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  • The CEO in the conference call stated that EVC had earnings of 3 cents a share when it was 2 cents. He gave the figure before diluted shares. Diluted shares per accounting guidelines have to be included. It is options and restricted stock that has been granted and will be issued in the future. If the company goes private or gets bought out they get exercisable on the day the company ceases to be public and hence issued. Investors don't tolerate CEO's that don't state facts.
    Secondly, he had the audacity to explain all time high operating expenses on increases in staff to build up local news where he said they were losing ground. Here's a quote from a December 2015 article where Entravision is cutting back on local news staff. This payroll and severance costs would have been paid last quarter and expenses should have been down not up. Oh yea, let's not forget the CEO's salary in 2015 went from $1.5 million to almost $3 million.........just a 98% pay increase:
    "Entravision continues its downsizing of news operations. It has now canceled the morning newscasts in all of its stations across the country, laying off most of the talent. Buenos Días DC, Despierta San Diego, Despierta El Paso and Alegre Despertar in McAllen are among the morning shows affected. Staffers were notified yesterday via phone of the cancellations and that they lost their jobs after the morning shows. Sources tell Media Moves that among those who lost their jobs are D.C.’s weather anchor Nestor Bravo and sports anchor Daniel Diaz, as well as anchors Victor Acosta and Brenda Reyes in El Paso. Several technical crew members were also laid off at the stations." DaninFW

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    Noble Analyst

    by daninfw04 May 5, 2016 5:31 PM

    Funny, spending on news, but have cancelled local news in many markets and the local morning shows.

  • CEO said he expected digital and mobile to be 10% of revenues in 2016 and 20% in 2017 with organic and acquisition growth. That means they will have to buy a company at double the size of Pulpo to do that which means $40 million+ in cash. Looks like they are already spending your spectrum money. Overpaying again. For those of you not around years ago.......current management overpaid by over $200 million for their current radio assets. Why would we trust them with the spectrum money? Real concerns. DaninFW

  • The Noble Analyst just asked on call why operating expenses are the highest he's ever seen. He said they were almost 70% versus 58% in 2012 which previously were the highest. CEO said they are spending on local news because of competition. Funny how in the release he said it was because of higher salaries and free stock for incompetent management.........I expect to see EVC down at least 50 cents tomorrow. DaninFW

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    Poor Management

    by daninfw04 May 5, 2016 5:00 PM

    I have to add that I expressed months ago that EVC would probably pay a fortune to their two top radio personalities to keep them. I was right. Radio revenues for Q1 were up just $539,000 yet radio expenses were up $1,117,000..........
    Digital revenues were $4,664,000 with expenses of $4,530,000 for a profit of $134,000. On an annualized basis that's barely a half million profit for a $20 million investment. That's about 2.5% return on their investment. We also must not forget that they were already getting millions in digital and mobile before they bought Pulpo which they rolled into Pulpo to hide their bad purchase decision. DaninFW

  • I could not believe this one even though I expected it. I finished selling my last 13,000 EVC shares at $8.12-$8.13 today. Sold all 50,857 shares at $7.96-$8.13 last few days I bought at average of $7.08-$7.09. Booked $46K profit anticipating a bad report and intend to buy on any plunge again. Looks like could happen tomorrow.......
    How do you keep your job when you are the incompetent CEO? You own super voting stock that gives you total control. Otherwise, you would have been fired long before now. Fixing to listen to the fun call. But, get these few numbers. Total revenues were down 2% yet operating expenses were up 5% and corporate expenses up 12%.........Digital media revenues up 26% yet expenses up 35%. Radio revenues were up 3% yet radio expenses up 8%. See the picture? And Pulpo marginally profitable. Would have been a few million ahead if they had taken the $20 million they paid and reduces debt they are now paying over 5% on........I love this stock. Eternal optimists push it up and the worst management in sector proves them wrong time and time again. This is a $4-5 stock without spectrum. $8 is really pushing it as they need at least $400 million from spectrum auction to justify that price. DaninFW

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    Thoughts Today

    by daninfw04 Apr 8, 2016 5:49 PM

    You've done your due-dil on this very well. Very poorly managed, and you have the numbers nailed down! Pulpo, at best was a $3M dollar company, all it is, is an ad server, yet they over paid and then tried to make a square fit in round whole. But you nailed it! It a $8/stock, if it was just marginally managed better, it would be a $12/stock.

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  • This was a group posting to 11 in our group today.EVC does have at least $2-3 in auction expectation in it. We need to remember that when trading. It looks cheap because it almost hit $10 but that was when everyone thought they were getting $500 million to a billion in spectrum money. I am beginning to suspect they will struggle to get $300 million to $500 million. At the lower amount they are a $7-8 stock and the higher amount $9-11. If they were to really surprise and come in at $800 million to a billion this could be a $13-15 stock. That's why I don't mind buying at $7+/-. I see very little if any downside. This is the poorest managed company in sector. They had an average FCF of $65 million 2 years ago and if they had not received $10 million from tower relo's they would not even be close now. They are only keeping 40% of their retrans and can't close a new contract with Univision after almost a year while sector appears to be getting about 45%. EVC pays the most reverse comp of any broadcaster and Univision is starting to fall to Telemundo. . Then, they are 1/3+ radio not broadcast that is marginally profitable if that. They also overpaid over $200 million for their radio assets. Do we trust them to invest the spectrum money? And, they have paid $20 million with earn outs for Pulpo which is barely making $1 million a year.......5% return and I even question that since they rolled their other digital businesses in it so you can't truly track.
    You mentioned all the other sector stocks were undervalued. I agree. GTN, for instance, which I like the best compared to EVC is a steal. GTN sells for only 1.41X sales while EVC is 2.46X sales which includes radio. EVC is $7.13 and GTN $11.64 today. On that basis, GTN would be $20.30........
    On an earnings basis since I don't have FCF close at hand.........EVC is expected to earn just 37 cents in 2016 and GTN $1.92. On that basis, GTN should be $60.40.......in 2017 GTN will earn only 98 cents while EVC earns 31 cents. E

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    Dan - not the same without U

    by rockysim Mar 3, 2016 8:21 PM
    matts4@vt.edu matts4 Mar 23, 2016 6:08 PM Flag

    Room for one more? I used to follow this board regularly. Would love to rejoin the conversation... Thanks.

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    by daninfw04 Mar 16, 2016 8:28 PM

    I sent you a text not e-mail. DaninFW

  • Did you get my text reply? Daninfw

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    by daninfw04 Mar 14, 2016 2:44 PM

    Thx. 732-395-8863

    I have meeting at 1130 but will email u after lunch. Thx again


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    by daninfw04 Mar 14, 2016 2:44 PM

    No problem. DaninFW

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