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  • keembo said "The doctors offices might be emptying out where you are rails, but I had to wait over 3 months to see the ENT doctor. Only one and booked solid. You have a two week to one month wait to see a urologist unless you want to fly to the mainland or possibly Honolulu."

    I believe that is rails point keembo. It is the DOCTORS that are absent from the offices...not the patients.

  • You might want to wait another week after that. Stock could drop pretty strong over the next couple of weeks. After that it is more likely to support as we approach the next earnings announcement.

    Just my take.

    Best of luck,


  • This is a little dated, about 12 days old.


    Rates for supertankers could be lower than anticipated as the incentive to store oil at sea diminishes, freeing up the vessels to compete for charters, according to RS Platou Markets A/S.

    The industry’s biggest tankers could earn $35,000 a day this year, about $10,000 less than previously estimated, the Oslo-based investment bank said in a report on Monday. The higher figure assumed 1 percent of the global fleet would store crude, a trend that’s yet to materialize, said Frode Moerkedal, an Oslo-based analyst at Platou Markets.

    Crude prices have plunged as the U.S. pumps the most in three decades and OPEC, supplier of about 40 percent of the world’s oil, keeps its own production steady to retain market share. That’s helped create what’s known as contango, where commodities for immediate supply are so much cheaper than in future months that it rewards traders to store.

    “You would only store on a vessel if the onshore inventories were full,” Moerkedal said by phone on Monday. “It seems that the pace of onshore buildouts are slower than expected.”

    The global oil market has 377 million barrels of spare onshore storage capacity available, Michael Wittner, the head of oil market research in New York for Societe Generale SA, wrote in an e-mailed report on March 14. That’s an increase of 73 percent from the firm’s February estimate of 218 million spare barrels of capacity available for global land storage. The numbers includes unused storage in China and India and exclude 120 million barrels of pipeline space in U.S.
    Demand Gain

    It costs about $1.10 a barrel to store oil for a month on supertankers, ships known within the industry as very large crude carriers. Brent for June costs about $1 a barrel more than it does in May, according to data on ICE Futures Europe exchange compiled by Bloomberg.

    Brent for May settlemen

  • Mr. Rails,

    Since you like to say that Obamacare is actually Obama, Reid, and Pelosi care based on class warfare, let's actually be honest. Below is your statement What you fail to state is that previous to Obamacare, class warfare by the medical industry already existed. A good % of the population could not either buy insurance or afford insurance to have medical care. I would venture to say that is a "class" of people and most likely if not nearly totally the lower income part of the country. just an example, if the upper 50% can afford healthcare premiums, but the bottom 50% cannot due to income levels, then yes, it IS class warfare and should be called class warfare..not necessarily something brought by democrats, because many republican's employees are in that lower half unable to afford healthcare. Somebody tried to at least alleviate some of the problem and you hated it, because it was class warfare, but it must be, because it already involves different classes of income. The warfare is just a stupid word. The Boehner, McCain, Ted Cruz type of healthcare ideas only made sure class warfare existed. At least admit that. They offered nothing, zip, zilch nada, zero, and still don't. Dependency exists when something is needed but unattainable. The bottom fifty percent can't be in the upper fifty percent. That is basic math...The numbers won't work.

    "You want me to articulate it better so I will. ACA is not Obamacare its actually Obama Reid Pelosi care.
    Since they engage in class warfare and champion dependencyism, therefore it is correct to call them Dependencycrats."

  • Hi Mr. Stocks,

    Though you and I generally are on the same side of the Obamacare issue, I find this one statement of yours inconsistent with what I am seeing/reading: "a lot of doctors are now having financial problems because the ACA"
    My understanding is that doctors are doing better than they were. For one thing, the medicaid expansion has helped them a lot with getting some cash from the desperately poor.

    Another trend, started some time before Obamacare hit, is that doctors have been leaving private practice in droves. Particularly in the general or family medicine area. Hospitals have been buying up these small private practices, and putting those doctors on payroll.

