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  • joeschmo_4 joeschmo_4 Dec 27, 2007 3:47 PM Flag

    YRCW - An Opportunity?

    I have a friend who is a regional sales manager for a competing firm - he tells me 4th Qtr is looking terrible and probably will be for all TL and LTL firms.

    Thing is - if the mkt is factoring this into the share price, and many are selling to make use of 2007 tax loss credits, it might be a good time to be buying YRCW.

    The worst may not yet be over for Yellow - but higher share prices during 2008 for this equity are likely.

    Thanks for the literate discourse,

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    • s.eranger Dec 28, 2007 8:16 AM Flag

      I agree...most LtL firms are struggling. However, I have maintained because of YRCW's massive decline in share price, plus the uncertainty of the Union contract, (although there seems to be more clarity on this now) this stock is undervalued.

      If you read through many of these posts, there is a tremendous amount of anger on this message board....many want to be the so-called experts on the stock.

      I think depending on several factors, this could easily be back to the $20-22 range. I think there will be some major restructuring announced after the first of the year which the market will view as a move in the right direction.

      Take care.

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      • Mr S -

        Thanks for your post. The person I referred to works for a large national transportation firm - and he was uncharacteristically bearish for transport firms in general right now.

        You are right about the anger - which leads me to another question - how would you rate the quality of YRCW management? In my 20+ years of investing I've come to appreciate how important that really is.

        Your suggestion about restructuring makes sense - however I think we need several factors to move the stock forward (1) lower fuel prices (2) a perception that tight credit markets have at least bottomed and have begun to ease (3) a stabilization or better yet improvement in capital goods markets (4) labor peace within the company.

        My sense is that YRCW shares are near their bottom - though I'm still not rushing to buy. $20s by mid-2008 seems reasonable.

        Thanks again for your post,

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