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  • After three years I am reentered in this stock with long position. I have establish 50% of my position. If it goes down I will buy more. I am seeing different signs this time around.I had invested during H1n1 scare here when Rahul was MD.I still remember poster name called D-Bag Nukemullah and I still see rez and some other longs are here.I am hoping in 6-12 months period 80-100 % gain from this level.Good luck to everyone and hope to see quality discussion here.Thanks

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  • They know they are roasted and toasted.and doing anything and everything...look for new buyers and several upgrades and amazing ru9 results...STREET #$%$ SWEEPER JUST WOKE UP THE MILLER LITE EM UP SLEEPER. ...JUST SIT BACK AND WATCH AND IF YOU HAVE DRY POWDER BUY ALL U CAN!!

  • Yes and shortly after the stock went from $33 down to $11. I don't know whether that was entirely related to the above, but I'm sure it didn't help. I don't know why Doral is claiming this will cause irreparable harm though, if it's just in the hundreds of thousands or millions. Doesn't sound like enormous sums of money, but they say 'irreparable harm' so I guess it is a large sum for them.

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    I'm buying 2 million shares at the open!

    by delafagw33 Aug 11, 2014 6:46 AM

    OK!!! I will sell for you...

  • You little fellers just don't get how much you are hated and despised. Do you know how many Tea Party candidates were voted down and voted out in 2012? Do you know how many Tea Party candidate wannabes were shut out of this year's Repug primaries? Do you have any clue at all how many more Tea Party brain-dears are about to be exorcised from Congress?

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  • Please share if anyone has any news.


  • Be patient and roll your existing calls to January 2015. This stock will come back to at least high 80s before earning annoucement.

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    OT: Latrine is back! I missed you :)

    by southacres Sep 20, 2014 11:06 PM

    Latrine first posted here February 23, 2012.

    Socket price that day = $2.35. Currently $1.90. Not so good, eh?!?

    He suggested we go buy 2 shares of Apple that day (technically, we could of bought 3).

    Apple price that day = $70.16. Currently $100.96 (all of this corrected for their forward split).

    Socket needs to be $3.38 to match that.

    I will try and remember this post in time and update it. I still like Socket's chances in the long run to make a lot more than Latrine's suggestion.

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    Brian Bf

    by minnesotasucksweiners Sep 19, 2014 6:54 PM

    I am holding dej not selling nothing !

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    Today's price action can be easily explained

    by u1682002 Sep 20, 2014 1:09 AM

    equity is pure speculation play.
    just be careful hope you get it back.
    good luck

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  • Not sure who said this, but a great statement: "Stock investors profit not by betting on Wall Street's consensus view, but on a view that differs from the consensus, and then being right." Don't listen to anyone on these message boards, do your own research and then make your own decisions. Some places to look for info:
    Google: Dangdang Galaxy Tianjin
    Google: Dangdang Speed Service Delivery
    Google: Jack Ma Dreaming Warehouses
    And that's just a start, search more info on DangDang and Alibaba, there's plenty out there, you just have to exert a little effort, do a little reading, and decide for yourself if these two companies are likely to partner up.

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  • New study from MIT scientists will give us billions of years of energy through fartification, a process to convert farts into hydrogen bombs - Bing it yourself!

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    Would be a good idea to print.....

    by honeybadger666666 Sep 19, 2014 1:37 AM

    Can we discuss your scientific publications first?

  • Cover what dipstick? I'm not in GLUU idiot. GLUU is for glue sniffers and FAKES like hairybuttsniffer and clowns like you.

  • For what it's worth, here's my take on today's meeting (that I attended). Once again it was apparent that Dr. Bar Or is one of a kind. And the research and science developed by him and under his guidance is truly astounding. If you believe the great science will win in the end, then your shares of AMPE will ultimately be worth more than you may even dream about.

    The meeting itself was well conducted. The presenters where not only professional but came across as competent, caring, and focused on the company's success. It was obvious all were disappointed in STEP, but it was equally obvious that as much as it was tempting to dwell on the clear disaster, they had renewed energy to move forward, put it behind them, and get the job done. Fingers can be pointed, blame can attributed and accepted, but they genuinely seemed much more focused on what they do now to hit the ultimate targets they have.

