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  • hollyhunter21 hollyhunter21 Jun 18, 2013 11:15 AM Flag

    News released

    TechFaith to Expand Shipments of 3rd Generation Ruggedized Android Smart Phones to the European Union and Russia. Got upgraded at allchinastocks website.

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    • topline1 Jun 18, 2013 4:17 PM Flag

      1.11 after hours. There was good volume today. - Let the run up begin! Should be strong all week. Might finish the week in the $1.18 to $1.20 range. (just a guess based on intuition)

    • 2nd QTR is already over (jun 30th), so you won't see results from this new anncmnt til 3rd QTR report.

      3rd QTR report (with this great news today) should show hugely improved revenues.

      And.........4th QTR revenues will show not only hugely improved revenues but the big Real Estate investments are scheduled to begin producing revenues in the 4th QTR of this yr.

      Keep in mind that when revenues return to previous levels (which appears to be happening now) the CNTF stock price was nearly $8 a share at the previous revenue levels. With fully recovered revenues, and a fully recovered stock price of $8 a share - CNTF still has big additional upward potential with their gaming business, their HUGE potential Real Estate revenues, and their $400 million dollar lawsuit against Samsung (that is rumored to be a potential $100-$200 million dollar settlement).

      It is very easy to envision a $10 share price for CNTF with all these developments falling into place, and revenues fully recovered to previous levels.

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      • Appears that able/purpleguy was completely wrong again. GO FIGURE!

      • The stock price is a little over $1.00 and you envision $10 shortly. Give me a cotton picken break you fool. I think anybody will tale $2 right now and you say $10. You are living in a dreamland my man. I wish it were all true and that's the honest truth. The reality is that we will be lucky to see $2 which I think many of us will take all day. Did you really say $10 for CNTF! You have gone off the deep end!

        Sentiment: Hold

      • Show me some facts about the rumored $100-$200 million settlement. Give me a break as you are just making things up as you go. Show me some hard evidence on Reuters or somewhere else please? You can't because there is none! I personally want it to be true but it's darn well not you moron,.

        Sentiment: Hold

      • We agree on something Albee. I hope you are right as we really need this stock to go up in a big way. Hoping for a solid Q2! JDT.

        Sentiment: Hold

      • Absolute malarkey. You are completely deluding yourself if you think CNTF is got some gang-buster product in this news announcement. Its the same rugged type phone that they been pushing trying to get niche market. This strategy has not worked for them before and this is no different. No one is going to bust down their doors for this phone.
        Raerae you been nothing but consistently wrong for going on two years straight. Yet you are so clueless I bet you actually believe the lies you post. You are a least consistent.

    • I'll wait and see the numbers from the next 2 Qtrs. We've seen these kinds of announcements before that yield very little positive impact --- BEIJING, March 29, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- China TechFaith Wireless Communication Technology Limited (NASDAQ: CNTF) ("TechFaith" or the "Company") today announced it will further expand shipments of its Android smartphones into Hong Kong, South Africa and Latin America during the first half of 2012.

    • News is encouraging. Looks like stock has bottomed and will be up from here. They called a bottom in business last qtr earnings, if that shows in upcoming quarters stock will recover back to cash position (now at $4.93) over time. Good buy and hold here

      Sentiment: Buy

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