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  • NAR_671 NAR_671 May 8, 2000 3:48 PM Flag

    Roulette 38 numbers little ZERO"S

    When down to Taj to have a fun game and said I
    wanted to break even and was end of playing there and
    all gambling.
    Cover the double Zero line some and
    play two of the 12ths. The 2 12ths. With a 66 % chance
    of winning. 5 out 6 12ths I won and still lost. I
    was breaking even 14 hours on the average. Closed 3
    roulette tables on north side to when early in a.m. Just
    1000.00 I was playing with. Dealers won more money as
    tips at times.

    When then Zero's don't come in
    for 31, 35, 39, 45, 49 times something is rotten in
    the roulette. Anyway don't need taj or any other
    gambling casino.

    Glad they didn't get a project I
    mentoned to bring customers to A.C. and also keep kid's

    Another project won't come to the shores either. If I can
    help it!

    Hey I'm in energy stocks and going to
    break a million $$$. I mentioned that, too!

    of roulette is rotten on ZERO"S. But good if board
    is loaded and not much on zero's. Something is
    working it.

    The few bucks lost wasn't everything
    and a pitance. But the Gambling commission allows
    gambling only for the taxes gambling brings in to

    Anyway hope Trump sinks in the casino's. He's better off
    with other building projects, for the

    The Narwhal!

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