    The only real disappointment was Macaluso. He did come across very genuine, concerned, self-effacing, etc. I personally have an issue with him, and he makes me feel uncomfortable. One cannot dispute the company has done much under his leadership, but he does not instill confidence whatsoever. He basically (honestly and admirably) admits he doesn't really know what to do. He should find his replacement in my opinion.

    AMPEs facility is impressive. They obviously designed and built it as a state-of-the-art facility. - continued in part 2

  • I think you are already on the moon way out in space if you ask me.

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    A deal must be close!

    by morecowbell6769 Sep 20, 2014 12:17 PM

    VPLM Summer 2013 Conference Call

    ***I quickly transcribed this for your benefit. Some parts were unintelligible and I left dots or spaces. For complete accuracy please refer to the conference call itself.

    MALAK: This is one very big aspect of Mobile Gateway is that it can do away with roaming. And I hope that Dr. Tucker can really emphasize what I am talking about on a technical ground. Dr. Colin Tucker.

    DR. TUCKER: Yes, what Mobile Gateway does is that it integrates all forms of telecommunications data transmissions and allows -- -- into an IP internet system and it's not just specifically a voip system anymore it is a fully full voice communications system over IP. And that's the value as Malak said there is no longer a need, theoretically, for roaming. Because the whole system becomes transparent.

    MALAK (00:52): So therefore, you know Dr. Tucker, if you have Skype or Vonage and really, you are able to provide through Mobile Gateway & RBR a system where you only get charged for the local call if you move to London which is only a few seconds to get onto the internet then you are taken onto the internet for free. This is a big value to all the mobile operators because they can keep you from going anywhere else but also more important our system allows you to choose which pipe to go in so the pipe has not got a lot of traffic and you don't have all this call falls [dropped calls] that happens with Skype and Vonage. So also the quality of the call can be maintained.

    TUCKER: Absolutely.

    MODERATOR (1:37): Excellent. Gentlemen, the 2nd question is probably the most common question that we receive, I know I get this question on multiple times on a daily basis and it does call from some speculation and if you don't feel comfortable answering it that is totally understood. But, umm, the shareholders would like to know in your opinion - what would the value of this company be in relation to a buyout?

    MALAK: You know that is a very difficult question to answer. If some big operator said to my company it's worth $25 billion, I think you know who I'm talking about, I mean it's worth whatever an operator can value. We are going to go into a market where you are going to hold everybody in the VoIP system to answer that they are possibly infringing on your technology. So what is that worth to a mobile operator? What I cannot put a value, is it 1/2 billion, a billion, 2 billion? I don't know the value. Once we get granted Mobile Gateway that is a game changer. Really, the technology backed up by RBR. In my opinion I can't pick a figure from the street and say it's going to be worth 1/2 billion, a billion. It depends on which operator values it and how many clients he has. If they have 2-3 hundred million that's very interesting. And as you know Lawful Intercept is going to become law in the next few years and you're going to have to provide Lawful Intercept especially what is happening with Obama administration right now where they say we don't have a system. We have to report everybody. That's not true. Lawful intercept you can pinpoint who you want to record. So, I don't know. From my opinion I'd be lying to you if I said it's worth 1 billion, 2 billion, 1/2 billion, 100 million...I don't know what it's worth to Microsoft, Google, facebook all these big boys. I hope Dr. Tucker can emphasize what I am saying in his own opinion.
    DR. TUCKER: Yeah, Emil (Malak) you are absolutely right it is very hard to put any solid value on it. However, I would like to say just one thing I would certainly not be putting my name to this company if I did not really believe it was worth vastly more than 8 cents per share. I mean many times greater than 8 cents a share. So as we get the patents granted the value rockets up. There's no doubt about this.

    MODERATOR: Dr. Sawyer, would you like to chime in you've been involved in negotiating buyouts in the past?

