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  • rcch12342003 rcch12342003 Feb 8, 2010 4:00 PM Flag

    this is a scam

    No more value investing. The entire market has been taken over by giant computers and hedge fund. When they dump, get the hell out of the way. Everything is in the toilet.

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    • cfsg provides update, guides 2010 eps to be around 1.70, stock up 20%. Lots of stocks I track fall into this categoy. High growth. Single digit valuations. Shorts piling on with scary headines. Sure, if the markets ae correcting, and there's a news vacuum, most likely stocks will follow the market indexes. But explain while the US markets tanked, the world economies slowing, the credit crisis questioned capitalism... some of my core positions have doubled to new all time highs. One day all these traders will try to scare you out of the markets, then maybe the next day they will tell you we just had capitulation and that was the time to buy. Listen to the fast money guys, case in point. Unless you are daytrading, the wall steet media is next to worthless to perhaps quetionably harmful. Then again, you have to make sure you own good companies at a reasonable multile. It always comes down to that. Short fast growing single digit pe stocks at your own risk. Personally this market is the mirror of 10 years ago when the same stupid wall street guys were buying 100pe stocks. Just so easy to short now:

      1) investing is dead, US markets flat in last 10 years
      2) markets rallied 40-50%, rally over time to sell
      3) China recession coming
      4) Obama is bad for the markets
      5) euro going to collapse due to Greece, Portugal, and Lithuania
      6) solar is a bubble
      7) oh yeah, the title of this thread

      I'm sure everyone can add more to the list if they follow wall street media.

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      • a. which of "some of my core positions have doubled to new all time highs" for the last 4 weeks?
        b. In general I agree with many things you stated from 1) to 7) besides 5) i.e. euro likely will continue to deteriorate not due Greece, etc, but due an obvious fact that US economy speeds up her European counterpart.
        As for scam I tend to agree with you too: on a long run every stock gets what it deserves. But during short and medium time frame the wall street manipulation works perfect.

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