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  • imd85 imd85 Nov 3, 2009 3:53 PM Flag

    Looking forward to growth

    Bought some shares today. Holding for under 2 as was suggested to me earlier....for a larger buy.

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    • I want to see some insiders buying. I know somebody will come on and put up the obligatory list of excuses why insiders arent buying, i.e., they want to be diversified, they already own enough shares & dont want to put all their eggs in one basket, they don't have enough money, they have knowlege of some big merger or nonpublic information, etc. etc. Of course deep down inside we all know that's hogwash...we're all greedy, you, me, everybody, insiders included, we all want to make easy money...if insiders think they can make a quick buck you bet they'll buy, and there hasn't been any insider buying in a long time according to yahoo. So that's something I'm looking for, or to put it another way, noting the conspicuous absence of.

    • Your patience will be rewarded. I'm watching this every day and waiting for sub-$2 prices also. Just wait. We'll get 'em.