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  • df2830 df2830 May 10, 2013 2:55 PM Flag

    Why are China solars surging?

    Considering the EU situation, why are they up? What did I miss? Not a big Solar follower. TIA.

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    • xiao had good info and what mikeyooo said is true also. When someone eves says the phrase "solar is surging" or "solar is plunging" more accurate phrasing would be "solar has surged" or "solar has plunged." They seem to plunge plunge then rise and rise and it is hard to ever say what will happen tomorrow. With some gambling money and luck you can do quite well, but be quite cautious. I think some people panic sell when it is "plunging" and others jump in too late when it is "surging." I usually have tried to do the opposite, slowly add as the Chinese solars drop and sell as they rise. But I retain the understanding that several may go bankrupt like STP and it is money at risk. I just wouldn't chase the trend in either case.

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      • Solar seems to be a bit of musical chairs, with a player getting kicked out of the game every now and then as it goes BK while waiting for pricing and demand to improve. That said, it appears from a cursory glance that TSL has the balance sheet to make it, IF prices improve. The first question is "Is solar here to stay?". Pretty sure the answer is yes. 2nd questions is "who in the solar game will be left standing (or sitting to extend to the metaphor) when the industry normalizes?".

    • 1.Chinese solar companies held a meeting in a suburban city of Shanghai last Thursday and none of the executives from these companies in the meeting was uneasy about the levies. They thought EU solar market is matured and accounts for much less of their sales (about 25% overall) and have already taken measures to diversify the risk. So tariffs would have little impact on their business.

      2. According to BBC, about 400 U.K. solar companies opposed any tariffs on panels and so did all Germany and Belgium upstream and downstream solar companies , plus some modules manufacturers except SolarWorld.

      3. The Chinese government considers the solar as a strategic industry providing guarantee for the sustainable economic growth because it desperately needs clean energy and implied that it would levy retaliation against some EU industries such as EU steel industry. It promised that it won't stand by.

      4. The solar industry in all countries all over the world involving in this business is policy-protected. All EU companies received certain forms of government subsidies. China is doing what other countries did. As the European economy in recession and these governments can't continue to afford the subsidies. That is why companies like Solar World are in trouble. They proposed the punitive tariffs taking the Chinese companies as
      scapegoats for their managerial imbecility .

      Wait and see.

      Hope these will help.

    • Solar is a gambler's heaven.
      Goes UP 10-20% for good reason,bad reason,no reason.
      Goes DOWN 10-20% for good reason,bad reason,no reason.

      New juvenile Lobsters get lured and then cooked alive.
      Chinese solars are zombies surviving by the drops of fresh blood from government.

      Buy Low ,, Dump High.

    • All these China solar stocks can easily go up and down 10 to 20% easily in one day !! Timing is very important. I expect earning is still in red but narrowing. It is not a smooth sail yet.

    • Chinese solar stocks rallied as China started making noise about solving disagreements with Europe with negotiations, rather than the tariffs, in response to news that the European Union had agreed to hit Chinese solar firms with tariffs. News reports Friday suggest that European companies are worrying that the duties will do more harm than good. Trina Solar Ltd. (TSL, K3KD.SG) rose 20% to $5.73, while Yingli Green Energy Holding Co. (YGE) climbed 12% to $2.44 and JA Solar Holdings Co. (JASO) added 12% to $5.37. Also posting gains were Renesola Ltd. (SOL), JinkoSolar Holding Co. (JKS), Suntech Power Holdings Co. (STP, K3ND.SG) and LDK Solar Co. (LDK).

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      • I saw the same article on TD Ameritrade,I don't believe they mentioned the nice rally in CSIQ as well..I also recommended last night TSLA and AMRN along with MCP 52 minutes before market closed yesterday,i sold 4 cents from the high,and i just bought after hrs again (MCP),i sold AMRN at 6% gain also,I did not sell TSLA which i have over a double already and I'm gonna hold TSL 34,255 shares until at least earnings,I did get PANL wrong lost 15% but you would not even notice if you saw my portfolio today,also PCLN was good,it was about time i was hammered last month.Good Luck All

    • They have already shipped mega Ws of PV cells and Panel and are shipping more to EU before the possible tariffs go into effect.

    • Probably because there is a compromised between EU and China to forgo the tariffs.

    • Anybody?

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