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  • If I live somewhere where electricity is cheaper off hours and charge my system every night and discharge it at peak periods, how long will it last?

    I thought li-ion batteries could only be expected to have a life of around 1k cycles?

  • Market Cap 1b$
    Yearly Sales= 500m- 1b$?

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    News out! Huge Buy!

    by tradethaworld Apr 29, 2015 2:19 PM

    Yeah. With all the good news (MMJ or otherwise), the price should be trending upward.

    To me, this shows manipulators are forcing the PPS down. Manipulators are selling shares to themselves through double accounts hoping to shake a few shares loose. The only reason they are able to do this is because the vast majority of shares are locked up by us longs because we aren't letting them go for cheap.

    Eventually, some of us longs will give up and sell or we will get new investors come in willing to pay a fair price. That's the only way this game of chicken ends.

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    IBB in the green so far today

    by fu12315 Apr 29, 2015 9:53 AM

    IBB up for the day, up AH

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    Earnings beat

    by hightechinvstr Apr 30, 2015 1:20 AM

    The beauty of Nokia is that it's not just a one trick pony: their non-frand patent collection is going to help generate extra money on the side, and that is what sets NOK apart from ERIC.


  • EuroBusiness Media (EBM): Sanofi, a global and diversified healthcare leader, reports its results for the first quarter of 2015. Jérôme Contamine, welcome. You’re the CFO of Sanofi. What are your comments on the first quarter results? Has Sanofi started the year off on the right footing?

    Jérôme Contamine: We clearly had a good start to 2015. In the first quarter, growth was mainly driven by the strong performance of Genzyme and Merial, and to a lesser extent also by our Consumer Healthcare business.

    Group sales were €8.8 billion, up 2.4% at constant exchange rates (CER). On the bottom line, Sanofi delivered business EPS of €1.32, which represents growth of 2.6% at CER.

    We saw much stronger growth on a reported basis than at a CER basis for both top and bottom line due to the favorable currency impact for the quarter. Exchange rate movements had a positive effect of 9.9 percentage points on reported sales and 10.2 percentage points on reported business EPS, reflecting mainly the strength of the US dollar and other currencies against the euro.

    EBM: Does the Group’s performance in Q1 mean that you’re in a position to reiterate your guidance for 2015?

    Jérôme Contamine: So, clearly, we had a good start for the year and our expectations for 2015 business EPS remain unchanged. We continue to expect 2015 business EPS to be stable to slightly growing versus 2014 at CER, barring major unforeseen adverse events.

    We also expect to benefit from positive currency movements this year: the impact on business EPS is estimated to be approximately +12%, assuming that exchange rates remain stable in the following three quarters at the average rates of March 2015.

    EBM: Please update us on the progress you made with Sanofi’s recent launches.

    Jérôme Contamine: Starting with Genzyme, we recently launched Cerdelga®, the first oral therapy for Gaucher disease strengthening our Gaucher franchise and reinforcing our leadership position in this business. Genzyme is also making great progress in expanding in Multiple Sclerosis with Aubagio®, our oral MS therapy, and more recently with Lemtrada™, a highly innovative treatment for multiple sclerosis recently launched in the US.

    In February, Afrezza®, a new inhaled insulin, was launched in the US market. More recently, we also launched Toujeo® in the US in late March, our new once‐daily long‐acting basal insulin, which was approved by the FDA earlier this year and this week by the European regulatory authorities.

    We are pleased with the progress we have made to date with our multiple new products and the roll-out of our launches globally. We are now also looking forward to the expected FDA decision on Praluent™ in July and the potential regulatory approval of Dengue later in the year.

    EBM: And was the Diabetes division performance in-line with expectations in the first quarter?

    Jérôme Contamine: As expected, our Diabetes sales were down slightly by 3.2% at CER, reflecting the anticipated pricing pressure on Lantus® in the US market. As previously communicated, increased rebates for most contracts in the US for Lantus® were required to secure favorable formulary positions and became fully effective at the beginning of 2015. Consequently, the impact of higher rebates is visible from Q1 2015.

    While the market share of Lantus® in the US remained stable compared to the fourth quarter last year, US Lantus® sales were down 13.1% in the quarter versus Q1 last year. Of that, volume increased 2% and price was down 15%.

    Outside of the US, Lantus® sales grew 18.0% in Emerging Markets and 6.3% in Western Europe in the quarter.

    EBM: Has the performance of Genzyme met your expectations this quarter?

    Jérôme Contamine: Genzyme delivered another outstanding quarter. First quarter sales of Genzyme increased 30.9% to €821 million, reflecting the strong performance of Aubagio® and double-digit growth of Rare Diseases products.

    Actually, Genzyme recorded double-digit sales growth in all regions, including the US, Western Europe, Emerging Markets and Rest of the World. This reflects our sustained leadership position in Rare Diseases with the continued success of Cerezyme®, Fabrazyme® and Myozyme®. Overall, sales of the Rare Diseases business were up 15.9% at CER in the quarter.

