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  • jo_paluka jo_paluka Feb 26, 2010 11:20 AM Flag


    Ken calls the stock down from $20.00. Since he started his "bashing" the stock has lost around $19.60 or 96% of it's value.

    The stock ticks up a dime and Ken's an idiot.

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    • Xodian,

      I'll give credit where credit is due. Ken has been 96% right calling the stock down.

      You have been right saying there has got to be some crazy/hidden/underlying reason why they are still in business.

      Yes it makes since the banks don't want to take the losses just yet but I still believe that when the banks are convinced they are completely bleed dry they will nto give any more extensions.

      Last question. Who are they and why would this latest group loan them 70 Million for what appears to be about 1/2 the common stock.

      Obviously someone w/70 mill thinks they have a shot at making it.

      Please advise.

    • agreed

    • They probably will call the loans when the ecomony shows improvement and move on to make loans elsewhere.
      Yes ken is right YRCW is cooked but only with continueing bad balance sheets.
      They can turn it around but are they talented enough?
      Thats the Billion Dollar Question.
      BUT a positive Income Statement and vola let the loans ride hell we borrow from the Fed at 1/2%.
      Who cares about YRCW just keep the minimum comming in hell take a 100 years .
      Your on our books as an outstanding loan / INCOME!

    • now the pennies on the dollar.
      Your absoutly right YRCW had 1.5 billion in credit debt and only 1 billion in assets.
      So why did the banks risk the credit line past the assets.
      The 950 million should have stopped with the bad balence sheets Q1 and Q2 "09" but they kept extending the credit and kept renegonating the loan, the terms, the time requirements, the length of the loan, the minimum payments.
      Even the Bond Swap was not enough and still left an asset deficit.
      Insted of loseing 500 million +/- they may still go down a 100m or less.
      OK nice write off.
      They'll make it up with GM /Chrysler loans?
      The banks are out of CUSTOMERS!
      The ecomony is depressed it is a better term really because recession (action, adjective, means it's going down further, still moving).
      This is the new economic paradigim.
      He they tried loaning to just about anyone who walked in with a 20G's gross earnings on their tax return.
      Hell yea you can afford a 500g home it will go up in value and you can flip it everyone gets rich scheme.
      Oops that didn't quite work out did it.
      Simply put YRCW is a loan customer with outsatnding debt that is in the earnings colume of the bank until YRCW defaults.
      They don't just lose some of the principal they lose the earning potentional of the loan.
      That could have been 20 billion if they gave YRCw 50/70 year terms.
      Not a smart sale for the bank but they di it anyway.
      i'm a truck driver with an engineering education.
      OK I'm 59 and have some life experience but hell i figured out this much.
      No I would not be deep into YRCW but have a small position on the long shot that after 14 quarters the may miracously someday soon produce a positive income statement?
      Sur why not.
      Every with a couple of grand mad money should be in.
      This PMG entity I'd say their 35 million shares is completely expendable.
      It could one day produce the motherload.
      toss the coin joe!

    • In all of this talk everyone has forgotten who the head coach of this team that0-12 was.. Seems to me its still the same head coach.. Wont be much of any change until the head coach and his philosophies are changed..

    • ... so to continue this thinking how do we get all that money into the ecomony for say home buyers?
      Any Ideas?


      Ask any non political ecomonist

    • Yours,

      Glad I made you laugh.

      Glad you can see things objectively.

      I am not Ken. Never met the man but when you're right you're right no matter how many people tell you you're wrong.

    • Didn't say you don't have a chance. YRC has sucessfully pulled off some Hail Mary's to score some TD's. I don't think they have won the game (made profit) and are still 0 for the season. When the OR is below 100, I'll give them a W.

      Just let me know when Janet Jackson is going to have a wardobe malfunction at halftime...

    • If Ken acted on what he said would happen... He made some serious $$$$$. That is smart money! With that being said... YRCW might be a buy here (Atleast for a trade). The key is change your sentiment when the facts change. Don't expect a squeeze if the bond bullies have tons of shares sitting out there.

    • You hint the nail on the head. The only thing ken does is regurgitates information YRC or another analyst puts out, then he shoots from the hip giving it his own spin. Does not have any analytical skills at all. You don't see Fitch posting here do you? No real analyst post on message boards. ken is not an analyst.

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