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  • bobspot68 Nov 16, 2013 7:41 PM Flag

    There is no future for ISR

    I hate to be a party pooper but honestly there is no future for ISR. The stock price and lack of interest by informed investors confirms it. They had their moment of hope but times have changed and HDR is gaining in recognition and popularity and is proving to be a better choice than LDR. I'm afraid there is no place further for ISR to go.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • you don't hate it; you love the attention we are givng you...You would not care if others lose all their money. You are probably fat, bold and miserable with your life and you want others to feel bad for you. Guess what you got my attention. Your sorry behind probably got to cold for you living in someone basement.

    • Forget ISR…..CANN last year was 75 cents, now 18 dollars…GWPH last year was 8 dollars, now 40+ dollars.
      Marijuana is the future!!!! ISR has a negative p/e ratio, generates little to no income…It's a lost cause. As Cramer would say….SELL. SELL. SELL!!

    • I used to think Blue was a party pooper until I read what Baldspot said.

    • bobspot68 Nov 18, 2013 10:54 AM Flag

      Some of your replies confirm a dearth of knowledge on this subject and why I would recommend selling ISR. Let me further educate and explain. tj - I'm not referring to the stock LDR but to the BT method, LDR (low dose rate). First of all, BT is most commonly used for prostate cancer. BT is in decline, not only for prostate cancer but as an overall cancer treatment. ISR even laments this fact and it shows up in their reported rev and earnings. Worse, where BT is considered and utilized, HDR (high dose rate) therapy is gaining in acceptance and popularity. That's a further problem for ISR. HDR therapy completely shuts out everything ISR does because it is a temp treatment, not a permanent one that requires implants. And the radiation source needed is IR not CS. Besides, CS131 adoption has been slow anyway because of it's higher cost over other equally effective sources. I'm not bashing ISR, just basing my recommendation on the trends and facts. At this time there does not appear to be a future for ISR. All trends are against them.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • Again this analysis is bout the INS. Co. Which only care about profit. Prostate treatment is done because protine specific antigen testing is down. It was stopped by the INS. Co., my guess is that the treatment cost went up do to the testing. Funny how BT revenue slowed when PSA testing slowed... As for it's future uptake into other cancer treatments why would patients/doctors want a more accurate form of radiation with less complications and better quality of life after surgery??? The top cancer treatment centers in the world are testing this for a reason and it is showing strong results. Has no future? More like is the future...

    • Why would you post something So ridiculous, being funny? Adoption is key, problem is it takes time. Doctors&INS. are not the fastest paced route to sales for any co. but like any new technology the results will speak for itself and create demand. My guess is18 months. BTW thanks for mentioning LDR, revenue of 140 mill. ISR will be there on day...

    • Bob you are pooping the party. Are you an informed investor?

      The best medical centers in America are involved in this roll out. The stock price is reflective of sales to date. Medical centers world-wide are just getting set up to use ISR Products. Sales will increase. These are exciting times! Patience will win out on this one. Not to be a party pooper Bob, I am usually a pessimist, but I am an informed investor. "Strong Sell" Bob, are you a saint for advising this or are you sinner looking for our shares..

    • Really? No kiddin'...... Thanks for the update, professor.

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