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  • isrforthewin isrforthewin Jun 21, 2014 5:39 PM Flag

    Comparison of NDZ ($12.75/share and uses iodine-125 to fight cancer) and the developing ISR with Cesium-131

    NDZ is a company that currently uses the old and out-dated method cancer-fighting Iodine-125.

    NDZ has a slightly higher OS/Float than ISR and is currently trading at about $12.75/share.

    Iodine-125 is used by several companies unlike Cesium-131 that is only produced by ISR.

    Iodine-125 has a half-life of 60 days in which it takes 200 days to deliver 90% of its dose unlike Cesium-131 that delivers it in about a month whereby it decreases the radiation exposure to patient and doctors/staff overall.

    Iodine-125 produces 28.5 keV of energy over the course of its long half-life while Cesium-131 produces 30.4 keV of energy. This range is equivalent to the energy of ultraviolet light so Cesium is more powerful but stays in the human body about 65% less of the time that Iodine-125 does. It gets in, does the job, and gets out.

    ISR is currently trading at $2.62 because there is no officially published data that reflect the outstanding benefits and superiority of Cesium-131 over other radiation treatments.

    If NDZ with a similar share structure as ISR which uses a far more dangerous and inefficient Iodine-125 is trading at almost $13/share (has traded $22+/share) take an educated guess to where ISR will be trading once we confirm what we've known all along to the rest of the market?

    Amazing concept, amazing product with life-changing properties and we're sitting at $2.62? Not for long.

    You have the opportunity to buy into a life-changing company with a great product that benefits all human-kind.

    My personal opinion: ISR should be trading at $25 JUST on the lung cancer data with revenues and exposure alone. If we can accomplish the same on prostate, breast, brain, head and neck cancers can you imagine the breakthrough?

    Look at NDZ and I dare anyone to prove that ISR cannot do much better!


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    • Useful discussion! Thanks all.

    • You can't just compare by share count.

    • trekyy Jun 22, 2014 7:52 AM Flag

      I am long on ISR and not trying to bash the stock. But you failed to realize one important element that make the two companies incomparable. NDZ net income for FY 2013 is over 100 million. When ISR makes half of this income its share will be valued at over $12 per share. For the time being we are speculating on the stock, and anything is possible.

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      • This stock is also listed at Toronto Stock Exchange as NDN.TO. I am not sure how its revenue is calculated? However, I am very sure that its combined market cap won't be the same. Anyway, its PE looks good to me.

        About IsoRay, even though financials don't mean anything to small biotech companies, bashers always find reasons to push down. With FDA approvals and high successful cancer treatments, it doesn't matter how hard bashers have tried, IsoRay will explode one day. Profit or just little revenue growth will give this stock a big to skyrocket to the moon. Company already has technologies, it needs to upgrade the sale department to increase the revenue and give some dents to competitors' revenues. Company just follows the footstep of SP30, they will succeed in the very near term.

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      • Actually, if you read my post I did mention how what ISR needs is the revs. What I'm speaking about is the intrinsic value. NDZ has products rolling out. The comparable part is: Does ISR have a product much more valuable to turn revs into hundreds of millions or billions over time? I think so.

        If ISR makes $500mm say next year will its valuation exceed that of NDZ which has a slightly larger share structure? This is what I talk about. I'm not comparing exactly what both companies do rather their Iodine/Cesium product, share structure, and REVS which in the end can always be compared. Isn't everyone's money the same color?

        Speculation is exactly what we're doing. In the end aren't the speculators those that risk the most to get in on the ground floor? I'll take my chances.

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      • financials dont mean anything when it comes to biotechs. There are plenty of no revenue, no FDA approved biotechs that have a higher market cap and stock price then Isoray

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    • NDZ has a much larger pool of products and two operating segments: "The company operates in two segments, Sterilization Technologies and Medical Isotopes." Hence why the share price/market cap is much higher than Isoray and isn't really comparable in that perspective . Isoray does have tremendous upside, however. I could see them growing into a bigger company, like NDZ, once they start making a profit from CS-131. They certainly have the capabilities and resources to do so and can take advantage of having very minimal debt to be more aggressive. Just some food for thought.

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      • Although NDZ has a larger pool of products, they don't have any breakthrough or industry-changing products like ISR does. If you look at it in terms of different products ISR is matched with the several types of cancers that Cesium-131 can tackle. Sterilization technologies is a type of business that is in regular use with steady demand.

        What we want to look at is not so much the amount of products but the QUALITY of the products. In the end, they generate $268MM of revenues. In this case the pool of products aren't imo at the same level of ISR's technology. If we're getting 98% efficacy rates $268MM would be quarterly revenues on the lung cancer use of Cesium-131 alone. Expenses and such will be different of course so this is only a rough outline of comparison.

        $2.62 is a total joke but understandable because there is no published data out yet. The market needs verified data and solid information to dig their teeth into.

        Personally, pancreatic cancer is the trickiest and most bothersome of all cancers. If Cesium-131 can tackle pancreatic cancer with high efficacy the world will change for the better. If we had this technology 15 years ago we'd probably still have Luciano Pavarotti with us today.

        Good luck to all longs.

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    • P.S. I Didn't Find This Company For Nothing...

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