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  • _fozjene _fozjene Oct 18, 1998 3:17 PM Flag

    Bad Brad Yahoo should remove your ID

    You are nothing but a stupid asshole. How is the popcorn jerkoff?

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    • Does this mean we have haeard the last from the
      toupee boys

      How abut a thankyou for Old

      Ribis that is?

      Just a bit more help from
      Greenspan and he'll give the
      shorters a short circuit.

    • Oracle -

      You are the man. I would do
      ANYTHING for blondes,
      including everything in your
      list, and in addition to that,
      I would screw all the
      shareholders. I completely respect
      The Donald in anything
      that he does, knowing that he does it
      to quench his
      lust for hot blonde babes. I respect him

      completely for that, and own several hundred shares of DJT

      in support.

      Go Donald!!


    • If Toupee = Blondes ... I'd take it.

      Fraud = Blondes ... I'd take it.

      If Net worth of
      zero = Blondes ... I'd take it.

      If Borrowed
      money = Blondes ... I'd take it.

      If paying 4%
      more for debt = Blondes ... I'd take it.

      naming everything I own "Trump" = Blondes ... I'd take

      If paying Marla a measly $1 million = more $ for
      future Blondes ... I'd take it.

      What about you

    • I don't see why it is bad that Donald does the same.

      The key is that he has made all the payments, PLUS increasing cash by $70 million, PLUS profit of $5 million.

    • Beyond the obvious mathematical calculation about
      market cap, I was referring to how investors come up
      with the current share price. They buy or sell, based
      on what they think the value should be.

      you noted, people are sometimes wrong, and like I
      said, the market cap could easily be $700 million or
      $1.4 billion (10X or 20X gains).

      I suggest you
      pick up some shares, make some money, so you'll stop
      your whining.

      Do you live in a Trump owned
      building or something? Perhaps a building owned by
      Donald's father. I heard he's a tough landlord. Is that
      why you're so bitter? You sound like a guy who owns
      nothing, and are very jealous of Trump.

      So why
      don't you tell us why you're so bitter with Trump?

      Please also tell us what your relation with DJT stock
      is. Did you lose a lot of money or something? You act
      so smart ... so you couldn't possibly have lost
      money on this??? Especially since you knew about
      Trump's track record since 1990.

      • 2 Replies to ORACLE_of_Atherton
      • My fight is with Trump, not you. You seem to be

        DJT is off 90 percent from its high. 90 percent. Alot
        of people have lost their life savings with Baldy.
        Meanwhile, DJT has not made a profit in all the years it has
        been running. DJT with its heavy debt load, has to pay
        out more than it takes in.

        Meanwhile, Baldy
        still collects his 5 million dollar salary while most
        people have lost everything. He is the only one who has
        made money on DJT.

        His credit rating is so low
        he has to finance through junk bonds and pays 4
        points above market. Those 4 points
        reflect 33
        percent higher payments on the debt because their junk
        bonds. Those 4 points represent the difference between
        making and losing money.

        I invested in this stock
        once. Bought it at 3 and sold at 3 1/2.

        I think
        you should see Trump for what he is, a

        His liabilities are almost equal to his assets . The
        plane, apartments, etc, all have high loan balances
        against them.

        He shows inflated values on his
        assets to pump up his net worth. If sold those same
        assets, he would net alot less than he has them on his

        If he is so special, why is he paying 4 points above
        market with junk bonds?

        When you answer the above
        question, you will realize that I am right.

        Do you
        think Bill Gates or Warren Buffet would pay 4 points
        above market? No.

        In fact they would be offered
        below market financing.

        Again, DJT is losing
        money over the year. Don't look at one quarter. Baldy
        Trump is the only one making money with his 5 million
        dollar salary.



        I am in banking and know Trump. He is a fraud.

      • is a little man where even viagra couln,t
        help..he has not been with a real woman in 20 yeras..he
        sits home watching dirty movies with his buttered
        popcorn and spends 18 hours a day on this

        what a true loser this little brad....go kill
        yourself jerk...