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    Seth Grae Modus Operandi

    by chessnotcheckersed Sep 12, 2014 9:39 PM

    The SEC is awol because if the FED is violating its own charter by buying index futures, then they're going to give a total pass to the thousands of OTC liars. If the biggest of big cheeses are pulling a fast one, why would they care about obscure OTC stocks? BTW ... most S&P 100 and Nasdaq 100 stocks are more than 20% below their highs. What bull market? The "bull market" is, itself, BULL!!!

  • A D D....Another Dumb Dissertation

    Seth doesn't want to share....So the fabricators will string him along if indeed the technology is feasible.
    Areva is making money supplying the present reactors with fuel.
    They are only interested in power uprates if they can get a big piece of the pie..Fresh not days old.
    Super stop beating a dead horse...Go to your room...Do your homework...And respect your elders.

  • hmmmmm
    agree BW is not over
    agree Beverly Diangalo can stack a gown
    agree you have A D D Super
    I submit to a board vote that Eleuthoro means Greek God of Goldfish..Since nobody is here but me right now I have voted alone for the board and the vote stands 1 yea 0 ney..banging of gavel
    agree you should hold Seth dear.

  • are you done yet? Its getting late and there is a new season of shark tank

  • Chess,
    With your warchest over flowing with plunder from the grand Copper/Aspen Heist your looking to gun down your former passion play.
    Why not remind the listeners of your early introduction...invitation to THPW?
    It's a nice story, years and years of your rants about never, never, never coming back here....Insta....
    come out of the closet and say you love Lightbridge!
    I know you have an ltbr banner in your room and a pillow case with Seth and Tom on it.
    So here we are now, you are the market maker perhaps? How low shall you go?
    OK........forget about your questioning of seth's previous aspirations.


    There is actually a better chance that the boys at the russel know something. These nukey things take time....a few months is nothing in nukey time.

    Now Areva........aren't they in eurpoe? Isn't there a bear wrestler that wants to shut off their hot water? They needs jobs, they need power without a threat of withdrawl. Then all the other politics.......I hope you haven't been so greedy as to short this.........

    How low will it go Dad? When should I buy? I am eating apple pie.....I bought it off the day old rack...and I didn't have to.

    Have you been watching my plays Dad?

    Did you expedct me to stay on topic? You know that's not in my make up...... he tries to be you, but he isn't

    Like Keanu are the 1
    Like Beverly DiAngelo....CD can fill out a gown


  • Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!
    keep those tires inflated

  • Reply to

    Super, Jimlam the moron, old friends....

    by chessnotcheckersed Sep 16, 2014 3:42 PM

    Keeping it real.

    Marxe and Greenhouse head up 741 million in corporate investments.
    They are the chiefs of a special situations fund.

    Special Situation Funds

    Special situations investing encompasses private equity funds in the areas of distressed debt, restructuring, energy and other real assets, mezzanine finance, direct secondary, and specialty finance. These funds tend to have a slightly different return profile that complement our investments in venture capital and buyout funds.
    I'm sure they are connected to Seth and board members in ways we will never know.
    Keep banging that drum Chief Wahoo!

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    Super, Jimlam the moron, old friends....

    by chessnotcheckersed Sep 16, 2014 3:42 PM

    Seth was spotted in NY leaving Barneys with 2 boxes of John Lobb and one each of Armani and Ferragamo.

  • The devil is back and with some serious deep pockets after a killing in ASPU. LTBR needs to capitulate. Chart is soooooo ugly... let it go down. Look for a 200K share day down. Then maybe just maybe take a shot. Seth running out of bullets but hey lies are cheap.

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    Lightbridge and the history of lies...

    by chessnotcheckersed Sep 16, 2014 2:26 PM

    ii) Thorium Power and the fantasy MOU: This is back in 2008 when Seth said that Thorium Power had a MOU with Punj Lloyd: Punj Lloyd Thursday said it has entered into an agreement with US-based Thorium Power for consulting activities in the development of nuclear power generation in India.