    From discussions with multiple doctors, I am finding that the main drivers for these trends is the huge cost to private businesses to conform to government regulations and the difficulty in managing liability insurance.

    Large firms can afford to purchase extensive legal/regulatory expertise, and be able to purchase liability, read medical malpractice, insurance in bulk at a much lower distributed cost than small offices.

    My own private doctor sold his practice 3 or 4 years ago now after a long and expensive lawsuit regarding medicare reimbursements. He and his partners carried near $300,000 in legal bills, for a suit which they ultimately won in court. Yes, the government once again overstepped their authority and were tromping on the little guys just trying to do their jobs. This small medical group like so many others saw the writing on the wall that the government is the enemy of business entrepreneurs, and were happy to sell their practice to a local hospital, where they work today as employees.

    He is much happier today. He has much less stress. No management requirements. He doesn't have to worry about the health of his business when he accepts or declines patients based on their ability to pay. He just kicks it upstairs to hospital policy.



  • Hi Mr. Dakine,

    Count on you that when confronted with a well thought out and accurate description of the state of Obamacare which is inconsistent with your ideology, you react with personal attacks. It is right out of the playbook of the entrenched liberal. You are really showing your true colors today dude.

    Of course I am not doing anything against the law. I fully comply with all IRS regulations. For those that do not qualify for an exemption, they will be required to pay a penalty if they do not purchase healthcare insurance.

    For me, I applied for, and received, a letter of exemption from the IRS stating that I am not required to pay a penalty for not having health insurance for the year 2014.

    I am complying with what is "demanded" of me by my government.

    If you want to find someone that is actually breaking the law regarding Obamacare, that would be one Barack Hussein Obama, whom is illegally not enforcing the regulations of the law passed by both houses of congress and passed into law by a sitting president of the United States of America. Instead of enforcing the law as written and intended, he instead picks and chooses those components he wants to force on the American citizens and businesses as it suits the best interests of his political party.

    Just my take.

    Have a nice day.


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    Obama's Recession coming

    by railsnstocks Mar 27, 2015 10:08 AM

    Mr. scs_dan, If you take a look at welfare advisors to FDR, Truman, and Kennedy, you’ll find John Kenneth Gailbraith was their point man. $18 Trillion dollars later are we any better off with his plan? No, his war on insular poverty failed because his solution is not a solution, it in fact makes things worse and adds to social evil.

    Did Gailbraith’s plan improve Detroit? With all the welfare money they poured into places like Newark and Philadelphia, by now those should be golden nugget cities instead of the crime infested future Detroit’s. Look what the Chicago Housing Authority did. They built beautiful new high rise apartment buildings so the poor could be close to work and work their way out of poverty. What did they really do? They stayed home, collected their welfare check and when the inhabitants of those buildings became either crack dealers or users and crime festered as they slowly demolished those huge investments, eventually the City had them torn down because they were causing the businesses they had set out to use help find underemployed people jobs instead were leaving the area due to the public safety issues.

    Gailbraith’s ultra liberal idealism steeply rooted in post Victorian industrial revolution socialism is counterproductive. Providing welfare to those people doesn’t help. If they were forced to go out and work every day or face losing their welfare benefits and if they were ever caught with drugs or alcohol, (should be a price to get welfare), then they would not be poised to add to the social ill.

    We should not allow welfare’s evil mechanism of Dependencycratism, sponsored and exploited by crooked politicians like Obama, Pelosi and Reid. The only social responsible thing to do is have Workfare. We’ll give you a job if you are under SS age. But no more freebies. If you are a woman with children and want welfare, you go to work and take your kids with you, and a group of welfare moms will babysit all the welfare kids while we find you work to

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    Obama's Recession coming

    by railsnstocks Mar 27, 2015 10:08 AM

    Mr. Barbershores, there used to be other places you could go for free. But RPM forced them to change and you can now only get those charts if you pay for them since they have to PAY AAR for the data. One is Railfax.

