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  • born2win_2000 born2win_2000 Sep 21, 2000 12:53 PM Flag

    Delphi is positioned for the huge

    explosion in wireless Internet appliances for the
    automobile. Lots of quality R&D is going on right now within
    Delphi with voice recognition and partnership with PALM
    and COMS. The stealth projects, once announced will
    propel DPH's multiple. DPH is transforming into a tech
    company and not a lot of folks know it yet. Smartmoney,
    DPH is a steal during the current marked dowm stock
    price. IMHO. Do your own research.

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    • To that I say, BALDERDASH!!!!
      I have heard
      this same music since the IPO.. Just as cyber posted
      about going back and looking at this board from the
      start,and looking at those posts. This "POS is a "LAGGARD".
      When the market was going hot this BONER was heading
      SOUTH. For over 1.5 years this stock has been earning
      ZIP and Wall Street knows it. If this was such a hot
      buy dont you think huge pension funds or Mutual funds
      would have gobbled it up during the past year??? Dont
      tell us this is a sleeper of a stock, I say it more
      like a COMA. THIS A FRICKEN "BONER" Research???? GET a
      GOOD LOOK a the Chart to the right by yahoo.

    • look at gmgc voice activated,onstar delphi will benefit in my opinion,hold on for the ride long