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  • mensa_1963 mensa_1963 May 9, 2014 10:54 AM Flag

    Buying More Now, What the Heck.

    Already bought a small position because of my friend, a surgeon who knows a lot about radiation treatment. Buying more, not convinced it can go lower.

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    • Only time I would be concerned of lower price is if I have to sell some. Otherwise, it doesn't mean squat if it is up or down. If you have conviction, then park it and come back in a year from now. You will have less heartaches and false joys when the price fluctuates up and down like right now. Only itme I would pay attention is when it goes below $1.75-2 range. At that point, I would consider shifting more positions from other stock to this one.

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    • Hey Mensa,
      I'm definitely a fan...though a bit skeptical because I'm relatively new to all of this. You and Dr. Wang are my favorite posters because you guys are the few that actually seem to know what you're talking about.. though it seems you were a bit off on ISR and GALE. Does this tarnish your 8-0 record? haha.

      I wanted to ask you about a company called Ocera Therapeutics OCRX. I personally love this company and think it is extremely undervalued. There's 180k admissions a year which translates to about a $700-720mm opportunity if we assume $3500-4000/admission. It's valued at 118M meaning investors give it a 4% POS which I think is crazy for a potential drug with an established and clear mechanism of action to lower ammonia levels in the body.

      What do you think?

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      • "8-0" record, are you kidding me? This individual was basically calling people fools if they didn't buy ONCS - I heard this tout for weeks on end. mensa claimed that he had the inside track, and that the PPS was going to explode - check the historical prices against mensa's rants. Also, OncoSec is a speculative play at best, with more than 200 million OS, which I have no doubts will continue to increase as they move through the phase trials. IMHO, I would tread lightly about taking this individuals advice about investing!!!! GLTY

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      • Philphul, Nice try with giving Mensa the "street cred." Also, nice try pimping a different stock. Get out of here.Low life.

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    • why buy now? going to drop further, duh!

    • Might go lower but it will also go much, much higher imo

    • Good move Mensa. It'll hit $4.00 (at least) within a month or so....

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