    At the same time, sales of our Multiple Sclerosis business were €208 million. Aubagio® continued its success with sales more than doubling to €170 million versus €78 million during the same period of last year. Lemtrada™ sales in Q1 also exceeded full year 2014 sales.

    EBM: How did your Animal Health and Consumer Healthcare businesses perform this quarter?

    Jérôme Contamine: Again, our Animal Health business delivered growth of 13.5% at CER in the first quarter, reaching record quarterly sales for Merial. This reflects strong sales of NexGard™ in the US, which more than doubled versus the first quarter last year, stabilization of Frontline® and strong performance of Heartgard®, also benefiting from the supply shortage of one of our competitors.

    In Consumer Healthcare (CHC), we are pleased by the robust mid-single digit growth delivered in the first quarter, which is slightly above market growth. We benefited from a solid performance of Allegra in the US ahead of the spring allergy season and we saw good growth for our CHC business in Emerging Markets, up 6.3%.

    EBM: And what are your updates on the growth prospects of your vaccine business? Any update on your Dengue fever vaccine?

    Jérôme Contamine: As we previously indicated during our full year results call, Vaccines sales declined in the first quarter resulting from a delay in the Southern Hemisphere influenza campaign due to two strain changes. As a result, Sanofi Pasteur sales were down 4.6% at CER. However, excluding flu, Vaccines showed growth of 17.2%, driven by the performance of Pentacel® and Menactra® in the US as well as Pentaxim® in China. Overall, I’m confident that Sanofi Pasteur will have another good year in 2015.

    We are particularly excited about our Dengue vaccine: Sanofi Pasteur is at the leading edge of making Dengue the next preventable disease through vaccination. We have now extended our rolling submissions into endemic countries in Latin America and we anticipate the first licenses to be granted in countries in both Asia and Latin America in the second half of 2015.

    EBM: What’s the update on your R&D pipeline, and what do you see as being the future growth catalysts?

    Jérôme Contamine: As you know, we have exciting late-stage pipeline opportunities in the near-term. Our next R&D milestones for this year include:
    - Regulatory submission of lixisenatide, our GLP-1, in the US expected in the third quarter, 
following the positive ELIXA cardiovascular outcome data.

    - Sanofi Pasteur also expects an FDA decision of PR5i, our hexavalent pediatric combination 
vaccine, during the third quarter of this year. It could become the first vaccine in the US 
approved to help protect against six important diseases, including Hepatitis B. 

    - Upcoming Phase III results and expected regulatory submission of our “insulin glargine / 
lixisenatide” combination project, Lixilan, in the fourth quarter. 

    - Also, upcoming pivotal data and the expected regulatory submission of sarilumab in rheumatoid arthritis before year end. 

    - Last but not least, we are encouraged by the recent start of our Phase III trial for dupilumab 
in moderate to severe asthma. This is the second indication of dupilumab moving to Phase III after moderate to severe atopic dermatitis indication. 

    EBM: How confident are you regarding your growth in Emerging Markets and what sort of trends are you seeing?

    Jérôme Contamine: We are pleased to report another quarter of strong growth in Emerging Markets, reaching almost €2.9 billion sales, up 7.3% at CER, which now represents around a third of total Group sales. Growth in Emerging Markets was driven by Diabetes, Genzyme and Generics.

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    by thcz420 Apr 29, 2015 2:16 PM

    look at all pot stocks from the 04/21 not to many going up including fb, twitter, THCZ HOLDING PRETTY GOOD ,YES I'M IN RED ALSO , BUT IT WILL COME BACK ...30 by next friday, every time i get cold feet i get it up the ---- by selling cause it goes back up ,be strong go long.THCZ

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    that can't be good

    by mamalovesshortcakes Apr 27, 2015 3:24 PM

    I am not discrediting that dynamic nor am I leaving it out. The difference between me and you is that you talk about the company itself while I focus on the share price. Tower has strengthened its balance sheet since 2009 yet market wise they have done nothing. In fact, they are still down 33% from their normal trading averages in 2010 (not the high point and not the low point - the average). And, that was with literally half the sales revenue they have now. So, you keep on believing that Tower's SHARE PRICE will sky rocket to $ is (just about) impossible unless management stops diluting (I mean everything in terms of dilution), take care of debt SERIOUSLY, and somehow increase profit margins to around 20% instead of 10-15%. I'm not saying it's flat out impossible for Tower's share price to explode...I'm just saying it's highly highly highly unlikely with all of the factors around the company (dilution, debt, profit margins). However, the market jumps on speculation. More sales? It's a buy! Right? Yes, that's how it works and when the buyers jump on board, I will gladly be out. And, if Tower reaches $40/share (I hope it does for you as well Cravi - you deserve it with all of the backing you give it), I won't be the LEAST upset with my decision to sell at break even because I knew there was a 90%+ chance of that not happening so it was a good bet.

