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  • As was mentioned by Seth in the CC.
    Could this be the subject matter?

    In the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2012, Conference
    Report 112-75, the Department of Energy, Office of Nuclear
    Energy was:
    – Directed “to give priority to developing enhanced fuels and cladding for
    light water reactors to improve safety in the event of accidents in the
    reactor or spent fuel pools,”
    – Urged “ that special technical emphasis and funding priority be given to
    activities aimed at the development and near-term qualification of
    meltdown-resistant, accident-tolerant nuclear fuels that would enhance
    the safety of present and future generations of Light Water Reactors,
    – And requested “to report to the Committee, within 90 days of enactment
    of this act, on its plan for development of meltdown resistant fuels
    leading to reactor testing and utilization by 2020.”

    Definition of Fuels with Enhanced Accident Tolerance
    Fuels that with enhanced accident tolerance are those that, in comparison with the
    standard UO2 – Zircaloy system currently used by the nuclear industry, can
    tolerate loss of active cooling in the reactor core for a considerably longer time
    period (depending on the LWR system and accident scenario) while maintaining
    or improving the fuel performance during normal operations, operational
    transients, as well as design-basis and beyond design-basis events.

  • So my friends this is the end. LTBR has given up on consulting (but as I said in many posts it never made any sense). They fire their CFO (why do you need one when you have no earnings and no r&d?). LTBR has nothing more than a dream and it looks like nobody is quite believing i that anymore. It amazes me that Seth will escape prosecution but alas that is capitalism. Of course, he just may have one more pr up his sleeve. Maybe you get a chance to get out on this pop should it ever come but it looks to me that it is over. The company doesn't even care if it gets delisted. I did try and tell you guys but hope springs eternal. Well hope for that last PR but don't be fools ... sell the pop

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    So it ends with just a little fizzle...

    by chessnotcheckersed Feb 13, 2015 2:32 PM

    Let the pigeon s loose! He hath returned!

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    rapid fire

    by bullahoop Feb 21, 2015 1:10 AM

    Upon the Lips of Desert Dunes

    Lift thine eyes unto the vast lands,
    New beginnings, forest green.
    Hearts asunder, joy composite.
    Earth's refreshing nature scenes.

    Effervescence, perks a bubbling brook,
    Rainbow trout spawn in a creek.
    Giant redwoods, dwarfed by mountains,
    Jutting snow capped covered peaks.

    Philharmonic jungle canopy,
    Songbirds harmonize the dawn.
    Mother doe grooms with affection,
    Gently nuzzling her fawn.

    Life's arteries, symmetrical,
    Satin silk-screen sunlit leaf.
    Blue green waters bathe baptismal,
    Tropic islands, coral reefs.

    Sierra waterfall cascading down,
    Canyon rapids carve the land.
    Banks embroidered with wildflowers,
    Beaches outlined in white sand.

    Newborn cubs begin life's journey,
    Reassured with pampered paw.
    Ruffled grouse puff peacock plumage,
    Hatchlings nesting in the straw.

    Pinecone scented woodlands,
    Sweeping golden kernel fields.
    Ripened fruit from valley vineyards,
    Cornucopian in yield.

    Breathtaking painted orchids,
    Brilliant butterflies in flight.
    Nocturnal metamorphosis,
    When dusk silhouettes the night.

    An endless herd of caribou,
    Flocks of fowl on feathered wing.
    Migrating with the seasons,
    Of winter, fall and spring.

    Ice crystals melt in purity,
    Rebirth inherently abounds.
    A sense of oneness in discovering,
    This plateau of higher ground.

    Overwhelmed, revitalized,
    By its grand magnificence.
    Humbled by the spirit,
    Of its raw significance.

    Art's, poetic inspiration,
    Irish meadows, English moors,
    Jetties, thrusting masculinity,
    Around a cape of virgin shores.

    Frozen tundra, scorched equator,
    Polarized by sun and moon.
    The fertile kiss of irrigation,
    Upon the lips of desert dunes.