    Its a waste of time spending money on those other sites since its only AAR who gets the information directly from the railroads, so you would be simply paying for duplicate information. However if you want pretty charts then go for it.

  • Rogere,

    You want me to articulate it better so I will. ACA is not Obamacare its actually Obama Reid Pelosi care.

    Since they engage in class warfare and champion dependencyism, therefore it is correct to call them Dependencycrats.

    Dependencycrats isn't like communism. In Stalin Communism there were no bumbs allowed to stay home and get welfare money and watch TV all day long. If they didn't work and couldn't pay their bills they ended up on a prison train heading for Siberia where they were used as slave labor building the BAM railway.

    No sir, welfareism is not communism. In communism, you don't get to negotiate your pay, you earn the same as everyone else. In communist Russia doctors earned about the same as a plumber. Also you were not allowed to own property. Farmers didn't own their land. They worked on a collective and the government took all the profits and they kept their meager profits.

    Communism for a while would actually be good for America because all the Dependencycrats would be kicked off welfare and those who refused to work would get hungry real fast.

    Dependencycratism is the worst example of corrupt political system ever devised. Its also the reason why our democracy will one day end.

  • rails is that you or some kid out in the school yard just shouting out anything to be heard? Poor doctors is that what you are now claiming?
    Lets see your "logic" and some facts shall we?

    1. The full of effect of ACA (thank you for not calling it Obamacare there is hope yet :) can not possible be measured yet as it is just now going into effect and with all things passed into law some fine tuning
    will no doubt happen.
    2. Your claim that doctors office are empty is sure not happening in any of the many offices I have unfortunely being setting in and if you want me to cry for doctors forget that.

    3. Once again your "dip sticks" comment shows how prejudice you are on ALL folks who are up to your standards and is very wrong.

    4. Here is a FACT to see a doctor before ACA you had to have cash money or insurance period. They didn't see anyone on credit or the dole so with ACA more have insurance a lot more have insurance so you should be crying how all the "dip sticks" are now crowding into the doctors offices. A sick person middle, lower or higher eco classes will see a doctor if they can afford it period. Before ACA the poor had to go to the ER now they can go into those so called empty office you claim they are there.

    5. Again you turn into a small child instead of an adult crying all "Dependencycrats" are communists as you name call and show how you judge all who you don't like with name calling.

    You can do better if you deal in facts but right the now facts on ACA or too good to attack. The doctors biggest threat are not from ACA insurance owners but from Medicare which threatens to make them earn perhaps under 500,000 a year. Poor doctors sniff sniff.

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    Obama's Recession coming

    by railsnstocks Mar 27, 2015 10:08 AM

    So your answer to problems is to throw money at them. Schools, poverty, health insurance. Never mind that our government is BORROWING money to "improve" stuff that is not really being improved by more spending. You have a very shallow thought process. It's the spiraling National Debt that is causing the credit crunch, not GOP actions to stop the over spending. "It's downright unpatriotic to have this kind of debt"...gee...who said that?

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    Obama's Recession coming

    by railsnstocks Mar 27, 2015 10:08 AM

    scs the reason our credit rating took a hit was because of the GOP threat to default on the bills and shutting down the Gov. It is amazing how you forget things like that. But since the credit rating is a phony number as you know given that all the Financial Inst. that went BK had great ratings as did most other Corp that went down the real question should be who pays the credit rating to cook the ratings? If you think credit ratings determine the ability of the USA to borrow money and it somehow effects the Fed rate or bond payment rate then you are not much aware of who is buying our paper.

    All you have to do is look at the stock market over the last 6 years to see the growth of the health of the US eco and when you see it nose dive that is due to GOP ignorance in their political moves to shut down the gov or for the country into default which gladly the people in mass did not approve and the GOP had to retreat but the damage to the stock market and the credit rating was done.

