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  • With all the hype on this board the last few months by certain posters, its evident it has done nothing for AUDC pathetic performance since the secondary. All the Hype, Hoorah is what it is! With that said, AUDC earnings have to be a BLOW-OUT only! I wouldn't even want to imagine, what a SUB-PAR earnings report would do to all us longs.

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    Microsoft Earnings Call

    by soccer_guy_67 Jul 23, 2014 9:31 AM

    I just read a decent review of the MSFT earnings call on "techcrunch", I think the very best window into the numbers that will be reported next week by AUDC are the breakdown of the MSFT numbers. We are heading for a handsome beat with wide margins. I wouldn't get too eager to part with my shares below 10.00 any time prior to that as the growth in this arena is nothing short phenomenal. Check out the specific breakdown of MSFT's earnings and revs to see what I mean. Every area they're doing exceedingly well in are the areas AUDC is doing WITH them (amongst others). There is plenty of room in this pie for a little company like AUDC to be getting a relatively HUGE piece!

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  • Hello audc.......we're going to fly next week

  • Coming out this morning and saying AUDC could have more growth to come.

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    what a crash today

    by rat1357 Jul 23, 2014 12:37 PM rcm1usa Jul 23, 2014 2:51 PM Flag

    Rat, I believe Lync is going strong and Codes will prosper because of it. Sonus I believe will do well also but because of larger deals being pushed out by JNPR ( they're integrated on the mx platform ) they could see softness as well. Codes also has the big possibility of hitting a home run with some mobility. All it would take is a couple million subs and Boom...

  • Today's price weakness on low volume has created a great buying opportunity, imho to buy or add to long positions in AUDC ahead of next week's earnings. The industry is red hot, firing on all cylinders and AUDC with their best-in-class suite of core SBC and Mobility in the cloud products and their smart integration and partnership with Microsoft Lync should bode extremely well for AUDC's earnings outlook! Same story, if not better for SONS

  • big pain.
    following SONS to south but does not follow it to North

  • Meant to root out all of you weaklings and Rootabega's!!! SELL YOUR SHARES NOW SO WE CAN GET THEM EVEN CHEAPER!

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  • The following excerpt from the MSFT call yesterday should appeal to AUDC longs. I didn't see any specific numbers on Lync deployment growth for the quarter but if someone else saw something please share.

    "Now let’s talk about the specific investments. We will be relentless in our focus on our core digital work and life experiences and the two platforms that support it, the cloud operating system and the device operating system and hardware.

    Everything we do starts with digital work and life experiences to delight dual users; these are users who use technology both at work and in their personal life. This is how we reinvent productivity. Last year, we started to take steps in this direction now OneDrive and OneDrive for business are one team. Outlook and Exchange are one team, Skype and Lync are one team all focused on those dual user scenarios.

    We are clear that our experiences are going to be available on all devices. We have a specific goal for multiple Microsoft applications to be available on every home screen. This is why we brought Office to the iPad and now there are more than 35 million downloads, the Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote."

  • MSFT Lync will now have to be uncovered by Audiocodes results Tues am.

    50 day is now 6.64

    Could be over 6.70 by Tuesday am and over 7 by mid August

    Golden Cross is coming as audc trades at 1.28 times sales vs 2.80 times for sons.

    This game allways goes back n forth and audc should have its day sooner than later. Catch up time is a coming

  • A quote from their blog: Over the past few months, it has been awesome to connect with our technical communities, customers, and partners at the SharePoint Conference, Lync Conference, Exchange Conference, Project Conference, and most recently, at TechEd North America. While the world is increasingly digital, there is still no replacement for time together, in person, to talk tech and business, and simply get to know each other better. Hands down, my favorite weeks of the past year have been those spent at these conferences, meeting with many, many of you!

    As we took stock of the past conferences and looked forward to the next year of conferences, we decided we can do better – better for our technical communities, better for our business customers, better for our partners, and better for Microsoft. Part of this is a recognition that as our industry continues to evolve, so must our approach to creating valuable experiences for all of you. Part of this recognition is feedback from attendees across the past conferences asking for more content and product team engagement across Microsoft versus just within one product area. And, part of this is a recognition that Microsoft’s own cloud first, mobile first strategy must carry through to our conferences for all of us to be successful together.

