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  • peterdrand peterdrand Aug 9, 2011 10:26 PM Flag

    what a bunch of evil people

    How in the world can some one steal 300,000 from sick people MR MCCLAIN!!!!!!!The lol part is so many people looked up to this guy and had high hopes of this drug and crushed their dreams.This drug still has a chance of coming out but not with these clowns.I hope this drug gets sold to another company.I'M gong to pray for these evil people and one day they will have to stand before GOD.I hope it was worth it .I don't get how these people sleep at night oh and by the way they do look at this chat board

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    • You have missed out other culprits. What about Alan Osmond he lied he claimed to of visited England to receive the drug. It never existed. He must off known. He did visit England yes, but it was Aimspro he received from Daval International. What about the scientific board involved with the Argyll group most of them live and work in England and were originally connected with the development of Aimspro. A drug that has just completed a phase 2b trial and has all the proper credentials.

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      • If uyou say that it's aimspro why isnt it able too be in the u.s?Alan isn't evil at all just sick and would do any thing he could to get better and help others..Their no doubt in my mind he was tricked and he used his own money to buy shares in this company.The second he saw some illegal stuff going on he was out and wanted nothing to do with the company.he just wanted to help others in his condition in my eyes.i still think it's possible for this drug to come out with the right scientists and has to get in the right hands of some good people like elan or biogen