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Trump Hotel/Casino Resort (DJT) Message Board

  • lvboat lvboat Aug 28, 1998 6:52 PM Flag

    trump bears

    go ahead,sell short, i trade trump options, no
    one is buying puts
    if any of you idiots notice
    they are buying back their bonds,this stock is not
    going to $20, but someone can squeeze dollars out of
    this casino group. if not trump,someone else.this
    stock will
    trade over $6 buy december.

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    • The man has come a long way in the last 30 years.
      I have been reading this board for the past couple
      of weeks. All the crying in the world is not going
      to make a bit of difference in the price of the
      stock, only good management and reducing the debt load
      will put this house in order.
      I had a account with
      a broker who had bought 10,000 shares of DJT for my
      account @ 10 5/8 over a year ago.
      When it started to
      drop,he bought another 2000 @ 9 1/2.
      On his" expert
      advice" another 4000 shares were bought at 9 1/8 because
      Mario Gabbeli had a big stake in djt ( not too sure of
      the correct spelling of his name). Any when it
      started to drop some more,I called him up and told him to
      close the position which he did not do.I then started
      too transfer the account to another firm, but by the
      time the the transfer was complete the stock had
      started its downward path.Trying to get my portfolio
      transferred was a nightmare they stalled it every which way
      they could untill it had to be done. I kept the stock
      as the rumor was D.J.T. was looking for a buyer and
      i might be able to recoup my losses? but that
      thought went out the window!
      Lets hope he can get his
      house in order again,because i bought another 10,000
      shares tis week between 3 11/16 and 4 1/16 to average
      down the cost.Iam no genius by any means and maybe
      have thrown good money after bad! only time will
      tell.I only. I don't disrespect him for being a business
      man, because he is disliked by the perfomance of his
      stocks.But he should tell the public the truth and NOT lead
      them down the garden path the way willie boy did,he
      will gain a lot more trust from the in investors.

    • couldn't care less !

    • None of you obviously know how to calculate the
      value of a business....and if you think stocks can't
      trade at a fraction
      of what they are truly worth
      then you don't know much about the
      S&P is even more optimistic than me and places the
      value at


      Once again---take cash flow (300million in 1999)
      less debt divided by shares gives you $20 or

      The entire gaming sector is getting unjustifyibly
      Look at Mirage or Circus Circus.......

      This is
      a 3-5 year investment.....not a day

      Enough of this Chapter 11 crap...July and August were