    DR. SAWYER: As we look at this about all we can do..Dr. tucker, candy and I have looked at the...the company is not producing revenue and things at this point in time so you have to look back at things such as prior legal cases of patent infringement and court awards plus future fees. If we look at Vonage/Verizon there is about a 10 year old History there. Vonage had to pay Verizon for a patent infringement that is not nearly as broad as the ones that we have..they had to pay 58 mil plus a fee of 5.5% fee on all revenues. At that point in time Vonage had revenues - 10 years ago - of a little over 600 million (Malak says very well put).. so that is substantial annual revenue . You can do something with that value very nicely but we don't have all the pieces together to value as both Dr. T and Malak have indicated. At this point in time until the patents are issued we have to wait for that and then base it on - without an offer - prior awards of infringement and put some imputed value based on that.
    MALAK: Just on that issue...We already got issued certificate for Lawful Intercept. We believe we gonna get issued the cert for 911 and RBR in the next 2 months. The reason of the delay - i delayed because I added continuation patents - and the law says..the rule are you cannot get a certificate issued..once it is issued you cannot add continuation patents. We just finished out continuation was filed just yesterday I believe and now we are going to pay the fee to get the actual cert issued and that will take 8 weeks in the procedure.

    MODERATOR (7:15): Excellent and that's a perfect segue Dr. Sawyer to our next question. Assuming that Mobile Gateway is allowed in the near future do we think the time frame to sell the company will be a short one or will this likely be a long drawn out process?

    MALAK: Who knows? Maybe someone will come out of the woodwork and say I want to buy the company now before it gets too expensive? Who knows? It is a question nobody can answer. I mean Microsoft has a problem right now with Lawful Intercept. They announced they have it. They don't really have it because we are 2 years prior to them. Plus their patent has a problem it's got a flaw it allows the guy who is on the VoIP to know.....[unintelligible] it's really a flawed patent compared to ours. So who knows? Somebody out there Microsoft or Google is going to come in and say yes, we want this patent so we can do deals with operators operators swap patents with them because we have the base of the internet telephony. So to put any guessing it's everybody's guess somebody might be coming tomorrow say I want 1 billion dollars per share and I don't think this is nearly enough but that is a decision for the Board.

    DR. SAWYER: And it takes a while for people to become cognizant of the values that are there. Someone can recognize that in the short term and make an offer that would be acceptable to board and shareholders but you don't want to perhaps take the first offer that comes along like with any negotiation you'd like to have competition bidding for the patents.

    MODERATOR (9:30): This leads to our next question. Which companies - Emil you mentioned Google & Microsoft - which companies would be more likely to have interest in acquiring this company and acquiring the patent portfolio?

    MALAK: In my opinion, Rick, is Google..I had a meeting yesterday after ..... the white paper which I will send you...that we believe Google when it comes to the call initiation, Google they are definitely in breach with their Android phone. And Microsoft is in the same situation. All the big boys: Verizon, T-Mobile..they are all in breach when it comes to the basics of RBR and call initiation. So really, I don't know who is not in breach of this technology and there is no way around it. I mean tech gets advanced every time but this is actually the basic way that routing and billing is done. so it's a million dollar question and I don't know how to answer it. They are all in my opinion and i'm not technically qualified and Dr. Tucker is ..anybody who is making VOIP calls is in breach of our patent. And hopefully when we get Mobile Gateway we will provide icing on the cake and say you don't need the big boys like Skype or Vonage. know right now Microsoft paid 8.1 billion for Skype when in my opinion - that's personal - the technical value of Skype is zero when compared to Voip-Pal and Digifonica - well Voip-Pal because they own Digifonica ....for 11 years - so really and truly only Microsoft boasts numbers of clients but as for technology i personally think it's not worth anything if you look at Digifonica technology. So Dr. Tucker can really talk about the technical side.

