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  • wang_nyc2002 wang_nyc2002 Apr 26, 2013 9:49 AM Flag

    cntf undervalued

    IDGVC chief Xiong expects mobile and mobile internet has big growth down the road.
    IDGVC has rarely lose money in their Chinese investment picks. their cost is $1.28. but if you count the game investment. their cost is actually $2 per share. 10 million/ 5 million shares.

    J3 high margin phone has 24.5 million revenue in 3 months. selling10000 phones monthly.
    Real estate has significant value
    health phone is in the pipeline
    mobile gaming and mobile internet applications

    at this price, it is screaming buy.

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    • IDGVC has an internal price target of $16 a share for Cntf.
      And in case you haven't noticed, they haven't sold one share of their 2 million share holdings.
      Obviously they see some huge potential here for Cntf. And just for your information, IDGVC
      has an outstanding stock picking record, and they are very rarely wrong.

    • Lets see,
      Revenues have been halved recently year to year.
      Gaming should be considered a complete failure. Although they get kudos on the number of times they change the gaming division names.
      Nothing coming from the company supports any statement of J3 sales.
      As no information ever seems to come from this company other than the next show they'll attend.
      They are not a real estate company, that should make shareholders worries that there finances supposedly hinge on real estate holdings.
      At this price and the price direction its a screaming delisting candidate.
      A different perspective on this poorly run company turns the outlook 180 degrees.

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