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  • wumingshi_99 wumingshi_99 Jan 12, 2000 8:58 PM Flag

    Go, Go, Go

    No one know why the price is so high now.
    So It is estimated that it will return to
    1.5 soon. So get the money and leave now.

    Go, go, go

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    • As stated previously. The Allstar information
      System is 80's technology as is the business model. They
      have never gotten the numbers out in a timely manner.
      Whats so different about this quarter. There's alot of
      Allstar Cheerleader types on this board. The facts are,
      this company went public at $6, bottomed at $1.50 and
      is just muddling around. Last time I checked they
      are still $3.50 from the come out price of $6. There
      is a reason for this. Wrong industry, wrong business
      model, no creativity and risk takers in the management
      ranks, too many accountants and not enough
      technologists. They are merely a commodity equipment broker and
      technical staffing company. I don't think Wall streets

    • Sounds to me like someone got up on the wrong
      side of the bed today, or maybe I got through to the
      number one incompetent at ALLS. My DD was reading on
      this board where is says NEWS. There is nothing
      listed. I also noted that several others wrote in
      wondering about the same thing I was, so maybe there are a
      lot of us out there who are clueless.
      As to your
      comment about the 31st being the due date, well I happen
      to know a little bit about this and the 31st is the
      drop dead date. If you don't file by then you can run
      into lots of trouble with the SEC if you don't have a
      good explanation. Closing a big deal in Alls terms
      means large volume, little or no margin, so whats your
      point. I suggest you take your money and put it
      somewhere else.

    • No one know why the price is so high now.
      So It is estimated that it will return to
      1.5 soon. So get the money and leave now.

      Go, go, go

    • There has been no news, no media coverage of any
      type that I can find (except one or more stock
      hustlers - publishing 'research' reports). I checked with
      the company and they know of no news either.

      think that the company -may- eventually justify a price
      higher than the $1-$2 it has been dragging at most of
      the last year. However, before the stock price stays
      high I think that the company will need prove out
      earnings for multiple quarters or show some direction
      before this will happen.

      The stock certainly has
      run up (yesterday hit $4.50), but I don't think that
      it has run up because people are buying it for the
      long term.

      Assuming the new purchasers are not
      in for the long term the stock will drop as soon as
      those people start selling. Since the price already
      popped and seems to be meeting some resistance to moving
      beyond $4, I bet most recent purchasers are going to
      bail out. And the stock will drop back down -- maybe
      even all the way under $2.

      While I can't
      predict 100% what will happen, I am sure that if the
      stock price meets much resistance, it will not move
      sideways but drop in price. The drop may even be sudden,
      -if- all new purchasers sell (much less if any prior
      purchasers sell).

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      • I doubt that the runup has occured because of
        investors trying to make a quick buck as you imply. I feel
        there is almost certainly accumulation by insiders or
        institutions. I say this because this partly because this board
        has been extremely quiet for such a runup the last
        few weeks and also because the runup has not just
        occured over a few days but has consistently rose since
        the beginning of the year. JMO.

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