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  • If Fibertower were valued at $346M that would net the common equity about $2.52 per share. Probably more like $2 after all was said and done.

    In response, the Commission appears to have argued that it didn’t really need to look at each and every substantial service showing before tossing them all. The Court disagreed: “[I]t ill behooves the Commission to imply that it can cancel licenses for failure to show any construction without reviewing each substantial service showing.” Since the agency record relative to the 42 licenses was silent, the Court remanded those 42 licenses back to the Commission for further consideration.

    So FiberTower ends up with 42 and loses the other 647, right? NOT. As it turns out, all the licenses were set to expire in June, 2012. FiberTower had requested a waiver of that deadline, which the FCC denied. But in so doing, the Commission had “acknowledged that the proportion of licenses that have been built out may be relevant to its extension analysis.” In other words, if some of the licenses had been built out, an extension of all of them might be warranted. Since 42 of the licenses might indeed have been built out, the possibility exists that, upon consideration of that fact, an extension with respect to all FiberTower’s licenses might be in order. Accordingly, it appears that the Court has left open the prospect for renewal/extension of all 689 licenses.

    So FiberTower’s 689 licenses appear to live on. The likelihood that the FCC will eventually relent and leave them all in place is impossible to gauge at this point, but at least FiberTower’s prospects are better now than they were before the Court’s opinion.

  • S&P Affirms Trinity Industries 'BBB-' Corp Credit Rating
    DJ Realtime News–05/29/2015 6:10 PM

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    Closed in RED today but ups 20.3% in May

    by aqnguyen May 29, 2015 11:15 PM

    Yea, well . . . I wish I had a stop in place when the Boyz piled on the fire sale. What was it, $30 to $23.90 in 1.5 days? 'Twas at the docs dealing with an AC joint separation . . .

  • It is only 1 or 2 hedge funds that are shorting, not 113 million shorts (persons). There are thousands of persons that are long. If you are suggesting "collective wisdom" then in fact the longs would be the right ones, verses the couple of head-strong egoistic hedge fund managers that are gambling with other people's money, who are refusing to accept all the real benefits that users are reporting.

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  • At first this was just going to be a trade. I quit posting on this because I lowered my position where I can relax and just own it.

    I never considered that QLYS was NOT able to do business with the Federal government with all of their products. This was good news for those that can understand what this means to a smaller company. It will also sway some state governments as well. And of coarse, clients and customers of these government agencies as well.

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  • Equals ONE GLOBAL COMPANY.....

  • Please use higher tax to control consumption and inflation rather FED using higher interest rates to combat hyper inflation. Higher interest rate to combat inflation will hurt our economy and will causes similar situation like subprime mortgage crisis. Higher capital gain taxes will not depress real estate prices like higher interest rate does.

  • 4th of JULY comming.

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  • Lower petition fees for small and micro entities – Current petition fees stand at $23,000 just to institute an IPR challenge. This is before any legal fees. This price is prohibitively expensive for small and micro entities, for whom the Patent Office already offers a discount on many patent filings. The same should apply for IPR.
    Allow petitioners to file replies – ​Currently, a patent owner may file a response to an IPR petition, but the petitioner has no opportunity to reply to that response. This unfairly allows a patent owner to raise new, unexpected arguments that will go unanswered.
    Allow petitioners the right to appeal – ​In Consumer Watchdog v. Wisconsin Alumni Research Fund, the Federal Circuit held that a pre-­AIA [America Invents Act] inter partes reexamination petitioner could not appeal an adverse decision but respondents are always able to appeal. If applied to IPRs, this creates an unfair asymmetry that should be addressed as it runs directly contrary to congressional intent in the AIA.
    Allow petitioners to raise challenges under 35 USC §§ 101 and 112 – ​Under current law, IPR is a very limited program, only allowing for challenges based on prior art in printed publications and patents. Numerous pre­AIA patents are likely invalid for other reasons, including abstractness and lack of definiteness, particularly following recent Supreme Court decisions in Alice v. CLS Bank and Nautilus v. Biosig Instruments. Petitioners should be able to use IPR to challenge patents on these grounds as well.
    Extend CBM to cover all pre­Alice​patents –​ The AIA’s Covered Business Method review program is the only Patent Office procedure through which many patents may be challenged under the recent Alice v. CLS Bank case. CBM is currently set to expire in 2020. The program should be kept open at least long enough for petitioners to challenge any patent that was issued before the ruling in Alice.

