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  • The audited results for 2015 were released today. Revenue is up to $21M (was $18M). EBITDA increase of almost 300% to $4.1M. And profit of $1.2M.

    Furthermore they enter 2016 with base revenue of $12M which is almost 20% increase over last year.

    Things are looking very good. I expect the stock to gradually increase to 150 pence this year. If the year has any positive surprises then it can go well beyond that.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • steven, there has to be a story behind your use of so many different names. Will you fill us in? Thanks in advance.

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    I am a geron "GOON"

    by docaiii May 4, 2016 9:21 AM

    Hang in there Jim. Janssen is steering the Star Ship Imetelstat right now.

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    Voting "yes"

    by envy_vo May 2, 2016 3:05 PM

    Dan, is that really you? LOL
    Didn't think you were a message board spammer

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    Hillary calls it a review

    by rumbleinstreet May 6, 2016 9:15 AM

    Rob, looks like your on board with the man who upgrades to a younger #$%$ every few years, degrades women, plans to kill terrorists families, won't rule out nukes in Europe, and will ban all Muslims. I guess London's mayor won't be able to visit the U.S.

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    Where Are Those Scarlett Lovers?

    by mruyog May 12, 2016 1:59 PM

    So an idiot like you has invested in coal and comes here daily to complain about it.

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    by moonfleet101 Apr 12, 2007 10:50 PM

    Vav Gaal has finally been given the shove. It was a long time coming but he just wasn't good enough. The players make the team, yes but they have to play for the manager and I don't think he could inspire them. I think Mourinho is what they want but he always fades away after a few seasons but if they can get back their glory days pretty quickly then the fans will like him. He'll fall out with them eventually though.

    I was thinking the same about Smalling. If he's the best that England have then the rest must be awful. lol. Rooney has been too predictable for a few seasons now. He's slowing up so the midfield is the only role for him . He was ok against Crystal Palace but against the Germans or Dutch? He'll get found out pretty easily/ At least he had a bit of speed to lose though whereas Wilkins never had any speed. He was a carthorse all through his career.

    We had a massive thunderstorm here yesterday but we needed that to clear the air and water the garden. lol. It did them the world of good. It's been blistering here today. I have thermometers all around the garden to keep check on the tomato plants etc and I'm not kidding, they were reading 35 degrees whereas the official temperature was 11 degrees. No way was it 11 degrees. They must have taken that temperature in a darkened room. lol. We have this weather for the rest of the week so it makes a change that we have the good weather and you have the dodgy weather. Bet it's different in the summer.

    That astro turf can be very expensive but if it lasts a lifetime it'd be worth it. My dogs would have it dug up in 10 seconds flat.

    I've heard that song a lot and it's quite good. I didn't realise that it was called cake by the ocean. I heard DNCE being interviewed the other day and they were explaining how they came up with DNCE. They were all texting each other with ideas but someone misspelled DANCE so DNCE stuck. lol My favourite song at the moment is secret love song by little mix. lollol


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    by moonfleet101 Apr 12, 2007 10:50 PM

    good to see you back Moon, but boy is it difficult getting a word in edgeways here lolol - more so hard to get a word on due boards messing about.
    I'm hoping the rest of your animal menagerie is all safe and well, you have had a bad trot of it recently - so sorry for what has been happening. How are those snails going these days?
    Markets got to a real high for me on Friday, but pegged back today - its always the same and you can set your watch by when the falls are going to take place, one day after new highs lol. Anyway, I am really happy with my portfolio, so apart from scrip divis I won't be adding anymore until Feb next year, barring any dramatic bargains, I have committed so much more during these falls so I have to whittle down the trading reserve loan for now. But picking up RDSB, LGEN, AZN and GSK top-ups were irresistible at these levels. Was eyeing up a miner but can't take that risk with work things going on.
    Yep, hoping nothing untoward, and think it is more a comment on the CEO than anything - he has been rubbing up Camelot the wrong way - FD was DIrector of the year 2 years ago under previous CEO and we had a happy ship. However, hardly anyone seems happy here now, the famous last words being "this is not a democracy". Anyway, it will be possibly 5 months before positions are filled permanently, so with that and a nice VR, I might be better off going.
    Loving the X-files again this week Moon - agreed on the humour - there was some great lines form the lizard bloke, and enjoyed the binman episode. A real welcome back to them. Saw a great movie called "Kawajaki" about a platoon in Afghanistan protecting a dam - a true story and worth a look.
    Re Coldplay, it is London for us thank goodness, too risky for Paris. Too big a band for JErsey though. We have got Stewart Lee coming across, my favourite comedian ever! Have a llok at his Comedy Vehicle on BBC2 Thursday - dry as a desert, and insults the audience without them realising it lol


  • It's obvious that I have a interest here or I wouldn't be here.