    DR. TUCKER: (11:27) Yeah, I was going to make the point Emil that it's not just operators that it's very much an issue of manufactures. The likes of Cisco have hundreds of millions of devices out in the market which almost certainly breaks these patents. They must be using this technology. So they themselves are going to have to settle this some way or another and clearly those these guys have huge revenues which have dried up are dependent on this tech and their whole existence relies on this technology to a large extent . and it's probably true of IBM as well and certainly true of other major mobile operators ..the Verizon's of this world, T-mobile and other voice operators. So it's highly likely that all of these companies not just the operators but also the manufacturers as well are in breach will come to the party at some stage because each of these manufacturers when they sign a contract to supply will have guaranteed that there are no breaches in the RBR which we believe and i believe personally is untrue and they will have to solve this matter pretty quickly once we make it very clear and ofcourse are in a position to publicize the fact that the patents have been granted..and one thing we have to say and we might come to this later we are not being deliberately quiet about these patents...its' not in our interest to make much public statements about these patents at this moment...we could damage our position with patent authorities..and hence the fact that the shareholders are frustrated that there hasn't been more public information put out there but we have been holding it back for good reason - particularly that we may actually damage our own patents application if we do and are just asking the shareholders to trust us on this. We will publicize this once we are in a position to do and we're not endangering any of the patents.

    DR SAWYER: I'd like to reinforce the fact that an excellent candidate in my mind would be a company like Cisco. I started up a switch company a number of years ago and we liked to offer all of the possible applications on that and Cisco recently bought Sourcefire - a company that has 5 million net income for which they paid 2.7 billion recognizing the tech that Sourcefire would bring to them. This is the logic I think of what Dr. Tucker has just mentioned.

    MODERATOR: (19:54) Excellent. Thank you very much. The next question is has the NSA or MI5 shown interest in the company or particularly in lawful intercept.

    MALAK: I can answer this because I was involved when the testing was done ..I'm not going to say Mi5 because I was not allowed but it was done with some security personnel some 6-7 years ago in London and i'm sure Dr. Tucker remembers that. No, we have no contact with either of them. We are staying low profile on purpose. We need to get the actual certificate given first and then things will happen but right now we have not been in touch with anyone. But I can tell you, we tested the system about 6-7 years ago and I have the file which I can send to you Rick with a security team in London and we learned a lot and that is how we adjusted the patent of lawful intercept.

    DR. TUCKER: Yea, i'd just like to reinforce that..i was involved with those conversations. I think the shareholders should understand that the board do understand the importance of the security organiziation and let me just say that I and Prof candy have kept our contact warm in the UK even though Digifonica has gone through some pretty hard times and we will open up contacts at our earliest opportunity and have no doubt that those security contacts in the UK are extremely interested. And the importance of the security organizations is that they influence the regulators in that be they supposedly independent or otherwise in the different jurisdiction in the US or UK and it is important that we have those contacts with security organizations so that they can themselves can influence the government and regulators in the different jurisdictions.

    MODERATOR: (17:26) Excellent. Thank you very much. Another question getting back to the patent portfolio. Are there any realistic obstacles that could challenge this company's success in any way such as challenges to any of the patents?

    MALAK: I can answer that because i eat, sleep, drink patents of Digifonica..Once the patent certificate is given - which we got Lawful Intercept and over the next 2 months we will get RBR and hopefully 911 - it is then really very difficult to challenge. But you need ...certificate.Ofcourse anybody can challenge but decisions are made by examiners. Let me make it clear to everyone on the line every patent we got granted - almost 100% between 90%-100%- was turned down by examiners 100% year and half ago by examiners. So we've turned down 100% negative to 100% positive.. we've been through the mill. we've had to respond in very detailed information technically. luckily we have a very strong technical team on our side. So to get a patent turned from 100% negative to 100% positive is not that easy and to get 3/3 I think that was quite a good achievement from our team and we are very lucky to have a very good patent agent who has been working with us for the past 10 years now. So can they be challenged once they are granted? Ofcourse, it's a fee world and anyone can challenge them. But believe me the examiners worked very hard with us especially with prior arts and we had to prove to them that our prior art had nothing to do with traditional telephony it's with VOIP which is very different. And they accepted our argument fair and square at the end of the day.

    MODERATOR: (19:32) Excellent. Thank you. Dr's Sawyer, Tucker, would you like to add anything?

