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  • xtraderx xtraderx Sep 11, 2013 2:26 PM Flag

    When SCTY will be profitable? Serious answers please. May be after 2016?

    Some analysts say after 20 years.

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    • As SCTY adds customers -they presently have close to 70,000 and their goal is 1 million in 5 years- the revenue stream will be tremendous. They are also working with TESLA on a battery storage which is in beta testing which will reduce/eliminate the utility company and the question of metering. I'm also impressed with the company's foray into the commercial and governmental area. Excellent leadership and strong financial backing. There will be bumps in the road but Solar is continually growing and SCTY will be a major player. Look at the customer aquisition numbers each quarter.

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    • I really don't know, but I think they are in an area that can turn pofitable very quickly.
      I have installed solar on my roof in Ga., which the utility (monopaly) says is not a good investment because of the clouds. My summer bills (air conditioning) were in the $700.00 range from JUne thru Sept and they dropped to $140.00 some. My winter bills were $150-$200.00 a month now they are $40.-50 a month. I invested too early because the palel costs have dropped to 1/3rd my cost. With the fed energy credit of 30% and the Ga credit of 30% I estmated a 7year payback. The panels produce for 25 years so, I started to get a pay back immediately and a nice return on my investment after 7 years.
      Like any start up, the possibilites are hughe but there is some risk.

    • Never. Mark this post. Cash burn is tremendous and will come in with another stock offering.

    • as soon as new installs slow down. but when they turn profitable, it will be huge.

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    • $6 EPS minimum by 2019, just by crunching basic numbers -- however, massive shifts in the industry can easily create wider margins, etc unexpectedly, and SCTY is expanding its non-residential sales focus which is not included in those numbers.

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      • There is no money in the residential market.
        Few people would put out $10K to $15 K to get solar on their roof and take on more debts while unsure about how much difference it makes on their electric bills.
        The only way to make money in Solar energy is to own a solar farm and sell power to utility companies.
        SCTY does not have that kind of money to start up a solar farm, and even if they do, it would take lots of money up front, and at least 10 years to recover.
        SCTY business model is flaw. Just look at the revenues!
        The only thing they are good at is selling shares.

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