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    The end of iPad mini..maybe even 9.7" iPad

    by joeshmoe1234z Sep 20, 2014 9:41 PM scropos21 Sep 21, 2014 10:10 AM Flag

    I trust that Apple has a solid game plan. The iPad mini may lose a few sales, but the uses for iPad in the workplace still remain. The iPad will continue to be the overwhelming choice for enterprise, and the devices will continue to sell. Apple will sell a combined 250 + million devices in 2015 (iPhone and iPad), and a switch to stronger sales on the iPhone side is simply excellent news for Apple.

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    What did she say?

    by hacker_boob Sep 17, 2014 3:26 PM

    Mitt Romney would have been a great President. He wasn't perfect but he has a great track record in business. Understands the economy and what it takes to get it moving and most importantly he has demonstrated his ability to work with Democrats. Sadly he was not conservative enough for some but I think this nation needed a moderate conservative.

  • "You didn't sleep with a conservative yesterday. . . ... Maybe you should have, if you could find one who wouldn't strangle you first. I would recommend they strangle you first so you wouldn't beat them to the punch since you admit your tendency to violence in desiring to punch out one nurse and stab another, "I don't know; can I maybe stab you?" What gives you the right to have these violent thoughts? It certainly gives us a deeper insight into what makes you tic. Do you blame others for your physical pain? You probably do, given your tendency to think like a liberal. Go ahead and punch out a perfect stranger's lights. Hope you do some jail time for the assault. Are you a polar bear hunter? Have you ever joined a group in the knockout game? It wouldn't surprise me if you said yes. You need anger management classes. Maybe obama can give you some free classes, too. "You are ridiculous and everything you say should be ignored." This goes double for you. You're not the first to ever have a kidney stone. You won't be the last. You need to control your anger better. Now get off my thread and stay off."

    Thanks for the laffs. I always appreciate the genius of your insight...especially this gem:
    "You're not the first to ever have a kidney stone."

    And of course there's this thoughtful inquiry concerning my right to imagination:
    "What gives you the right to have these violent thoughts? It certainly gives us a deeper insight into what makes you tic."

    Oops my thoughts didn't know they required your approval. If you forgive them; they promise to never think like that again.
    -No we don't
    Shut up, thoughts! You are violent and wrong. Please be more like Clive Bundy and the a peaceful thought.
    -Nooo...I want to shoot someone.
    You are a stupid and thoughtless thought, thought. Remember, everything you say provides insight into me.
    -Enlightenment no! 2nd amendment si! porque FREEDOM!!1!

  • Since it's a municipal service they might not be allowed to just shut it down. It would be like shutting down a power plant and leaving the citizens in the dark. Waste water treatment is pretty important.

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    GSAT and ADS-B Technologies

    by valeros985 Sep 20, 2014 4:14 PM

    Yes Leo, Inmarsat has offered free "basic" tracking for every airline they serve. It reports every "15 minutes" according to what I have read. So it's just a matter of needs at this point, and plenty of room for others like gsat that will report every second, imo.
    "The service will be offered to all 11,000 commercial passenger aircraft already equipped with an Inmarsat satellite connection, meaning that virtually all of the world’s long-haul fleet of commercial jets will be covered. The system would take data every {15 minutes} from the aircraft, recording their location, heading, speed and altitude."

  • True and I also added that as as long as the Fed is behind the markets you can buy the dips, 0 interest rates will force money to go into markets. Most Central Banks are on board so you can be sure markets are the place to be, have I been wrong?....NO so I like to have Fun and yes I use all the above, Lets have some fun and make light of things......and yes I was there with my unit but the truth is we have done more dangerous missions than that one, only difference is, no one knew about them and will most likely will never be known. Some things are better not known !!!!!!!! Great weekend so far here in Manhattan.....cheers

  • If oil glut is sustained with an added recession on top of that, you may end up being be right.

  • what is the one thing that you would do to ignite the economy and jobs?
    1. Reich says raise minimum wage. I agree with this but recognize that this is increasing cost of business which we all know slows business.
    2. Increase taxes on the Rich. This is a redistribution of assets but does little for confidence in America. Again hopefully we all know that our economy and stock markets is based on confidence.