    DR TUCKER: I think Emil is absolutely right. These patents have been absolutely through the mill and if there was prior art out there that could challenge these patents I'd be very surprised at this stage. It's always possible but the Patent Organization has been very, very thorough on this. And the reason they have been so thorough on this is that particularly RBR is so fundamental to the whole communications technology. That's why they were very hard and they tried to turn it down again and again and again .......there may be obstacles out there but none that we can see at this moment.

    MODERATOR: (20:43) Dr. Sawyer

    DR SAWYER: Dr. Tucker covered my point very well. Thank you.

    MODERATOR: (20:51) Great. Another question and Emil you touched on this you said that Lawful Intercept had been successfully tested but regarding the other patents have the rest of the technology has all of it been successfully tested or demonstrated to other parties.

    MALAK: I have to touch on this because I know what's happening. We are actually working on doing some software for RBR but it was tested long time ago successful when we with Digifonica so I don't see any problem whatsoever it just needs a bit of time to do it but it was done a long time ago. The fact that you have tested Lawful Intercept, lawful intercept really carries RBR with it because it is based on RBR. Dr. Tucker can go into this a bit more.

    DR. TUCKER: The demonstration of this ..remember that actually there was an operational system run for 2.5 years with a number of parties certainly in the UK and these are commercial operators albeit small. This system has been pretty well tested. From a commercial point of view it hasn't been shown to the big operators..the people it was shown to were people who we wished to have come in and use the system to see if they could try to break it and it was used commercially by a number of small operators in the UK. And that was done to the whole system including Lawful Intercept which was demonstrated as we said to various security organizations in the UK successfully and as Emil said some time ago. That being said we do have a system up and running at this moment which is available to show potential buyers of the company. I think that is about all we can say. Tom do you have anything else to say?

    DR. SAWYER: You made a great point about the fact that several years ago that Digifonica had this running as a commercial and was demonstrated quite well. We had 2 supernodes operating one in Canada and one the the UK. And I think those are important things to consider as a basis for the technology.

    MALAK: We can test now any time Lawful Intercept. If you want testing we are ready and willing to do tests. Give us 48 hours notice and we can test Lawful Intercept which is based on RBR . no problem whatsoever. Ofcourse, if you 're going to have millions of subscribers you have to upgrade and upgrade and upgrade and it's going to be up to whomever is going to buy.

    MODERATOR: (23:59) Another question is the exit strategy to sell the company in one piece or is there some consideration of selling the patents individually or even perhaps monetizing some of the patents ourselves and have VOIP generate revenues using them?

    MALAK: I want to answer this but Dr. Tucker can go on after I say what I say. The 4 patents are interlinked. I don't think you can sell one without the others. In my opinion, RBR is interlinked to Lawful Intercept to 911 and I hope if god loves us we will get Mobile Gateway. In my opinion they all go together. Either you're gonna sell them and buy them with one of the four patents or stay in business and license it. My view is that you need one of the big boys to buy us out and then they can do what they need to do. So I leave that to Dr. Tucker and Dr. Sawyer.

    DR. TUCKER: I fully support that view. The patents are so interconnected with the fundamental being the RBR at being down at the base of the whole thing but doesn't seem sensible to me selling off 1 or a subset of the patents. It's better to sell the whole basket - that's where the value is. The second part of the question - should we be monetizing any of the patents ourselves - in my opinion I think that's a plan B and i'm only giving you my opinion not the company's view. The monetizing of the patents will likely be a much longer process and in my view will give you a much more uncertain outcome and is definitely a plan B if we were unable to find a buyer.

    MODERATOR: (26:06) Excellent. Dr. Sawyer would you like to comment?

    DR SAWYER: In summary I would say that the 4 or 5 patents are much more valuable in combination then they would be separated and that's been addressed.

    MODERATOR: (26:25) Are there competitors in each space and who might they be regarding the individual patents?

    MALAK: My view Rick is that nobody knows. I don't want to lie to anybody. One big organization on the level of Google, T-Mobile, Deutsche Telecom. Whoever. And really and truly if I was sitting on the board of Microsoft I would never let this patent go because they can add to the value to the 8.1 billion that they paid for Skype. Really, it would be silly answer from me to say that somebody will buy here and there. We really don't know. But we have basic patents to VOIP that somebody has to stand up and say you guys have been infringing. I Hope it will not be us - we are not big enough for that. We hope somebody will see the value. I think this is not far. We are getting very close.