    What became of this: NOTHING.

    III) Lightbridge and Fuel Fabricator MOUs: Back in 2011, the words are Seth's:

    Negotiations began with a U.S. fuel fabrication partner relating to metal fuel fabrication process development and demonstration work in the United States. Negotiations are expected to conclude later in 2012.

    If I am right, and 2012 has passed, then once again Seth seems to have missed the mark. On the quarterly conference calls why doesn't someone hold his feet to the fire and ask simply: Didn't you say back in 2011 that you expected to have a US fabricator on board for your fuel rods later in 2012? That was 2 years ago!

    Oh there is more.

    Late last year Seth said regarding another fictitious MOU with another 3rd party: Collaboration with B&W on the pilot-scale fuel fabrication facility study is another important milestone in the commercial advancement of our innovative, metallic nuclear fuel," said Seth Grae, Lightbridge President and Chief Executive Officer. "We hope the initial collaboration under the MOU can lead to a definitive agreement early next year."

    Of course, early next year (this year) is more like never. In fact, now Seth says they will make public the agreement when and if it should happen.

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    Lightbridge and the history of lies...

    by chessnotcheckersed Sep 16, 2014 2:26 PM

    To summarize, over 3 years ago, Seth said that not only did they anticipate later in 2011 testing their fuel in the ATR, but they "anticipate confirmation from INL and DOE later this year on the feasibility of going directly into loop irradiations.".

    Ahhh but 2011 came and went and so did the ATR dreams and all of Seth's promises. Seth qualified these words later on and spoke of another intermediate step required: a so called scoping study that needed to precede testing. Whether a study was ever done and whether results of that study were ever had nobody seems to know. It was just words apparently. In fact, not since approximately 2013 was the ATR ever mentioned again.

    C) Memorandum of Understandings: LTBR is essentially broke and has never had an R&D budge sufficient to support the dreams of Seth. He knows this and everyone with a brain does. In order to counter this doubt, Seth has continuously used what appear to be illusory MOUs with fictions partners. Here a but a few:

    i) When LTBR was Thorium Power back in 2009: In August, we expanded our Initial Collaborative Agreement with Areva by entering into additional Consulting and Collaboration Framework Agreements. We have now agreed on the terms for conducting the first phase, and an anticipated second phase, of an investigation of specific topics of thorium fuel cycles in Areva's light water reactors. The Framework Agreement outlines the terms of future collaborative efforts, beyond the first two phases of the investigation, between Thorium Power and Areva.

    What became of this: NOTHING

  • Thorium power
    a) The company's exaggerations/ lies when they were touting their seed and blanket technology are too varied to recount and as they are now touting a completely different though just as nonsensical technology I will skip over the list. But I encourage anyone to google Thorium Power (the previous iteration of Seth's delusions) and civilian nuclear reactor. You will find Seth stating that their technology would be in a civilian nuclear power plant outside Moscow, first, in 2010, then 2012 and then the whole thing was just abandoned as they announced their "transformational discovery" of the All Metal Fuel Rods.

    All Metal Fuel Technology:
    b) Rod Fabrication: See guys you can't just create or "discover" a new fuel technology. It must be licensed by for example a national regulatory agency. Before licensing you need to test it. Before testing it you need to create an actual fuel rod. Now for about 4 years Seth has been saying that they are under discussions with various fuel fabricators that will produce a 3m fuel rod for them, one which they will use to test. Now, LTBR never had more than a few million in the bank and these rods are not cheap to produce. But let's put such practicalities aside. Where are the said fuel rods needed for the test? Lets go back in time shall we.

    November 8, 2012 (about 2 years ago):
    Lightbridge also secured final approval from Russian fuel fabricator TVEL relating to fabrication of Lightbridge-designed metallic fuel samples for irradiation testing in the MIR research reactor in Dimitrovgrad, Russia, and the Advanced Test Reactor (ATR) at Idaho National Laboratory. "We are in the advanced stages of contract negotiations with TVEL and its subsidiary companies," Grae said. "We expect these negotiations to be completed in the next few months."