    I guess it was not the Obama led Defense Dept that killed OBL either as you want to blame the guy for every bad thing that has happened in the last 6 years even the things that the GOP caused. Texas school are again 46 out of 50 for funding per student and the GOP controlled State Gov is cutting more state money away from the schools. I guess they want to be the worse funded state in the union for public schools.

    I guess you home school your kids so you don't care about that?

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    Fact check on Ted Cruz

    by keembodakine Mar 27, 2015 4:27 AM

    I used Obama as an example of the other side of the aisle, because you sound biased

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    OT BS Pricing Solar Power Fairly

    by barbershores Mar 26, 2015 5:14 AM

    Maybe this will be the solution for Hawaii,

    A community micro grid. If only they can get the cost down well below $0.40/kwh. If this proliferates, then all the solar, all the wind power, all the bio fuel, all the geothermal will go the way of the carbon generating power plants. Bye bye.

    The systems, which add generators and software to manage the power to standard solar panels, will include Tesla Motors batteries to store the energy generated. While the owner can tap the solar power for daily use, the main purpose is to maintain electricity in the event of a natural disaster such as an earthquake or hurricane.

    "There has been a dramatic increase in severe weather events the last few years - climate-related, almost certainly - and its led to more grid outages," SolarCity spokesman Jonathan Bass noted, pointing to the storm known as Sandy that hit the Northeast last year as a prominent recent example.

    The company is targeting cities that are in the line of fire for such catastrophic events for the new service.

    "Traditionally, microgrids have been used in campuses, medical facilities and military bases, and we will pursue some of those opportunities if they become available," said Daidipya Patwa, who is leading SolarCity's microgrid efforts, "but our primary target is municipalities, communities and areas with a weak grid or no grid at all."

    That focus opens up a potentially large market, said GTM Research analyst Shayle Kann.

    "Any municipality in a region that is prone to some kind of natural disaster ... they have a few key locations that they need to keep running in the event of an outage or a natural disaster - a community center where they're going to house people or police stations," the analyst said.

    This will also be the first major effort overseas for SolarCity, as the company shops its microgrids to island nations with poor power grids. While Bass said the bulk of its microgr

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    Obama's Recession coming

    by railsnstocks Mar 27, 2015 10:08 AM

    Hi Mr. Stocks,

    Looking at their chart, it looks to me like they went up for petroleum and petroleum products in the US. Up from about 12,500 to 14,500 last week. I don't see the raw numbers, just the chart. Canada and Mexico look to have gone down a little bit.


    Is there another place to get the numbers?



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    When is Debt Payment DUE in April?

    by investor_hound Mar 26, 2015 5:50 PM

    Thanks, always appreciate your insight.

  • Reply to

    Obama's Recession coming

    by railsnstocks Mar 27, 2015 10:08 AM

    rogere, one easy the USA credit rating where it was when Obama took office or lower? You can spin for Obama all you want, but the credit rating agencies could care less about politics.

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    Oil down over 5 percent FRO dropped

    by rami36 Mar 27, 2015 5:32 PM


    Hell/lleH, I'm waiting for a buck twenty five again. lol

    Maintaining the same intraday volatility, it can't stay in the current trend for more than a week. It's going to have to come out sideways, pop up, or break down.

    It looks like the traders on this meatball are supporting it on the 100dsma. I thought this might happen. Could be fickle though. It's so close to the 200dsma. It could easily fall down and support there without doing anything that technically different than it has been doing.

    The 50dsma isn't all that far above at 2.68. I am thinking we have at least a 25% chance of it bouncing up to the 50dsma as a result of the end of the wedgie it's in. If it took a trip up there in the next couple of weeks, I don't think it will do much more. Timing is off relative to the earnings announcement. It could be a good short entry for Mr. Rami right at the 50. It would be wise not to stay too long though. A quick drop back down to the 100 or 200dsmas would be the right exit for a short trade.

    Of course, a significant news item throws this all out the window.

    I am waiting for timing and technical signals to go long into the next earning announcement. I shan't be playing this short.

    Just my take.

    Best of luck,


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