    With that backdrop, I am thrilled to announce we will be hosting an inaugural, unified Microsoft commercial technology conference the week of May 4, 2015 in Chicago, Illinois. We’re bringing the best of what made our past conferences so valuable, plus adding more of what you’ve asked for including…

    A broader range of learning opportunities across all of Microsoft’s technologies, including actionable best practices from industry experts like our partner Audiocodes - see Twitter @offfice365

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    50 Day Moving Average

    by audcagainerforme Jul 20, 2014 8:00 AM

    50 day 6.61 and a close above 7 could get us to 6.65 tomorrow am - now what funds aren't going to nibble on pullbacks with a rising 50 day and rising 200 day if audc delivers the goods? Fingers crossed they don't screw it up

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    $8, $9 or higher before volume picks up?

    by larrydp_98 Jul 22, 2014 9:55 AM

    At this point I don't believe you can entirely discount the Q2 report and CC could be a non event at best and possibly even a slight miss due to accelerating Op Ex and/or reduced guidance due to ININ lowering their guidance.

    One thing about Shabtai is that he has never shown the slightest interest in doing much that rewards outside investor shareholders. He gets about 200k free shares annually, the board members get 7,500, and none of them has ever bought one single share with their own money. Add to that; executive and employees get very low cost options which is just an accounting method to obfuscate an expense and dilute overall shareholder value.

    Long term I agree with your targets and rational. I hope Shabtai proves me wrong with the Q2 results and guidance, but I'm not holding my breath for anything in the report that will propel this stock much higher near term.

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    $8, $9 or higher before volume picks up?

    by larrydp_98 Jul 22, 2014 9:55 AM

    It sure isn't going to $8+ without the volume!

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    $8, $9 or higher before volume picks up?

    by larrydp_98 Jul 22, 2014 9:55 AM

    it will not go anyway without volume

  • With the next major conference occurring next May.
    I find it interesting that they are "urging all of our partners to adopt a cloud enabled platform". Is it that they don't want AUDC to reap all of the profits? Im pleased that AUDC management read the writing on the wall and implemented a Cloud strategy some weeks back. It's good to be first in line right alongside Microsoft in this huge, huge space going forward.

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    50 Day Moving Average

    by audcagainerforme Jul 20, 2014 8:00 AM

    50 day is already 6.61 with 5 more days until earnings ... We could be at 6.70 by next Tuesday which would only be .30 cents away from crossing 6.97-6.99...

    Sons hitting new highs can only bring attention to audc is weeks to come

  • It looks like AUDC has traded significantly fewer shares in May, June and July confirming and rebounding from the lows after the secondary than were traded in March and April when the secondary took the share price from $9.10 to $5.29. I'm thinking there aren't shares available for sale in quantity until the share price gets back to at least the $8 level and maybe not until new highs since a run to $8 would look very impressive on the chart?

    Throw in short interest and it doesn't matter if it is coming down slowly and may have only increased as traders gamed the secondary . Short interest and the likelihood of a good report and/or improved guidance could push shares back up to $9 in a heck of a hurry and past $9 if volume remains depressed and shorts have to cover at higher prices. I don't think there are enough shares short to catapult shares into the $11 to $14 range near term but a bounce over $9 would be welcome and set shares up to work their way higher through year end?

  • Where are you?

    You participated in a 4 million share stock buy back and part of the 4 million share offering of AUDC from my DD but you both have limited partication in your coverage, now why may that be?

    Could it be that neither of you were the lead banker,hence less commission dollars? It's really crazy how sonus resides at new highs and clearly running to higher ground as the sector is ready to gear up with SBCs, but Audc that you were so accepting of at an 8 dollar offering isn't worth an update or responsible coverage.

    These two analysts need to step up sooner than later, it's time the company steps it up and applies pressure to the both of them.

    More to follow........

  • Free WiFi is coming to all cities and audc OTT solutions for SPs could eventually pay huge dividends to all us long term shareholders who have endured years of stagnation in the sector. A lot of excitement and a lot of needs for SBCs and other products. AUDC could take off this year on these type of developments that are sure to boost the industry and company.

    Remember audc was 73 dollars one time. You can argue SBCs are stronger than gateways back 10 yrs ago. Profits magins are bigger and fewer players today vs yrs ago. It's a matter of time and execution.

    Audc sits in play. One day it's going to bought up by one of the big boys. Bidding war could come too

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