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    by moonfleet101 Apr 12, 2007 10:50 PM

    Yes, happy anniversary. Blimey, 9 years. Hasn't it flown over. Just confirms my suspicions that my life is flying by now. All these celebrities from my era going the journey doesn't help either.

    I think I've tracked down the problem of my chest pain. My ladyfriend pointed it out to me at the weekend. When I'm watching the tv the dogs like to get my attention by putting their 2 front paws on my chest to get as close as they can to me. Even though they're westies, they're quite heavy dogs and the constant standing on my chest has built up to a point that it hurts. I hadn't realised they were doing until my ladyfriend pointed it out but it really hurts when they do it now. I think the chest infection was just a coincidence because that seems to have gone now.

    Leicester might be having a late season wobbler, like you predicted. They still have 2 home games out of 3 though so it's in their hands. Man U just don't deserve a place in the champions league. I would still be wanting Man C to win it this season. Liverpool's match was just astonishing. It was very reminiscent of the match against Milan when they came back from the dead to win. I like Klopp. He's a genuine football man who just has a passion for his team to win.

    I've seen The Edge of Tomorrow. I like anything Tom cruise does these days. I used to say that about Will Smith until I saw After Earth. What an awful film that was. I usually like sci fi films but not that one. lol

    The FTSE has been great but I took my first short today at 6400. I couldn't wait any longer because we're well overbought now but I'm more concerned at the \American market because once they pull their money out of that then they'll pull it out of everywhere. The FTSE should be at 6700 if on a par with the dow but it's not working out like that. I still have a few longs held back for any ramp up and final blast off before the big boys start cashing in.


  • steven, such a liar. Why do you post under so many different names.

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    Mannkind longs read this post

    by making_sum_money Apr 29, 2016 12:07 PM

    steven, there you are with yet another username. Why?

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    Increased volume today

    by hairypotter9 May 4, 2016 11:05 AM

    Another useful message from JohnL

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    This cusip is a daytraders dream

    by dazetrader824 May 4, 2016 2:52 PM

    Thanks for the worthless message "bri"

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    by moonfleet101 Apr 12, 2007 10:50 PM

    Merry Liberation Day Moon!! :-) Extra special 9th May this year as it falls on a Monday, makes it worthwhile lol. Loads of parades, gun salutes planned, and more Jersey Wonders to eat than you can possibly imagine. The one day we are allowed to mug off Germans lol. Fancy a pint of Randalls real to celebrate with me? Cheers Moon - here's to war giving us a bank holiday.

    Wasn't it emotional for Leicester's title day? Brining out the opera singer was a masterstoke, and sent shivers down the spine, especially for the Everton players lol - they looked like uncomfortable older uncles invited to the party out of politeness rather than anyone wanting them there, and they obligingly melted into the background.. Is it possible than Man Utd might just sneak into the Champions League 4th spot? City look vulnerable now, but West Ham (your next game) imploded against Swansea, so its up for grabs for you. Really hoping Liverpool win the Europa league now as well, to give 5 teams in the CL next season - how mad is that?
    Are you reigning in your spends Moon? There was a time you loved your new gadgets and holidays, but guess you have seen all you want to see and all you want is what you have - a great position to be in. I just love seeing movies upgraded, and the portability and accessibility of downloaded stuff on iTunes is great for when we go away. Much better to have a decent movies rather than local rubbish they spurt out on the schedules. Looking to go to South Africa next year, so will beat watching any African Soap opera lol. Also weighing up a January holiday either to Barbados or back to Kangaroo Island for 3 weeks - dilemma but a nice one.
    Just collecting divis for now Moon, and gradually reducing trading defecit, been too many down days recently for me to check in - the ostrich head in the sand bit seems to really work for me lol. Too much Central bank cash being pumped in for a serious crash, so will let the portfolio just drift on. How about you? Longs from here?

  • portfoliomanager's yahoo account is "Chicken"

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    EMA PDCO meeting report is up, good news for imet

    by cheng_ho May 11, 2016 11:23 AM

    Michael/asherdad begs to differ with you. He says that is not the case. LOL

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    Delisting on board? Wow

    by biotech_crasher May 18, 2016 5:33 PM

    steven, I see you are still lying. It closed over $1 on May 9th. After 30 consecutive days, the exchange can start delisting procedures, then has 180 days to comply.

  • Zijinn Mining (China) looking at AUY for buyout. Hold on.......