  • Coal is pretty much dead in U.S. Obama has done great job of killing coal!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes, loser, great observation! Obama and Democrats need to kill US coal, so we all can pay much higher prices for UK and Australian and other foreign coal... U.S. coal is dead, long live foreign coal!!!!!!!!!!!

    Once they are done killing coal, they can start killing "clean" "greenhouse" U.S. natgas!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAY!!!!!!!

  • CNBC Glu Mobile will partner with Britney Spears on a game while Tencent takes on a 21 million share stake in the company for $6 per share, reports CNBC's Dominic Chu.

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    Earnings beat

    by hightechinvstr Apr 30, 2015 1:20 AM

    Unfortunately my fear was not baseless. Frankfurt indeed is not liking it and quite obviously because of decline in network operating profit. Again long wait for NOK longs to see NOK back in 8. Very disappointing .

  • POWER outages experienced across the country on Monday and yesterday paralysed operations of major mining companies on the Copperbelt.

    And in Lusaka, the power outages caused panic among patients and medical personnel at the University Teaching Hospital.

    Meanwhile, Zesco senior marketing and public relations manager Bessie Banda says preliminary investigations indicated that the power outage was caused by a suspected fault at Kitwe substation, which later spread to Luano substation.

    In Chingola and Chililabombwe, Konkola Copper Mines announced that production at both Nchanga underground mine and Konkola Mine ceased due to the outage.

    “It is estimated that it will take at least three days to pump out water from some of the flooded areas at Konkola Mine. Operations at our tailing leach plant have equally ceased. Immediately following the power disruption, KCM emergency response plan was activated to protect people and equipment,” KCM spokesperson Shapi Shachinda said yesterday.

    Shachinda said three employees who were trapped at shaft number four at the Konkola Deep in Chililabombwe following the power outage were rescued before they were harmed.

    He said KCM received 46 megawatts of imported power from the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo through the Copperbelt Energy Cooperation (CEC) for emergency supply in some key areas.

    “The company’s 24 megawatts emergency diesel generator set at Konkola was also activated after the power outage. The impact on production, financial losses and the extent of the damage to equipment will be quantified at a later stage,” Shachinda said.

    At Luanshya, CNMC Luanshya Copper Mine head of public relations and business development Sydney Chileya said the company had lost three shifts due to the power blackout.


    Copper miners paradise on earth, Zambia is..............whose gov't just lowered (again) 2015 forecast output of copper because of low prices. Every bit helps.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Glu Mobile logo Glu Mobile (NASDAQ:GLUU) is scheduled to issue its Q115 quarterly earnings data on Wednesday, April 29th.

  • fedupwithwallstreet1110 fedupwithwallstreet1110 Apr 30, 2015 3:02 AM Flag

    The only accountability IMO is if their entire package is tied to shareholder value. If that were the case the bimbos would get some help from outside to teach them how to raise shareholder value which MUST include ways to win institutional demand which the bimbos think is just via science, DUH! Look at Orex - it doesn't even have much we can call pipeline and a terrible drug (read some user reviews) and it's loved and supported by Wall Street for several reasons including the fund manager feel comfortable putting their money on that management team and they have not wanted to invest on Jack and his team for good reasons which is a shame because Arena's product is best in class and pipeline tremendous. All you need is good management which knows how to turn the great ideas into DOLLARS. But these guys are too used to getting by without raising shareholder value. That MUST change. This M.O. is NOT sustainable.

  • So he can get the CEO job? Is Suri lying again about the ALU merger? Because hey, no way can margins collapse from 9.5% to 3% in one quarter.

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    Bottom signals

    by bullionairo Feb 12, 2015 1:09 PM

    40 cents and counting the days till your special announcement. Aaany day now.

    Soon the AGM will come. Jimmy will ask for permission and it will become clear trx was not ably to move the project forward financially like he said. Lies lies and lies doesnt build a business.

  • Wednesday 20150429|MVIS|260377|500|375435|Q

    Date: 4/29/2015
    Symbol: MVIS

    Short Vol: 260,377... Total sales including that will be covered later.

    Short Exempt Vol: 500 ... short sale against warrants or options

    Total Vol: 375,435 ... Gives you online matching transactions (Buys/Sells): 375,435 – 260,377 = 115,058 for accumulation... meaning: someone sold for someone else to buy

    Days reported Transactions from Yahoo: 801,938... Gives you Naked short [negative number] or net purchase from mm inventory [ positive number]: 801,938 - (260,377*2) - 500 - (115,058*2) = 50,568 NET purchased for accumulation.

    Market: Q ... Nasdaq


    Sentiment: Hold

  • LAKE FOREST, Calif., April 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Cryoport, Inc. (OTCBB: CYRX) ("Company"), the leading provider of advanced cryogenic logistics solutions for the life sciences industry, serving markets including immunotherapies, stem cells, cell lines, clinical research organizations, vaccine manufacturers and reproductive medicine, today announced that the Company is supporting NeoStem, Inc.'s (NASDAQ: NBS) Intus Study to evaluate its lead cancer immunotherapy, NBS20, for the treatment of metastatic melanoma.