility goes green energy, it has to build 2 plants to privde for the demand at all peak hours. They build one plant which is the renewable source, then they have to spend the added expense of building a 2nd conventional fossile fuel plant to kick in when the wind or the sun fails to provide the Megawatts needed.

    Clean Energy is a Nobel idea, but perhaps its time the world start looking into element 115. What the heck is that? You all need to tune into coast to coast more often and research Bob Lazar and his claim the aliens use element 115 for their anti-gravity machines.

    Green Energy isn't ready for prime time. The Libtard haste in killing oil, coal, and nuclear has caused more poverty, more instability, and less reality to the power grids. In fact element 115 is probably more realistic than the libtard green energy agenda.

  • Poor Lake he thinks his kinfolks were all bunch of idiots and liars.

  • Mr. BS when XOM stops spending 20 billion on renewable energy that would impress me but since I own XOM I can only hope they know what they are doing and Buffet thinks they do so I guess I will go with Buffet instead of google. Stop investing in auto development and keep building buggies for horses was a bad business plan even when they were not many roads and lots of small auto companies and different types of cars including electric and steam. They were lots of lossers as most of the Companies went bust but those who remained in buggies lost it all. Lesson to be learned sometimes being conservative is not a smart move.

  • Without nuclear, and without storage, renewable energy, though terribly additively expensive, will never have much impact on global warming. It looks like the scientists at Google finally figured that out.


    Google is literally and figuratively pulling the plug on its investment in renewable energy because the technology doesn't work. Will its flop persuade the feds to stop dumping billions down this rat hole?

    But the most remarkable admission from Google is that the technology just doesn't work — at least not now. Two of the lead scientists on the RE

  • "What experts have determined is that the first 5 books of the OT are attributed to Moses"What experts?
    There is zero proof that Moses ever lived let along wrote anything.
    The whole story of the exoduses also has no basis in facts whatsoever .The story of Moses being place in a basket and floated down the river is just a repeat of an even older fable.
    Live in your little dream world,if you wish,but don't claim things have been determined by experts that EXPERTS say never existed.

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    OT BS the straight scoop on vitamin D

    by barbershores Nov 24, 2014 7:57 PM

    Hi Mr. Phul,

    Haven't seen you on this board in a long long time.

    Did you ditch it when they stopped paying out huge dividends like most people on here did?

    Best of luck,


  • "SCS,you need to know that the stories written in the Bible are a collection of fables, written by Hebrews.

    Mr. lake,
    Just a few corrections to your over reaching statements. The Old Testament in the Bible was certainly written by Hebrews, and being that those books were written prior to the arrival of Christ, it is hard to call any of those people writing those books "Christians" other than to say they were Messianic believers. On the other hand, the New Testament books were written by believers. The book of Luke Acts was written by Luke, who was both a physician of Paul and follower of the disciples although not one of the original 12. The gospel of Mark was written by John Mark. The book of Mathew is attributed to the tax collector disciple Mathew. Of course, none of the books had the signature of the author at the end of the book, but that was extremely common in all things written then, so with your logic, you could say everything ever written and not signed can be attributed to anybody. There are lists of all authors, but what experts have determined is that the first 5 books of the OT are attibuted to Moses along with the book of Job. Joshua is said to have written the book of Joshua. I believe Paul...formerly Saul wrote much of the New Testament with I believe 14 books being attributed to him, many of them personal letters. Josephus might be of some help to you, but you are just bound and determined to deny it, so have at it.

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    by dailydouble 7 hours ago

    First of all, there are a number of stocks that have far more serious debt problems than FRO trading a permiums now. Case in point all the railroads have at least $10 billion in debt and are trading above $100 a share except for CSX which did a couple stock splits.
    Half of the DOW 30 stocks have more percentage of debt than FRO. So why the pesimistic outlook?
    When FRO canceled the dividends, probably 1/2 of the investors left cause of it. They were there for the dividend. FRO made the decision to build the company instead of paying dividends.
    JF created FRO 2012, stripping away some assets and thus became a competitor. Nevertheless, FRO owns a piece of FRO 2012.
    Unlike some of the competitors whom stockholders are treating better, FRO has been consistently working off their debt and have their break even costs considerably lower, hence more opportunity to make profit.
    FRO is being attacked by short sellers. In fact one of them posts BS here every day. Hence FRO currently has 9.7% of its shares shorted.
    4th quarter thus far has been totally outstanding. As such FRO is able to generate much needed cash, and moving forward will be far more flexible in how it handles its debt. Every day the VLCC rates stay above $40,000, their flexibility grows. As todays announcement indicates, they do intend on rebuilding the company. That process is moving forward. The fracking and oil shell revolution in America is working out nicely for FRO since the real VLCC market is Asia. With the Cheaper crude oil prices, the asians will capitalize on the reduction of costs and hence we are now witnessing the growth in tanker utilization and CONTANGO.
    With the BOJ and China now engaged in their own QE3 processes, greasing the markets, and the ECB following easing credit, the worlds economy will start growing. In case you didn't see it the Government just revivied its GDP figures to 3.9% upwards from the previous reports and some experts expect it could be revised again upwards to 4.5%.

  • Just checked the rates... looks like everything has been trending up over the past several weeks (Suzemax,VLCC,aframax,etc.) What is keep FRO's stock so depressed? Seems like the same thing happened with the rates this time last year and FRO popped. This time we're not seeing anything...and it's down nearly 10% today.

    What gives? I know there's a lot of questions about debt, but I would think this would be a good sign for FROs long term viability.

  • SCS,you need to know that the stories written in the Bible are a collection of fables, written by Hebrews.
    These stories were voted on and put together as a Bible hundreds of years after written.
    I would ask you to present one bit of proof that anything written in the Bible was said or written by God or Jesus. I hope you know what the word "proof" means.

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    earning are improving

    by mikecline3 8 hours ago

    rates jumped from 30,000 to 80,000 for sumax

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