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  • onlinenospam onlinenospam Sep 27, 2012 12:46 PM Flag

    New messageboard is crap. Where is everyone - hobo, floppy, rocking etc?

    Would like to join the conversation again somewhere else, if possible.

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    • WORST EVER. I'm done with Yahoo

    • wheres hobo? he has completed his job here by stealing every last dollar out of every long here. Years of a know it all that in the end knew nothing. This board is about making money and Hobo has showed you how not to make money? average down? my #$%$! What a waste.

    • Yes the new message board will take some time to get used to but unfortunately there still hasn't been any noteworthy developments in solar land to really discuss. Waiting game continues as pricing continues to trickle down to the point I don't know what's going on unless it's just the continued process of 'consolidation liquidation' I've talked about so much it gets old to even bring it up again. Then we have to deal with looming trade wars which I believe will ultimately end up being a non-factor but until it's resolved and that may take several more months, it's going to continue to put pressure on demand. Sure on the bright side China is ramping up but all of this has been talked about already here, and unfortunately due to whatever is currently causing the pricing abnormality recently profitability won't be greatly affected. It's just one of those times much like post internet bubble bursting that you just have to hold your breath and wait it out. Not very fun and I guess that's why we've seen an exodus of long investors. I'm still long and holding however.

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      • You should be ashamed to even post here. you are a fraud!

      • Good to know that you're still checking in from time to time, Hobo. Agree with what you stated. Also volume is non-existent now. Once things will normalize (whenever that is), interest will come back and so will the volume. With it, we'll move up (those that still will be left standing, that is). Of course in mean time, some trading is still possible - i.e. JKS is the only chinese solar that almost doubled in less than 2 months. However, trading it in volume is impossible. So as you stated, waiting it out is about the only avenue left for us (longs). Of course we'll be bitting our elbows when or if they will become multi-baggers in a year or two (from this levels) and we did not add, but I understand your theory of not adding to average down anymore until things will be more clear. Reluctantly I've done the same even though I was itching to add a lot more.

    • Go to SPVI by Odyd

      He might have set up chatting board there.

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