    An original by Seedy

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    One Day Switching Strategy

    by budthomps2727 Mar 19, 2015 8:28 PM

    Made Chili today.
    Gonna have a bowl or 2.
    Lost 12 lbs over the last 3 weeks on the low carb diet.
    Gotta get ready for PR.
    Its my go to diet after a long high calorie winter.
    Its good to hear the birds singing again.

  • The simplified rule is to invest in the six months November 1st thru April 30th and then switching to safe fixed income products for the rest of the year. If you back test this strategy since 1950 with an initial investment of $10,000 in the DOW, you would have had gains of 6,740%. If you had invested the same $10,000 from May thru October, you would have lost $1,024. This is pretty compelling statistics especially when you also consider that if you had invested in November 1st thru April 30th, there were 48 years with gains and 14 years with losses or a ratio of 3.5 to 1. On the other hand, May 1st thru October 31st had 37 gains to 25 losses. Only three years had double digit losses during November thru April and they all coincided with financial crisis. If you only used the last 26 years for the study, the results improved to gains of $585,910 versus $498.

    Best months for stocks - January, March, April, July, November, December

    Worst months for stocks – February, May, June, August, September, October

    March isn't cooperating in 2015

  • Super !!!!STOP!!!! changing your bios like you're changing your socks.
    No slowing apparel down.
    Nike up $4 afterhours by a big jump over earnings forecast.

  • StockMarketVideo is a scam business infecting your computer with a spam virus!

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    Short Week...Good Friday

    by budthomps2727 Mar 30, 2015 9:18 AM

    Market booms LTBR, sits...

  • Nice!

  • Hey
    Really just wading through a sea of papers across a desk searching for a keyboard
    Heading up North for last of spring ski long weekend..rented a condo
    mainly packing necessities. .like that moonshine apple pie flavor and little flasks to share on the mountain
    ..and food good steaks...chicken..yummy Ceasar salad..and some chocolate. .
    Ive been such a good girl..running 2.5 (12 MINUTE) miles per day ..and working my Ash off..not smoking or at my fighting weight class..Not that I'm boxing or anything its just an expression
    ..but I mean I'm Irish I could start a fight in an empty room...that's a given

    Alright enjoy your Easter weekends
    I am effervescent about once again trading and rejoining your world post April 15
    if you will consider having me

    Peace xo to ya'll

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    Interesting How Investors Delude Themselves.

    by eleuthero58 Apr 2, 2015 1:48 PM

    Ignorance is Bliss and you Nit Wit are ignorant of the facts.
    21 posts in 3 days criticizing everyone at your leisure.
    Go rake your yard or help out at the shelter.
    Do something constructive

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    by xd1992123 Mar 8, 2015 12:26 PM

    Because it could and may go lower. It might go up too, but the assumption that because it's low it can't go lower is a huge leap of thought.

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    Super--You're not Psychic I Am

    by budthomps2727 Mar 5, 2015 6:13 PM

    AH yes the road to riches on the day trader Highway. Beware of the Bandits.
    You know there was really 4 Musketeers.
    The Musketeer had started off well. At the end of two months there were 4,000 subscribers and 6,000 copies sold in Paris. The outlying theaters were making a new reputation for d'Artagnan who appeared wearing a large felt hat and singing, "I am the Musketeer!" At the Folies-Dramatiques they showed a gigantic Dumas, dressed as Aramis, brandishing an eagle's plume instead of a sword.
    Letters from admiring readers flowed into the paper. Lamartine wrote to Dumas on December 26, 1853: "You are superhuman. My opinion of you is an exclamation point!" Michelet wrote from Nervi: "I am present in spirit at all your struggles of every kind, and if I am struck by your indomitable talent, adjusting itself to so many absurd exactions, I am no less impressed by your heroic persistence."
    Heinrich Heine, paralyzed and almost blind, sent to "the ingenious writer who is that great youngster of a Dumas," a most ardent testimonial. When he was enduring the worst tortures and could move only by catching at the cords fastened above his bed, it was Alexander's novels and articles that were read to him. "Surely after Cervantes and Madame Shariaz, better known as Scheherazade, you are the most entertaining teller of tales in the world. What ease! what freedom of fancy! and what a good fellow you are!" He thought him more French than Victor Hugo. The latter "lacked tact and his soul was devoid of harmony. His muse, like beautiful Englishwomen, had two left hands." Dumas, on the contrary, had a popular, generous spirit. "Your first name and your last name are currency worth more than gold and silver." Alexander held his head high in delight and in the colloquial tone he could so well assume, he wrote in The Musketeer: "Let me for a moment strut to the door of the Academy, dear readers;

