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  • unclespeaking unclespeaking Apr 18, 2014 5:41 AM Flag

    Cancelled trip to S Korea

    Planned to go To day to Jeju Island this weekend, butt after they killed 300 kids on the Ferry it's a mess over there. Last time was inexperienced Ansiana Pilot, this time substitute captain, and the way they dealt with the accident was like 3rd world country.
    That said, my brother is sick so Uncle will stay with him for a few days instead. People aged so fast when people don't take care of themselves well, he insists living by himself and don't like my other brother and sisters, how sad.

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    • 4 crews including captain are officially charged with first degree murder and attorney general are pushing for death penalty.
      11 other crews are charged with manslaughter and they will serve 25 to life.

      Uncle thinks the charges are very generous considering they escaped through the safe passage that only they knew while 100s kids were still inside the cabins waiting for the WORDS.,,,, "" ESCAPE "" which they(crews) never delivered.
      They all should be charged with first degree murder.
      Other crews who tried to help kids escape died with kids. They will be honored with compensation and honorary medals and statues.

      Meanwhile, SaeMo Group is in the process of being dismantled. The eldest son and the Chairman are expected to be charged with first degree murder. This Conglomerate has real estates and businesses around the world. The eldest son is a Class A Corea's Most Wanted List. Presumably he is hiding in Mexico.

      Boy !!!!,, Uncle wishes the similar punishment be given to those who caused 2008 US real estate bubble collapse. You know,, many indeed committed suicide during and after the collapse.
      So far none of them went to jail except poor Bernie,,Ha
      In fact ,,, the bankers who caused the Great Recession became bigger and richer than ever at the expense of the middle class. As American middle class won't be able to buy houses ,, they are effectively turning into lower class.

    • Life comes and goes like winds or clouds but it is really hard to swallow the horrific death of 300 teenagers.
      I met death face to face Holy three times in my life but I still can't forget the horror these young kids had to face before they died. Specially so when this tragedy was caused by the deep-rooted corruption by adults.
      911 terror fundamentally changed the way American live. This tragedy will fundamentally change the way Corean live and possibly Chinese also. China will send the responsible government officials to jail when man made tragedy happens. Formerly only the little guys went to jail when sheet happened while high ranking officials only got demoted or fired.

      700 divers are still risking their lives extracting dead bodies and possible survivors amidst fast deadly current.
      UDT,,SSU,,Navy SEAL divers are breaking the rule of dive 30 minutes and rest 12 hours.
      It is time to stop risking divers lives. There is no hope of any survivor.
      It is time to lift the sunken ship. It is time to stop crying and move on.

      Best option to lift the ship is,, using the so called Floating Dock by Hyundai Shipbuilding. This submersible dock can lift up to 60,000 ton. The sunken ship is only 7000 ton.
      Time is running out. The bodies are decomposing rapidly.

    • It is not "Like" 3rd world country. It is 3rd world country.
      Corruption, Bribe,Favoritism are the cause of this tragedy.

      Top heavy due to over the limit cargo containers was the main cause.
      Veteran captains could have handled the ship relatively safely but helm was in the hands of 25 years old greenhorn who knows nothing while the real captain was doing whatever he was doing other than helmming the ship full of 400 teenagers.
      Simply ridiculous.

      Rescue is practically impossible. Just hope there are enough "air pocket"s for the survivors to survive long enough until whole ship is raised up. I doubt it but can't lose the Hope.

      About 700 divers are working frantically 24 hours non-stop and air is being pumped to create more air pocket for possible survivors but the tidal current is too fast and water is too murky.

      The captain is charged with multiple counts of manslaughter and attorney general is pursuing life sentence.
      The captain was the first one to escape.

      The vice-principal of the high school hanged himself. He led many kids to safety before being knockdown by hypertension and was rescued while unconscious. But he killed himself few hours ago.
      The teachers were the heroes. They rescued many kids before they died. A young pretty crew-woman remained last until she rescued all she could but couldn't get out.

      This is purely an avoidable man-made tragedy,, not a natural disaster.

    • Be safe and be well. Speaking of aging fast, Zang is soon to get much older. Have a nearly 3 yr old Nut already that I have been caring for, but found out yesterday Mrs. Nut is having twins. Still very early and much can change, but when Zang turns 40 in December, he will begin to feel much older when those 2 arrive at that same time. I still feel 25 now, but twin bullet train may blast me to 55. What a 40th birthday gift. Two more Nuts. Oh no! The disciplined $250-$500 week trading strategy must be implemented immediately. Must be hero at home, not in trading "stalks".

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      • //found out yesterday Mrs. Nut is having twins. Still very early and much can change, but when Zang turns 40 in December, he will begin to feel much older when those 2 arrive at that same time//
        Found out or just figured out? You meant you didn't do it? Maybe you won't have time to feel much older, maybe you'll enjoy more. Just think the odds that 1 out 3 may turn out to be Bill Gates or Warren Buffett, wouldn't that be wonderfool. Having twins is like "Buy one, Get one Free", you got very good deal.

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