  • RICK's math: questionable.

  • And SD went up! hummmm

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  • You are splitting hairs as all analysis has more data for benefits and deaths after longer periods. What I am pointing out is 99% of the newbies appearing only in the last two weeks have NO IDEA that PBMD already did present at ASCO a year ago about survival data from CAN-003 clinical trial.

    They think this is something absolutely new when it is just follow up very, very, very minor data. That is why they can't do another presentation at ASCO because they have nothing new to talk about.

    All these press releases are just conning the little guys to buy stock that should be under $1 at best. It will be again in a few weeks. Why do you think this sells for 10 cents on the AUS stock market?

  • I've reported this previously many times, and what's changed aside from the stock players on this board twisting the meaning of what was reported from the phase II study results, is that it is now COMPLETED. There was a phase II with results indicating the REGIMEN was too toxic, but one of the multi-IDs stock players here twisted the meaning to say it was imetelstat that was too toxic. BEWARE SCAMMERS work full-time to mislead, lie, cheat and manipulate the share price of GERN here. That it is complete is interesting because of the closure. Geron & Janssen are working on closure for these clinical trials, which is an important step in the process for launching a drug. In that regard, pay attention.

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  • Quite frankly, Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, is either completely bananas or he's willing to exploit every crazy person in Texas for his own political advantage. In either case, he's a threat to the national rationality. You may recall that Abbott announced his willingness to put the armed forces of Texas on the line to protect his state's citizens from their paranoid fantasies concerning a U.S. military exercise called Jade Helm. Now, it's been revealed that Abbott's first impulse was to be more sane than his constituents, but that, quickly, he decided to get right with the nutbags.

    "Rest assured, this is not a martial law exercise," his office responded in emails and letters signed by Dede Keith, deputy director of Abbott's constituent communication division. "Law enforcement agencies in the training areas are fully aware of the exercise and will be coordinating with military officials to ensure the safety of residents and exercise participants."

    My dear young man, that simply is not done.

    About 270 calls, letters and emails voiced opposition to the Jade Helm 15 exercise, with all but a hundred coming before Abbott's letter to the Texas State Guard. "Please do what you can to keep military ops on military bases. Scramble the Texas Air National Guard if need be. Citizens of Texas don't need further, and continued intimidation from our Marxist president," wrote a San Antonio man. A Deer Park woman wondered, "Is there anything we can do to prepare, other than lock and load?" A Hemphill woman mentioned the rumor of closed Wal-Marts "being prepared to be detention camps." The operation advertised as a military exercise "could turn into a full fledged effort by the Federal Government to take guns away from law abiding citizens," wrote a Houston woman, who asked Abbott what he planned to do about it.

    If there is a clearer symptom of the prion disease that has eaten away at the higher functions of the Republican party, I can't think of one. Nobody with a functioning brain would consider Abbott a squish. After, as the Texas attorney-general, he led the charge behind the case that allowed the Supreme Court to gut the Voting Rights Act and that allowed John Roberts to declare the Day of Jubilee. Yet, almost immediately, he felt obligated to abandon rationality in order to appease an audience of angry shut-ins and talk-radio hysterics, which made him a figure of national ridicule. Every major Republican candidate for any office is wedged into exactly the same corner. This is more than a political conundrum. It's a #$%$ national crisis.

  • This one by Tim Plaehn, a guy that knows about MLP's.

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    short interest UP 1.9 million in 2 weeks

    by lombardcae May 29, 2015 5:23 PM

    I wonder if they are starting to do bond conversions

  • do they tend to use that time while they are hungry but unable to obtain food as an opportunity to self actualize and engage in activities that promote social cohesion and lasting bonds between otherwise separated social groups? ROFLMFO.

  • Thought I'd bump this to the top. I know how you have to be told something a dozen times before something sinks in, and have the proof stapled to your forehead.

    Can't believe all your ID's missed this excellent example of a Class Action with little or no compensatory damages...................... only PUNATIVE

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    Amarin will win this and Justice will prevail- $4-5

    by nikgats May 29, 2015 12:30 PM

    How did you come up with $4-5 range? Can you shed some light on this?

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  • Stay Long My Friends...

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