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  • Our service provider is now part of our life. Each year the service goes down, is interrupted, or equipment goes bad. No one has worked on our house except TWC technicians. Like all of the industry we were required to switch over to all digital on all 7 TV's in the house. We installed the boxes and everything was fine. And then on the New Years weekend 3 TV's went down. We naturally called in. We were scheduled for an appointment for the following Tuesday five days later. So much for 24 hour response time (probably due to the holiday weekend).

    So the bill comes and TWC has a Charge for $9.99 for an Ezc Existing Ship Kit, and $29.99 for an Ez Rescue Video. #$%$, is an EzRescue Video? Anyway, the technician who came out told us that signal was good throughout the house, and when we called in the request the person handling the call tried to reboot the two new boxes, but instead shut off the signal by mistake!

    Service providers become part of your life, the #$%$ is always going down, and of course TWC is adding #$%$ to your bill..................

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    Competitor just takes over Direct TV

    by cspanosmwc Oct 22, 2015 3:12 PM

    According to NY Post, AT&T may be interested in Time Warner as well but I home Apple buys them instead.

  • ... to accelerate streaming TV plans.
    As per NY Post and 9to5Mac blog.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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  • Unfortunately this is a huge investment with little oversight. Using this service is an exercise in frustration. Devices that connect to the network are unable to receive data on a majority of the Time Warner outdoor public hotspots. Further, the hotspots will occasionally start changing channels every few minutes, which makes the service useless while the device you are using chases the connection to the new channel.
    Repeated calls to the help line are useless, as the agents can only comprehend assisting with password resets. Their limited English language skills don’t help either. Two visits to the local Time Warner Cable Business Office yielded similar results, as they openly deny any knowledge of whom to contact regarding the service “because we don’t charge for it.” Requests were made both times for follow-up contact, which did not happen. Hey TWC, if you don’t support your Wi-Fi hotspots, don’t advertise them as a benefit of your Internet service!
    So I thought I’d see how bad this situation was in my home zip code. There are 52 Time Warner Cable outdoor hotspots in my zip code. 69% do not provide internet connectivity to both of the devices I tested with. Four of the hotspots have been completely dead/offline/no RF signal for more than five months. If we are to believe the press releases that each of these hotspots cost $800 to $1,200 each, that’s $ 3,200 to $ 4,800 of useless investment in just my home zip code, not to mention the live hotspots that don’t provide Internet service. Although this is a small sample, if you extend it out to the 125,000 Wi-Fi hotspots that Time Warner has just announced as their current total, the useless investment could total seven to eleven million dollars. No wonder this company is so ripe for takeover. Too bad those who've run it this way will profit so handsomely.

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