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  • purpleyguy purpleyguy Apr 22, 2013 6:07 PM Flag

    Revenues have hit bottom and will increase from here

    Revenues are at their lowest point right now for Cntf, however, light at the end of the tunnel is appearing.
    Revenues will be up this year from 2012, and it wont take much revenue improvement at all, to send this
    stock soaring back to previous levels. In addition to that, with Cntf's huge cash balance and at Cntf's tiny cash burn rate, Cntf currently has 98 yrs worth of cash. In other words, Cntf will be around for the next 98 yrs, which means this is a very strong company that isnt going anywhere, and will be around for the very long term.

    In addition to all of that, Cntf announced in their last Conf call that they have 22 buildings (and that fact has been confirmed by research of Chinese Real Estate records - which are public knowledge) and those buildings and Real Estate will be completed and producing revenue in 6-9 months. This Real Estate has the potential to nearly double the current Cntf annual revenues, so help is on the way !! Even without the Real Estate, the Cntf core revenues are expected to show improvement from the 2012 revenues. That alone should be the impetus needed to start this stock back to the $3 level, until such time as the Real Estate revenues kick in, whereupon the stock price should push north of $10 a share if the Real Estate revenues do indeed double revenues. And none of this even considers the possible windfall of the $400 million dollar lawsuit against Samsung that all legal experts say Samsung will lose.

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    • hmmmmm, you write exacty like raerae or ableguy or whatever name he is going by now.
      You state your opinion as if it is fact and always use general terms like legal experts rather than any specific person or group so it is completely unverifiable. Sounds like the same old raerae, you gonna start posting over and over again too?

    • yehn. CFO validated CNTF owns 22 buildings completed or under construction.

      Shanghai two building were bought using cash, Shengyang and Hang Zhou completed.

      the revenue from real estate should be 4th income stream for CNTF.

    • Let me save the bashers the time and post their #$%$ comments for them:

      1) Cntf doesnt have the cash they say they do (even though cash was confirmed by physically visiting the banks and confirming the cash by eyes on money.
      2) Cntf is just one of many Chinese fraud companies (even though rules were changed and 99% of all the Chinese fraud companies were smoked out 2 yrs ago)
      3) Cntf's revenues are down and will keep going down (even though it has been confirmed through public records that Cntf has 22 buildings now and revenue will increase exponentially when revenue from those buildings come on line in late 2013)
      4) I dont believe that Cntf has the cash they say they do, and obviously they dont, or the stock price wouldnt be at just $1 (then what did Cntf use to buy the 22 buildings with Einstein !!)
      5) Cntf doesnt really own 22 buildings (it was stated in the last Annual Report as assets, and Real Estate ownership, even in China, is public information, and the ownership of the 22 buildings has been confrimed and is unquestioned)
      6) Cntf's products are declining (not hardly - all phone makers are struggling in this economy and Cntf is doing fine in comparison, and......revenues are expected be increasing finally in 2103. Even with low revenues Cntf (unlike other phone companies who are burning thru massive amounts of cash in this lousy economy) Cntf is still not only breaking even, but is surprisingly putting a small surplus of profits in the bank each year even in these down years for the industry!)

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      • Your are a tool. China Cast Education (CAST) had their auditors visit the bank to confirm their cash 10 times over. They were a $250 million NASDAQ stock and now they are worth pennies on the OTC. I want this stock to go up to 3.00 as bad as anyone but I'm not going to be naive and down right wrong about this situation like you have been over and over. They need to do more than confirm the cash as that has been done my many other Chinese companies and it doesn't prove anything. A one time dividend would go into pockets and prove that they are most likely real athough we would still have some skeptics. A buyback may also help the situation but may not have as big of an impact. We need management to step it up as that is the only real answer here.

        Sentiment: Hold

      • 7.) China real estate is likely to implode ...

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