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  • kengiam kengiam Jun 13, 2011 9:14 PM Flag

    no reason to buy

    management are all scientists and they know best how to conduct scientific research. they are enjoying the status quo because they have the financial backing to conduct research and take risk in the hope that they could be the leadibg researcher in the area of pain treatment. they have very little expertise in maintenance of shareholders' interest. no wonder none of them have invest themselves in the share. very sad that management assumes such risk disregarding shareholders interest. this share will be traded at 0.02 in three months unless something positive happen which is unlikely.

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    • I agree. One other thing. I don't know if most shareholders know this but stock has diluted to more than 500 million shares outstanding, not including all options and other debt obligations.

      I am also concerned about the cash burn rate. This company is not profitable and they need vast restructuring to get the books under control or else they will just shut down and fold.

      They may need to also restructure the stock and do either a reverse split of 5:1 or even 20:1 to keep the stock price in a normal range. We may see this stock at 2 or 3 Canadian pennies this summer and the drastic problems occur when you go below 1 cent.

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      • the next reporting period is key to whether this stock will drop to 0.02 stock. management needs to demonstrate the company is making a profit and also growth. again, management has their own agenda and the comparative risk leads them to choose short term gain (paying themselves well) and long term gain (becoming a leading researcher in pain treatment). there is no reason to believe otherwise unless management is willing to buy themselves but so far none of the management is doing so. this is a clear tell tale. this is such a sad story as this company would have a reasonable chance if they just focus on shareholder's interest by marketing their priced product. instead, they want more on their plate so that the management scientists are in a win win situation. very sad.

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