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  • stockexpertpro stockexpertpro Jul 22, 2013 12:44 PM Flag

    I called NTEK a Strong Buy Under .001 Now Time for my Next Pick VIZS .0006


    VIZS 52 Week Trading Range .0003 - .50 a share Bottom of the chart dirt cheap Low Float HUGE Potential This is my next Hot Pick I sold NTEK Last week over .11 .12 and made a Killing Loading VIZS Now Dirt Cheap Huge Multi Bagger Run Coming on this one always buy em when no one else wants them no one wanted NTEK at its bottom either they loved it last week tho at .12 if you want HUGE Gains you have to buy low and sell high VIZS Next Huge Multi Bagger Runner to go going to be a Monster Dont miss it

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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