    DR. TUCKER: The prior art work that has been done by ourselves and the different patent offices has not turned up any competitor in the sense that there is nobody out there that has this prior art. As Emil said there could be a competitor that we don't know about but that it is unlikely seeing all the work that has been done by the patent office and Digifonica itself.

    MODERATOR: (28:08) We are going to skip to another question that would be a perfect seque on the list that you have with this discussion and that is...Can either of these patents be slightly tweaked by another company in order to avoid patent infringement and avoid having to pay licensing or acquire the patents from VOIP themselves?

    MALAK: I'm gonna answer you there. We spent the last two months when we got the okay on RBR We have now added on every patent LI, RBR, 911 what you call continuation and divisional patents so hopefully no one will get into this area ... tbe next 20 years. We have more patents to come which are based on these patents which by law and rules you are allowed to do. We covered every nook and cranny in this area. So really and truly whoever is going to buy us is going to be very happy that we didn't sit back and say oh we just got the patents we added to follow and follow so for the next 15 years believe me I covered every single angle where we got continuation to be given extra patents in all the fields. And I'll let Dr. Tucker talk about that.

    DR. TUCKER: I think that's a very good description Emil. I don't think I can add to that. We have looked very hard to see if there is any easy way to circumvent this. The issue with RBR is that it is so fundamental to VOIP and the way we developed it with Mobile Gateway and the other thing the total IP communication world. It is highly unlikely that there is a simple way to circumvent these patents. The most likely is that someone coming up with an idea to circumvent is more likely to come buy these patents from us because that is the cheaper solution.

    MALAK: You are also not buying 4 patents. We have now brought through continuation babies that are born from these patents so it's going to keep going and going and as you know our patents are only covering US, Europe and Canada but the fact that we brought in continuation and divisional applications is going to allow us to go back to the PTT and go around to the whole world again and lock them because at the time we didn't have enough money for it. This is a good strategy. We have recently added India and Brazil because that was still open. But with the addition of more patents coming out of the originals we can go back and lock more patents which will bring the originals all over the world again in the next couple of years.

    MODERATOR: (31:30) Dr. Sawyer would you like to add anything?

    DR. SAWYER: I think it's been well covered. Thank you.

    MODERATOR: (31:27) The next couple of questions gentlemen has to do more with the stock structure and the company rather than the technology and that's will there be any further dilution to the current share structure?

    DR. TUCKER: I'm happy to answer that question. There are no plans for any further amount of dilution. The board fully understands that there is a limit to the shareholder's patience in dilution and the board will certainlu not dilute any further unless it is absolutely necessary - i mean there might be very small dilution but there is no intention at this moment for any major dilution.

    MALAK: As far as contract the most it will go to because i have a deal with VPLM is that it will not go more than 850-900 million shares because some people are exercising some debts but it will never go higher than 850-900 million and hat was a part of my contract with the company because I didn't want to see any big time dilution. The board will know better anyway.

    MODERATOR: (32:55) Is there a possibility or discussion of doing a reverse split to the stock?

    DR. SAWYER: There's been none brought to the board anyway.

    MALAK: I hope not.

    DR. TUCKER: There has never been a suggestion that we would do that.

    MODERATOR: I'm sorry can you repeat that?

    DR. TUCKER: Yeah, what I was saying is that Dr. Sawyer is right there has never been a proposal brought to the board and that has never been discussed at the board and we know of no intention to do that.

    MODERATOR: (33:41) Excellent. Gentlemen we've covered all of the questions and I was wondering if each of you can take a moment to give a findal statement before we end the call. Speaking as someone who speaks to shareholders of the big concerns or questions that we get how can we have a stock that is trading at 7.5 cents 8 cents that's not trading higher than 10.5 cents and yet we claim we have such valuable technology I know some of that has been already addressed but would any of you care to mention that as we wrap up the call?

