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  • ORN

    Orion Marine price target raised to $18 from $14 at FBR Capital

    FBR Capital raised its price target for Orion Marine shares to $18 after meeting with management and reiterates an Outperform rating on the stock. FBR believes Orion is nearing an inflection point of improving revenue and profit margin starting in the second half of 2014

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • ORN

    Orion Marine awarded $68M contract from the Port of Houston Authority

    The award from the Port of Houston Authority is for the deepening and widening of the navigation channels and berthing areas for both the Barbour's Cut and Bayport container terminals along the Houston Ship Channel. The Company will also be performing levee work, and conducting maintenance dredging in both the Barbour's Cut and Bayport channels and turning basins.

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    up 11% and nothing ?

    by mullam4444 Oct 20, 2013 10:26 AM

    ORN is being accumulated in steady bites. If its insiders it has not yet been disclosed. Doesnt appear to be a major equity player given the smaller bid/ask volumes. But no doubt about it, its being accumulated at the Asks with little to the bid

  • ORN is undoubtedly one of the deadest boards out there. Not all bad, but an 11% jump and NOTHING ! ORN is a company coiled for its investors waiting for it to finally spring to life after so many quarters if inaction largely due to Government issues of funding Corps of Engineer lettings. The demand is there in the marketplace for projects, consolidation is in the air as so many companies wait for revenue, and the real profitability is with the next dollarization of projects since it seems the management has aligned its costs to the lower revenues of recent years. ORN will break out with another $50 MM + in the pipeline. It will also breakout with any takeover speculation. It NO debt situation would put a high premium on the stock. Anxiously awaiting the good news taht seems to be hanging around ORN now

  • to benefit ORN.

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  • TADF, through its subsidiary has 5 contract bids with the Department Of Defense.


    TADF Contract Announcement expected any day. Penny Stock Analyst suggest TADF is for a HUGE BREAKOUT.

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    2300% profit can turn your trading losses to gains and bring your trading account back to positive.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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  • what the heck?...

    Orion's $13 million deal had extra sweetener for Lazzara

    Tampa Bay Business Journal by Mark Holan, Staff Writer
    Date: Tuesday, March 13, 2012, 7:06am EDT - Last Modified: Tuesday, March 13, 2012, 7:08am EDT

    Enlarge Image

    Julie Schafer

    Mark HolanStaff Writer - Tampa Bay Business JournalEmail | LinkedIn
    TAMPA — More details have emerged about Orion Marine Construction Inc.'s $13 million property purchase on West Tyson Avenue.

    In January, the marine infrastructure contractor bought 19 acres of land and buildings it had been leasing from Lazzara Leasing. Orion sold the property to Lazzara in 2004 for $6.64 million, property records show.

    Orion will make nearly $280,000 in dock improvements for Lazzara, which owns additional property on Tyson Avenue, according to a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filing.

    The leasing company shares corporate principals with Lazzara Yachts of North America Inc., which runs a marina on the small peninsula west of West Shore Boulevard, known as Rattlesnake Point.

    The dock work is to commence within 90 days of the January property closing, the SEC filing states.

    Orion also is renting "a portion of the land retained by the seller" for 20 years for an advanced payment of $250,000, according to the filing.

    Lazzara has agreed to lease three buildings to Orion for up to 24 months, with the first year's rent abated. The second year's rent is $7 per square foot, according to the filing.

    Lazzara owns several buildings on four other lots totaling about 10 acres.

    According to the filing, Orion drew $13 million on its revolving line of credit to purchase the land and buildings.

    Calls to Orion and Lazzara corporate officials were not returned.

  • its going to be a slow plod forward for ORN this year and the management has been pretty clear about that. Right sizing the company to the revenues avaialble is the game plan. But, they also mentioend taht the demand for their services weas clearly growing but taht governement grid lock has tied up the funds to work these projects. THis is a post election stock. I htink ORN has done a good job of leveling the expectations of investors as well as keeping htecompny in a postion to propser in better times. THis will all happen after November 2012. THis is the type stock dependent on government NON GRIDLOCK to do well. Early in whoevers presidency will be the most likely time. Plant now and harvest later --- this has been beaten down to a point of real interest for a good futuer return

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    CONTRACT after Contract

    by rchites Feb 9, 2012 5:59 AM

    $124 MM in announced contracts since late November. Matching 2011 fiscal would make $294 MM for the 12 months. Would love to average $41 MM per month like we've been doing for the past 3 months.

  • It wont stay down

  • look to me that we are on the way back up.... The gulf has a lot of oil. (something we need) These groups will help people get it.. The chart clearly shows the major slide and the little run starting at the bottom.

  • Went up a bunch today, also big increase in volume.

  • the earnings announcement. $20 + $20 +$40.. THis must be part of the $140MM in bids mentioned. ORN struggles to make money with annual revenues below $300 MM. $400 MM appears to be the sweet spot where margins accelerate due to good yeild on asset utilization. I wonder what volume level they are capable of handling ?

    anyway, the recent wins give hope that momentum is building as ORN can easliy double from here and $500 MM in revenues could push this in excess of $20 or a triple. Keep those project announcements coming

    Mr Pearson continued, "The need for our services has not gone away. In fact, we believe we are seeing an increase in the demand for our services over the long-term. Currently, we have over $140 million worth of bids outstanding, including $58 million on which we are apparent low bidder.

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    waiting for any good news

    by mullam4 Oct 22, 2011 10:25 AM

    Much of their "cash" is in accounts receivable. That's worrisome, should we see the type of shutdown the FAA went through in ORN's markets. We may not see a real budget until the voters have a chance to weight in on how to deal with the deficit--which means we may not see a real budget until after the Nov. 2012 election. I don't think the results of the election matter much for ORN, but the holding pattern for now is painful.

    For those with the stomach and the patience for it, I think there is alot of upside here, for all the reasons mentioned.

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    waiting for any good news

    by mullam4 Oct 22, 2011 10:25 AM

    I'll respond to my own post --- still wating for good news. Best thing stated was that orders are up based on previous quarter and that demand for there services is actually up. Washington gridlock seems to be the biggest culprit ---- but the projects these guys do ultimately require the same type of approach that a leaky roof does. Wait at your own peril, but the problems are not going away --- so demand for this is only building as time ticks by. With stock price so depressed, it is time to accumulate and wait

  • seems to me that ORN is tied up on virtually every revenue front right now and waiting for any sign of relief. THe economy, a lousy COngress that wont pass anything related to spending --- even 'good' spending, and the fix it later approach that has broken so much of the nations infrastructure.
    DEmand is clearly there for ORN's services. Money and political posturing will hold up ORN until the election in my opinion. But I would then expect many of the unknowns to its future revenue streams to be opened up.
    One good thing from this, and maybe the only one, is that ORN appears to have aligned its cost structure to its current revenue outlook. THat said, once future projects come on board, ORN will be poised to drop a lot of those revenue dollars to the bottom line as I do believe pent up demand will create a lot of volume at likely nice margins as the industry is shedding capacity at a time of future blowout demand

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    Update from the company

    by mr_snowblack Sep 29, 2011 5:55 PM


    I sold today after that news - and now it is climbing :(

    Strange Stock Market. Pessimistic PR released and now the shares are climbing.

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