  • Haven't had as much time to look at stocks.
    in 401k land I had success in Europe stocks.
    should I hold? H ummmm
    Anyway I am getting toilet paper from the garage to place in the baths.
    in the middle of home sale negotiations. They have the ball in their court right now.
    Cleaning lady's coming later.
    I find myslef becoming less decisive. Is that an age thing?
    Most ifcyou guys are old couts. this true.
    im 52 believe it or not.
    I still have a small position in athx. I have my may meeting lwlg.
    coming up on 2 years with out the Mrs.
    Hummmmm......mi know bulla loves life's small details.
    The youngest was going to community college but leaving for the university this summer. Last he said was teaching. Daughter accepted to nursing school. Big boy visit from Connecticut this week.
    im tryingvto decide on a storage unit. ..a pod or a garage by the apartment.
    Having fun with my gf. She wants me to move in.
    my boys have met her but my but my daughter isn't ready.
    my car is old. I take it in and ask the mechanic if it has another year.
    I could buy another car but I like my old one.
    I dont have to deal with tire sensors and such.
    If and when house sells im thinking of putting that in copper.
    The cupboard is bar since its less to move.
    the cat is going to be very angry when we move.
    the dog has been spending time at the GFs house when house was being shown and made friends with her dogs.

  • A disease
    Low float
    treats agitation
    built position
    might add. Might not
    my guess is increase pps prior
    has 11 target
    did a few financings already
    let me know what you think
    volume should increase soon?
    Im thinking 9 prior. Its hi 6-low 7 now
    do your homework. ...could drop like a brick

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    Oh Buuuuuud!!

    by eleuthero58 Apr 8, 2015 3:09 PM

    .ur...reeee. ...thra.
    It means Greek God of tube inside a D

    Hi Hi Hi !!!! nice pedicure today ..dark plum polish
    took a run outside it's pretty warm
    I posted last night but maybe too many bad words?
    Sold all ARIA but 20 shares today
    Spears I have NSPR do you?
    Also ONTX MCHX.I think these are good..some other bad ones
    7000 shares of VICL...ugg
    hi Super did you sell your house?
    Have to get up to speed on ltbr ..Cd I'm out of touch
    hope you guys are good..missed ya
    I'm tired..goodnight

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    ctic. ..

    by superpsiboy Mar 9, 2015 9:04 AM

    Chin up old boy.
    Life is a #$%$ and then you die.
    There is always a pop-up camper.

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    Oh Buuuuuud!!

    by eleuthero58 Apr 8, 2015 3:09 PM

    thanks. i'm thinking of writing a book. How to make 50K finance the rest of your life. high points.

    1. learn to recognize when market makers are accumulating.
    2. look for distressed companies with past insider buying and then look to # 1.
    3. recognize descending triangle patterns and look to #1.
    4. learn the value of social media (NOT YMB)
    1. learn to love rice
    2. watch every penny (say this 10 times every morning)
    3.accept the fact that you will be looking at that monitor 60 hrs a week and learn to love it as much as rice.
    that's about the jist of year one to date, six more years til SS kicks in and i get to learn to hate rice.

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    Oh Buuuuuud!!

    by eleuthero58 Apr 8, 2015 3:09 PM

    Why must you girls always fight when you know you love each other?

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