    Interesting, once again, Seth led investors to believe that a rod fabrication agreement would be completed "in the next few months." This was almost 2 years ago.

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    Seth Grae Modus Operandi

    by chessnotcheckersed Sep 12, 2014 9:39 PM

    Greed my friend is a human trait. Whether you are baby sucking your mama's breasts or Bill Ackman. But I digress. I mentioned thorium not because I ever believed these idiots but just to delineate the endless lies that stream from Seth's mouth. Again, CEO's can be wrong. But just Google Seth Grea and LTBR milestones over the last decade and you will see an endless parade of over promises and NOT under deliver but outright lies. Let me repeat this one example again but it is just so egregious: The man states a few years back, we are going in the ATR AND it appears we can skip one important series of test (capsule irradiation) and go into loop irradiation. However, we need to see results from a "scoping study" and these results will be know within a matter of year. A year passes and not only do we never know if a scoping study took place, they just never mention again the ATR. The foregoing example was in regards to their ALL METAL FUEL btw and not thorium. Last year it Babcock and Wilcox. Even the one analysts on the call was befuddled about how a CEO can give guidance and then just pull it like it was never uttered. I honestly think there is an actionable offense here but the SEC is awol so......

  • They date back to I believe 2006, basically when then went public. First, this lies surrounded Thorium Power. Then their "transformational discover". Then testing their metallic fuel rods in the Advanced Test Reactor (ATR). Then skipping capsule irradiation testing and going to loop irradiation testing in the ATR. Preceding these lies, there was their MOU with Areva on their "thorium technology" (never materialized); their Punj Loyd MOU (a rep of LTBR said it could be worth a billion dollars... but alas never materialized). Then after the whole ATR fiasco (strange nest pas that a revolutionary nuclear technology and the ATR wanted nothing to do with it? Stranger still that they said they were having the ATR do a "scoping study" to study the safety of their technology and then nothing ever heard from again? Yet, now we are to believe that GE is interested in their fuel technology?). In the interim 5 years, think about this, 5 years, LTBR has not produced one test result. In 5 years all they have done is promise this and promise that. In 5 years despite the manner in which Seth starts every CC "this quarter we have made great progress" despite these words absolutely nothing has been done. Nothing. It is quite bizarre that they are allowed to continue as a public company. Essentially their business plan should read: Seth Grae, to continue to have a job and support his delusions of grandeur, is seeking shareholder support. But hope springs eternal.... I have warned you guys now for 5 years....

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    Seth Grae Modus Operandi

    by chessnotcheckersed Sep 12, 2014 9:39 PM

    Your post reads like the posts of all the greedy "99 percenters" operating under schizoid delusions which populate the OTC stock blogospheres. There is no Thorium movement and there never will be. So Grae shifted to a new fuel rod design with conventional fuels. Where does LTBR's revenue come from? A few hundred thou a year from "consulting". It's a dog stock that rose to $3.79 based upon b.s. but it's now relentlessly grinding toward its true value ... ZERO.

  • Anybody presenting at a Peter Schiff conference is automatically dubious. Schiff's Euro Pacific company is known for sky-high fees and a lousy track record of prognostication. Schiff's alarmism may be conceptually correct but his main modus operandi is profit-making propaganda. These endlessly self-promoting pundits are nauseating.

  • The wealthy who own the vast majority of stock market shares are loathe to engage in TRUE investment (in plant and equipment) because they know the "99 percenters" have declining real wages and very little money to spend. Issues like LTBR that have almost zero revenue and thousands of other OTC stocks are being floated in la-la land by stupid money trying to find any place it can.

  • The Devil is working his magic and taking jabs at Jimlam again. Thanks for taking me back to the old days for at least one day. Ah the memories.

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