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  • realkenathom realkenathom Mar 7, 2010 9:22 PM Flag

    YRC fought the good fight

    they have to be given credit for doing things that people in the industry for decades have never seen done. getting the notoriously uncooperative and blind teamsters to see that without concessions, yrc was done. so, finally, after multiple votes and arm twisting, the teamsters caved with pay and benefit cuts... forcing pay cuts and benefit cuts on their people... 30% plus .. getting banks to go to unprecedented lengths to keep them afloat (by pledging prime real estate as full collateral... selling and leasing back facilities, begging for credit term extension and after the other, over and over, selling their own corporate hq for heaven's sake, screwing their equity holders by issuing another billion plus shares, giving teamsters another quarter billion worthless shares and getting 70 million in new notes by giving away more shares.....
    they are a hell of a finance organization, too bad they are in the trucking business. getting people to believe that their comprehensive plan is working while shedding 10s of thousands of shipments a day and 10s of thousands of people..... pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

    Memorial day would seem fitting for their end as all the trucks will be back at the barn...

    Independence day would be a fitting touch as the rest of the industry would be then independent of the anchor that is dragging them down.

    one way or another,

    it's just a matter of time.

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    • So basicaly the Union screwed all of the Teamsters by making deals with Zollars.
      Scared the em into a yes vote the company should have been voted BK by the members and everyone who was eligable to collect a pension before they changed the rules would have.
      I know many who would have taken asvantage of the 25 and out now they're screwed.
      By the time these guys see 65 the pension will be gone and the republicans will have ended the federal pension guarntee fund.
      Yet they come on here and pump the lousy STOCK.
      Dopes who will deserve to lose the retirement cause they had no gonads and still don't!

    • I agree with you about pensions going the way of the do do bird, but, if what I've been told is correct, the NYS Funds were one of the better examples of the Teamster Pensions Funds. I believe that they were essentially 100% funded. On the other hand, maybe the fact that they try to get out in front of problems early is one of the reasons that they're in pretty good shape.

    • The NYS fund was probably in critical status and required by law to make that change. Pensions in America ( except for the corporate elite ) are going the way of the do do bird

    • point blank ken... your stupid.... you beEn preaching this chit for 3 "plus" years now.. you have no credability whatsoever..

      by the way,, ohhh you know what coming, wait for it,,, wait for it,,,


    • “……Memorial day would seem fitting for their end as all the trucks will be back at the barn.…….”

      Didn’t happen, so now what?

    • on the contrary, your rhymes were excellent! well played. Hate is way too strong an emotion for people trading jabs on a message board, wouldn't you agree?

      we just flat out disagree on the viability of yrc. simple as that. i look at overall performance, past promises that turned into lies and more of the same promises that will eventually turn into lies (see shipment count promise for Q1 at 47,700 per CEO)

      i KNOW volumes are down. KNOW if for a fact. i extrapolate cash burn from these things...

      i do not make a cent on the stock because i've tried investing in it and don't have the stomach...

      what confounds me is seeing people all excited about a once 10 billion dollar company, now 4 billion whose shares are trading for pennies... and people practically orgazzzm when they see 2 pennies up... i actually snicker.

      regardless, great job on the poem, it shows some mental acuity and agility and for that you have my compliments.

      it's still just a matter of time though :)

    • Ken hates me - literally. I don't expect a reply...just wanted him to know his rhymes don't measure up.

      Neither do mine, but that's beside the point.


    • eh ken whatcha got fer chicky??? nothing huh??

    • *cracks self up

    • I hear you believe that you're 'all the rage,'
      Or a self-appointed industry sage.
      But you suck with your timin'
      Even when you're rhymin'

      But like most goat-licking felons
      Who aren't well in the melons
      You stress, while I'm gellin'
      Is that a goat you're smellin'?

      *chorus: cha-ching!

      In spite of your time poorly spent
      Your chance to make money came and went
      Clearly, you weren't first in your class
      'Cuz those in the know have been risking our ass

      Goat-lickin' felons
      Ain't well in the melons
      Me? I'm just gellin'
      Is that a goat you're smellin'?

      *chorus: cha-ching

      While you're here and your lip gloss is on
      (and the goats wonder what planet you're from)
      You're words are everywhere, and your logic is none
      And those who who believe you are just under one

      Even a goat can take a joke
      As long as it's only a laugh and a poke
      But if I've offended you with this rhyme,
      Let me first tell you how unsorry I'm.


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