    Personally I think the magic bullet for our nation and many around the world is a balanced budget, or even better, a surplus to reduce our debt.
    Imagine reading the Wall Street journal that the National debt is shrinking. JFK, one of our Nations greatest Democrat Presidents preached Volunteerism. His speech of "ask not what " promoted community and unity. It said nothing about rich versus poor or wall street versus main street. Imagine successful CEO's, once retired, streaming lining the VA to make it an efficiently run hospital chain. Imagine corporations sponsoring and promoting tutoring withing our schools. Imagine if Coca-cola or Procter & Gamble employees donated 10 hours a month teaching math and English after school for community service hours and the impact this would have on our test scores. How much could we reduce the Department of Education? the military has a ROTC program that agrees to pay for all or part of your education if you agree to serve so many years. Imagine a low interest loan program for medical school if you agree to serve your nation by providing low cost medical care to seniors.

    There are so many ways to transfer what is now a government run program to a community run program and reduce the annual budget. From my perspective we have a we want to hire it out (government) or do we want to do it ourselves (community volunteerism). I say it is time to "step it up" and serve the community to eliminate the government waste.

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    The price of finding out what's in it...

    by durrett.scott Sep 17, 2014 7:44 PM

    You have all the Fox Fake News points down don't you Clyde?? The fact is health care costs are rising more slowly than they were before the law was passed. And 20 million have taken advantage of it.
    Of course I realize that is doesn't measure to your brilliant plan of going without insurance and then declaring bankruptcy if you have a prolonged hospital stay. Or do you just intend to jump out of the 6th story hospital window if faced with a prolonged stay??

  • I sold my new BMW yesterday so I can load up on more NYNY shares Monday morning. I can pay for gas and tolls and I am a non smoker. I will buy breakfast, lunch and dinner too. My offer is genuine.

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    Why are these bashers here.

    by jai_hakim Sep 20, 2014 5:55 PM

    Hint : It's called a DISCUSSION BOARD. If you don't like differing opinions, you can always leave.

  • Never heard which partner!

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    I for one have been a longterm holder

    by gggordongekko Sep 20, 2014 5:09 PM

    I've traded SFY (Swift Energy) numerous times this year and had it many years back. SFY is my 2nd best profit producer this year. Guess what's no. 1........AVNR.


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    BUY OUT North American Palladium

    by dwkrl Sep 18, 2014 6:20 PM

    SWC is not overvalued compared to any other precious metal miner.SWC would
    been bought out years ago by Newmont but the onerous environmental rules scared
    them and others away.
    If SWC was 250 miles north, in Alberta , the Stillwater complex would be a major mining camp.
    (In Alberta, my home, levelling a forest the size of 20,000 football fields is considered to have no environmental impact.!?)
    On wed Barclay's raised their forecast price for palladium
    And lowered their gold forecast.

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    This is heading to $2-3 range

    by listen_jockers Sep 18, 2014 7:10 PM

    "Not that easy for JF to decide ........."

    Maybe not. The Russians know exactly what they are willing to do to resolve the sanctions. So, JF could well know if there will be an end to this crisis. JF likely has very good knowledge of what the Russians will do. If we see JF recharter the rig intended for the Russians, I think we can assume there will be no near-term resolution of the crisis. Unless there is another rig coming in that has no associated contract. Anyone know more about these things?

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    For what it's worth - part 2

    by buddabear83 Sep 21, 2014 12:42 AM

    No. That was not me. I know him, however. He has been a very long time shareholder.

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    You see, Ironcladirony?

    by bareft5 Sep 20, 2014 5:41 PM

    So what do your lawn signs really say?

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    XOMA, IDRA and baker bros

    by seriallong Sep 20, 2014 8:16 AM

    Something is up. Feels like the calm before the storm. A good storm

  • You make no since at all. First let me say I hold no shares, I got in on the chat room alert at 1.28 and sold in afterhours at 1.57. The reason I sold and many others, CREG could not break the 1.70 afterhours spike and pre-market was not any better. It was just that a volume alert. The CEO has floored his purchase at 1.37. As for the so called CARLYE they haven't sold anything under 1.75---2.00 Just follow the DD trail for them, It's all public record. Any back door transfers of there shares will be filed. They didn't become a 10B dollar company Selling for a lost. The game is being played in front of you, All this needs is volume it will come. No reason with there PE this should not be 2.50--3.50. But the game needs to play out. I will be back on the next volume spike.

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