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  • toobad714 toobad714 Mar 18, 2010 10:37 PM Flag

    yrcw good place to be if market corrects

    Are you aware of the D/E swap & the dilution that has recently occurred in this name & is continuing?

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    • yes are you aware of improving freight and that yrcw $ was not much lower when bk was days away and is now much less likley

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      • Improving freight? I have not been able to believe anything Zollars says for quite some time - He has a long history of over-promising & under-delivering. Look at the FDX news from this AM to decide if freight is really improving or not.

        BK - Clearly off the table for the near term, but if YRCW fails to have positive cash flow soon - Q2 - bankruptcy could be back on the table by later this summer.

        $$$ price? You have to adjust by the 94% dilution which took place in Feb - & there is still more to come. So... $0.50/6*100=$8.33

        If you don't want to look at it that way - use the market cap to figure it all out. Assume 1.3 bn shares (will be closer to 1.6 bn soon). In 2006 when the economy was still going, YRCW was making $$$ (it is not now by any metric and is far away from covering all its real costs) and revenues were nearly DOUBLE todays YRCW's market cap was close to $3 bn.

        What do you want to pay for a company in debt up to its eyeballs & growing every day, bleeding customers & market share & hasn't produced positive CF (by any metric) in more than 2 years? They are deferring interest, fees and pension payments & they STILL can't break even. 40% of money losing revenues? I think not.

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