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  • fullerton_titan fullerton_titan Oct 1, 2003 4:17 PM Flag

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    I agree, if u r going to listen to anybody
    pick ASTRO n not Eric......
    Astro-has a more efficient medthodology of picking stocks n of getting in at low prices n waiting for highers prices to come around.

    Eric-is a pure pump n if u r going to get in on one of his stocks...u better stay awake n sell as soon as u get ur profits....because they will more likely comedown as fast as they go

    there u go.

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    • Eric has come up with some good picks, but you're right he is a pretty transparent pump and dump sort of trader.

      Still, the Flea-man picks that Trudy has bought, she's made a profit on each one.

      The bottom line is that you need to do your own DD and time your own trades, no matter who you listen to. Trudy just uses tips as a starting point to do her own research, and it's worked out so far.

      Trudy the Monkey