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Trump Hotel/Casino Resort (DJT) Message Board

  • markofbklyn markofbklyn Jan 4, 2004 2:32 AM Flag

    djt future

    djt future does not look so bright. true he has a ton of debt, though he still owns 3 hotels in ac. if he sell the taj thats would help him achieve a few things, with the money he could pay pay off a lot of debt. plus help him have the ability to open acasimo in las vegas. by doing all this more than likely his debt will be upgraded a notch. the stock price will increase and hopefully he would then be able to build a casino or purchase one in las vegas. the marina is a great hotel nice location. the plaza is nice and is also located right off the a/c thru way which is very important to gamblers. the only one that does not make a lot of sense to own is the taj. the only question is who would want to buy it? steve wynn is building a casino in vegas so he is out of the question ppe? could be though not likely. mbg probably the best shot. though how much would they pay. remember they also have some debt. my opinion i would buy 1000.00 worth of the stock if it hits great i made some money, if not then i lose, it wont be my first time that i have a loss