    MALAK: Rick, I have been the culprit. I have advised the board and am glad the board listened to me. We cannot have at this stage in time have any potential risk to our patents because the patents have been allowed but we don't have the certificate. We need to have the cert I don'[t want anything to go out that peoiple think this is Pump & Dump.... By the way everyone should know the shareholders..... Call it Dr. Tucker & Dr. Sawyer .....I don't buy and sell shares and never have with any of my companies. Even the other company Digifonica I never sold any shares I stayed until the end. So, really it was me who said Gentlemen don't have any publicity now and I know it's frustrating for shareholders but in the next 3 months we have to tread carefully once we have the certs then we can relax. I know it's very tough for you Rick because it's holding your hand I think that's the more sensible way to tread for the next 3 months and you just have to believe that we are doing everything possible to enhance the value of the company.

    DR. SAWYER: And I think adding to what Emil just said. If we look at the history of the stock price from a quarter of a cent up to the 8 cents now that's quite a rapid increase in valuation per share and then if we add to that the fact that there is 850 million issued 900 million authorized shares then you're looking at even 8 cents at a 72 million valuation with only LI having been awarded. I think as soon as the other 3 patents issue that is certainly going to add. If I had been one of the early investors at a penny you're still looking at 800% increase in just a year.

    MALAK: Dr. Sawyer & Tucker were on the board with me at Digifonica. When the company was selling at $2 per share the three of us never sold one single share. That tells you something about our commitment. Never sold. I could have made millions of dollars I never sold one single share same for Dr. Tucker and Dr. Tucker.

    MODERATOR: (37:23) Excellent. Thank you very much. Do you foresee a time then when in perhaps a couple of months if the company is still around and has not been bought out do you see a time when the company will be aggressive about a PR campaign and get the word out and try to get onto the big publications, television and radio and what not?

    MALAK: End of November. This year.

    MODERATOR: (38:05) Gentlemen we've reached the end of the questions we really appreciate it if we can just go around and maybe give a brief closing statement and again we appreciate your time out of your busy schedules to address the shareholders. We have quite a bit of shareholders as I mentioned at the top of the call what turned out what originally intended to be a little chat with just a handful of shareholders has turned into literally dozens I believe we have about 70 people on the call perhaps more so we really appreciate it. I think this has been very informative and I'd just like to hear some closing thoughts from you and then we'll finish the call. Dr. Sawyer would you like to start?

    DR. SAWYER: As Emil has said, Dr. Tucker, Professor Candy were all part of Digifonica some years ago. These patents were filed 10 years ago and I think the way the technology is being acknowledged by the patent office is evidence of their fundamental value and the basis for the technology is very broad in the scope and has great implications for the future of VOIP telephony. I am delighted to have been associated with these people - Professor Candy and Dr. Tucker - our history goes back many years. I think this is a great opportunity for this technology which Emil persevered in assuring its issuance and I'm again delighted to be a member of the board of Voip-Pal.

    MALAK: Really, I think I have said enough. The fact that Voip-Pal is a pink sheet OTC which people say is not serious. Pink sheets are all pump and dump. What you've got here - you've got the goodies. You've got the patents to back everything. And if you don't have the goodies I would never have been involved with VPLM. The goodies are there the basics are strong you just have to be patient. Give us 3-4 months to lock them in.

    DR. TUCKER: I really believe in these patents. If you go back 3-4 years in the really dark days of Digifonica personally we should give credit to Emil. Emil gave all his money and his soul and his life behind these to get these patents through. I was supporting him to a lesser extent both from a technical point of view and I put some of my own money into all of this for some considerable part with no real hope at the time that we could get these patents through and granted. I fundamentally believe in these patents. They are extremely valuable. They are fundamental to VOIP and many of the other of the communications technologies. I am here and I should push like hell to get this company to be successful.

    MODERATOR: Thank you gentlemen.

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    YHOO is about to go night night

    by selloffin321 Sep 19, 2014 11:17 AM

    Buy out will change all that. Too much potential, too much value locked up not to come exploding out regardless of option positions.

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